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Size matters!


Nov 15, 2003 by paul edmondson

This is a case of who says smaller is always better? This is the worst phone I've owned because of:
To small, you almost have to use a pencil for pushing buttons. Fair-to-bad signal strength. The center navigator button has a bad "feel" to it and the user interface seems very redundant, i.e you always have and extra button to push. BUT the most irritating thing for me is (I do alot of SMSing) the keypad/screen actions is horribly slow! You will make so many messaging mistakes because of this!
In trying to pack this little beast with extra cool features, Nokia has neglected the obvious. I would say, this is NOT a phone for any serious user/business person but rather someone who thinks ring tones and pretty screen savers are more important than talking/messaging! This is a phone for a typical teenage girl!

Nokia 6100 Great


Jan 19, 2003 by danny hom

i love this phone and the color is great. i use ATT GSM on this phone and the reception is awesome. the only bad thing is that it feels really cheapy. its made out of all plastic and the buttons stick but other than that, the phone itself is great with awesome colors. the phone is light weight and the battery last about a week and 3 hour talk time. i use to have a nokia 8390 but this phone tops it.

6100 -- OK


Dec 27, 2003 by ltxi

Excellent form factor! Fits anywhere without bulging; especially great in tight jeans. The price you pay for that small, slim size, though, is low end sound due to the small speaker, difficulty positioning it on your ear (well, mine anyway), and a far less than optimal antenna giving you wildly fluctuating signal strength. I wouldn't part with it for anything, but only because it's GSM and doesn't have to be my only phone. I can use it when it's small size just fits most comfortably.

Very good phone, though it's showing its age no


Oct 4, 2006 by krisztoforo

I've had this phone for years and still not willing to part with it. Simply because it's small, light and has most things that I need in a phone. It has calendar, alarm clock, internet browsing (although no javascript support which is a pain nowadays). It's starting to show its age now since it's lacking bluetooth, camera, expansion slots.

- Tiny and light, fits everywhere and doesn't bother me.
- Very stable with new firmwares, never froze, never dropped calls (unless signal level is too low).

- If signal level is too low it's not able to hold onto it (directly compared to a 6230i, which can)
- Age, its missing some crucial functionality for this time (bluetooth, camera, expansion slot)
- No javascript for the internet browser.

Build something better?


Jul 18, 2005 by GSM

Nokia 6100 is one of the best phones I've ever used. Although it does not have any bells, whistles, or kitchen sinks, it is hands-down one of the best phones out there. I must have used at least 30 phones in my life, I'm on my third 6100 phone (first time ever to buy the same model phone once I lose it).

Since it has (almost) archaic software, it doesn't have any add-ons. Less chances for something to go wrong. Never had to restart it, never froze up on me. Most of all it's very quick to respond. At times, I don't even have to look at the screen to dial a number.

Small form-factor
Quick Response
Excellent T9 (this is because of Nokia, not the phone)
Loud speaker phone
Loud ear piece
Crystal clear sound (speaker phone and ear piece)
Customizable short cuts (Go To list)

No Bluetooth (although devices are available that will add B/T functionality)
Changeable covers (keypad wears out quite often)
PIM functions are not quickly accessible (but, this is a phone, not a PDA)

If you want a phone, Nokia 6100 is IT! Plus, it can function as a basic PIM (with some effort).

6100...The little phone that could


Oct 8, 2004 by hominid7

I purchased this phone recently and put it to work with my T-Mobile service. Initially i found the phone to be a very nice size. Small, but with a conservative and nice keypad layout. The screen is decent, considering it's a nokia...

One thing that really impressed me about this phone was the sound quality. One of the BEST sounding phones i've used in a long time. Incoming sound is loud, clear, and not distorted in the least. Outgoing sound is also loud and clear without picking up TONS of outside noise like many small bar-style GSM phones.

Function wise, the phone does many things well. I would have liked to see voice dialing and voice recording options, and perhaps the Nokia FM radio, but i suppose i can live without that;)

I'm confused by some reports of this phone having bad RF. Perhaps i have a newer firmware version, but i've found the RF to be excellent, better than my Nokia 6010, my SE z600, and my Moto V600.

Battery life is actually much BETTER than I had thought it would be. In addition the small size makes it effortless to carry yet it's still a comfortable phone to talk on. I also found the phone to have a quality feel to it, unlike the more "plastic" feel of some nokias.

All in all an excellent phone that while leaving out a few "extras" does what a phone should, make and receive calls! Plus has many features, a good browser, MMS receive ability, and easy to use typical nokia menus.

2 thumbs up here!

I Love It


Jul 22, 2004 by RageNYC

This tiny phone serves it's purpose and beyond. It's color, got ringtones, and it fits into my pocket without looking bulky. I am a young guy, in my mid 20's living in NYC, so style is important to me - not the ability to take bad pictures and what not. I like the infared features and take advantage of it w/ various software out there for my laptop, which includes ringtones and backing up my contacts in Outlook.

I don't really have anything bad to say about the phone per say, but rather my service, T-Mobile which is so-so.

nokia 6100


Jul 8, 2003 by parag desai

i like this phone thats why i want this phone wiht in a two months.

and this phone include all kind of feuture

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