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Samsung Gravity 2 T469 / T404


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Great Bang For The Buck!


Mar 25, 2010 by mtloveskg

Great Qwerty, sleekr yet more substantial feel than the Gravity 1. Web browser is nice, 3G feature a serious plus. Texting great as on the Gravity 1. Camera much better quality thanks to the upgrade to 2.0 megapixels.

This phone is no MyTouch but for the price and the features worth it!

Oh, nice colors too!



May 3, 2010 by Monker45

I'll give this phone a 2 because when it is working properly it is a decent piece of equipment. I had one since November of '09 and suddenly the end of April '10 it started to act up. Some people have told me my micro sd card is causing problems but I still experience issues without it. The screen would go white suddenly and require a restart. Pressing certain keys would cause screen interruption and loss of color. I had it replaced by my mobile provider with the exact model. The new (factory rebuilt?)Gravity 2 would not start. Only after a few tries did I get it to and only to discover the screen was extremely garbled and the text / images / color of the menu were inverted. I called my provider and decided not to go through the trouble shooting steps again but rather bring to their store to be checked out. It has worked perfectly now for 2 days.. out of the blue I lose the screen and color. I restart but need to pull the battery to do so. Signal strength is 10-20% at home and up to 50% elsewhere. I honestly believe there was a manufacturing problem with these phones.

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Lovley phone!!!!! Just not good in water


Jun 11, 2012 by Abbeypenn

First ; i loved this phone. It did sometimes not send my texts but i still loved it.
IT HAS GREAT BATTERY LIFE! my favorite thing about it.
now your probally wondering , loved? what happened to it.
Well i dropped it in water and it was have a sesure. it cant stand even a drop of water or it will start vibrateing and then soon die. Then after that it wont turn on wont make a sound or movment. so i recamend do not take it to a pool,lake,ocean/beach. Or where ever you go to swin or boat . Other than that the texting and keypad i Love!!!!!!
Lovley phone! just not very good in water

Half and Half


May 15, 2010 by GameTraveler

This phone is a mixed bag. Where the interface and the camera quality is above average, the phone itself suffers from being only designed by engineers, not used by them.

My previous phone was a Nokia E70, and the keyboard on that one was easier and far quicker to use--on a typical keyboard, if you pushed shift + a number, you'd get some symbol. The Gravity 2 requires pinpoint dexterity at times, while using either shift or the alt button just to get numbers into a text.

The phone book suffers a little, as the amount of phone numbers that can be associated with a fire is limited to 4. The Nokia E70 will let you add as many details (like different phone numbers) as needed.

The screen is decent, and again, the 2MP camera is not too shabby.

My new phone is bad ass


Apr 11, 2010 by deuceone

This phone is freakin sweet. I love it. It is my first full keyboard phone, I can finally type whats on my mind instead of T9ing, but I can still T9 text one handed while I drive. I just got the phone at a T-mobile store for $139.99 with a $100.00 mail in rebate. The sales guy threw in a car charger, a five pack of huge screen protectors, a blue-tooth, and a freakin 8GIG SD card! I couldn't believe it, and I switched to an unlimited plan. Down side I had to sign a 2 year contract. Before I had always signed a one year contract because the upgrade phone would only come with a one year warranty. So I never had to buy insurance because I am extremely careful with my phones. So this time I got insurance which is an extra $6.00 a month. Anyways I am truly satisfied with my phone, especially since I got an 8GIG SD card. The only thin I don't like about my the Samsung Gravity 2 is that the earpiece volume is a little low and the speakerphone is not good at noise cancellation. Other than that I am happy.

Great phone


Nov 2, 2009 by cupcake210

This is my first keyboard phone and it is great! It is not the most high tech advanced phone but it is still very useful. I got the phone yesterday and it is great for texting. lets look at the pros and cons.
Good for texting
Clear camera
Clear Video recording
Fun apps
Clear sound
nice color

Keys are kinda small
volume is kinda low

Some things best left alone


Oct 3, 2009 by EloTalks

I am shopping for cell phones and liked the Gravity line best, except for one thing, the QWERTY keypad on the Gravity 2. The Gravity 2 QWERTY keypad printed-letters are smaller in size than the its predecessor, and have been printed in a low tone color; this makes the keypad hard to see unless you have 20/20 vision. For this reason I will probably get the Sidekick and wait for the Gravity 3. Hopefully the 3rd generation of Gravity phones will have as good a QWERTY as its original design. Everything else was perfect!

Great 1st Keyboard Phone!!


Sep 21, 2009 by Wifey_Ma

I've had this phone for 6 days now and I love it. It's my first keyboard phone and Im happy I got it. It's a step up from the first gravity. It has a lot of features, I can check my email, and im people. The internet is great to. I switched from u.s cellular t-mobile due to poor service. I haven't had any dropped calls at home, no sending txt message errors like on my Lg glimmer. Overall it's a great first keyboard phone.

I haven't had any cons yet like the first person mentioned. Might got a lemon.

I Don't Like It


Dec 12, 2009 by lindafork

Considering the new generations of phones out there, this phone seemed to lack a lot of features. It's difficult to tell whether you're receiving a phone call or text because there is no option of letting the phone vibrate. Typing on the qwerty keyboard is a bit useless because it doesn't allow you to type as quick as a sidekick; it skips letters if you type too fast. And as I'm working on it, the memory card is hard to use because i can't find any option about letting me switch the default saving point. Overall this phone is disappointing and not worth the money. I think it would also be better if there were more color options. However, the feel and smoothness of the phone is great. The one thing that I do like of this phone is how clear the earpiece is when I use it to talk on the phone or listen to music.



Sep 15, 2009 by Ana J

CON: I had the samsung gravity 1 recently having upgraded to 2. I have had it for 1 week now. In the space of 7 days, it has dropped my phone calls 5 times, incompleted text delivery 4 times, and dropped calls in progress of dialing 3 times. My husband who bought this phone at the same time has had the same problems. This weekend he had to dial 4 times to make one phone call because each time he got midway in dialing, the phone would simply hang up. There were full antennae bars at the time.
PRO: it looks prettier than the gravity 1 with a nicer color.

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