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Not just for the younger crowd


Aug 11, 2009 by msmette

Having had no experience with the Behold or other similiar phone mentioned above, I am really enjoying my Samsung Highlight. I haven't had it long but since I've had it, I haven't had any problems. This is my first touch screen and it has taken me a while to adjust to using. I did have a Blackberry before but for me, it was more than I needed. I charge the phone at bedtime and the battery lasts all day. While driving home I've used the speaker phone, having it sit on my lap, was able to hear and be heard with no problems even with the windows open.

Pro's- light weight, small, easy to operate, really good battery life, good speaker phone, takes nice pictures without flash, takes pretty clear videos. Love the GPS, it really works good and the voice recognition is very convenient to use, no set-up required. The apps work just fine

Cons- phone does lock when on a call or not being used but you can set it not to lock so its not a big deal. Can not drag more than about 2 widgets before everything just starts overlapping eachother and looking crazy.

Overall I am happy with my phone. If you are like me, wanting more than what a basic phone has to offer but not overly like a G1 or Blackberry than this is the phone for you. With everything my Blackberry had to offer I never or rarely used it to its fullest capabilities. I needed a phone for me for personal reasons not business. I am having a lot of fun with it and although it has been said this phone was geared more for the younger crowd, I am a mature woman and am loving it

pretty good device


Nov 4, 2009 by ariveradse

the phone does pretty much everything i need it to do it syncs up with my outlook through the samsung pc studio its takes decent pictures it lets me get on the web and check my email. 3rd party apps work great on it especially the gps apps i recently dowloaded the amaze gps app and its very easy to use and accurate. the screen is very responsive on this device and is very accurate this is the first phone i have that doesnt have a physical keyboard and i thought it was going to be a problem for me but it actually works great dont really have any problems sending messages and i have fat fingers. this is a good phone for anyone.

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Well - it's OK


Mar 5, 2010 by mikemund

1. Quad-band reception. If I can help it, I'll never own another dual-band phone again.

2. 16GB SDHC capacity. Makes a pretty good MP3 player, especially when you hook it up to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

3. The camera's not too bad for a 3MP. Of course, if I have something I want to take a picture of bad enough, I do have an 8.2MP digital camera. This phone's camera is an acceptable substitute if I don't have that camera with me.

1. Tmobile's coverage isn't nearly as good as Tmobile says it is. The phone doesn't work inside my house at all (we're supposed to be in the "Best Coverage" area). My son's school sits in what's supposed to be a "Fair Coverage" area, and the phone can't even find a Tmobile tower. It CAN, however, find AT&T towers pretty consistently. If Tmobile wants to keep me past my contract, this MUST be addressed. It does work very well from work (being in downtown St. Louis and 12 stories up probably helps), and several places close to my house. The 3g coverage comes to within a few miles of my home.

2. The Voice Recognition software - well, it sucks. No matter how clearly I try to speak, when I hear what it comes back with, I often find myself thinking "How did it get THAT from what I said?"

3. The earphones supplied with the phone often fall out of my ears. Thinking about finding some stereo Bluetooth phones for it.

Easy as 1,2,3


Dec 17, 2009 by clee5

Purchased the phone yesterday and the biggest problem i have is that my 3 yr old thinks its her phone. This phone is so simple, user friendly, and very lightweight. pros: Easy to navigate, great camcorder, very Fast. Cons: So easy a three yr old can use it... Its only been a day and I cant seem to put it down. Everything u could need or want is right at ur finger tips. If ur thinkin about buying this phone, buy it!. Its also better than the Behold & Behold II.
P.S. the GPS really works, its AWESOME!!

My first Touch Screen... Love It!


Dec 6, 2009 by markfekete

I'll keep it as simple as possible. My wife & I both got this handset in November. Have had it about a month now and it is hands down one of the best phones I've ever owned! We are currently with T-Mobile in Spokane Valley WA... I may even work for T-Mobile, not too sure... Anyway, prior to owning the Samsung Highlight we had the T-Mobile Dash (also a great phone)... This Touch Screen experience is new and different. It is a very user friendly phone. Didn't have a problem or take too much time and effort to learn how to use the phone and all the apps. Great Camera. I've got a 4GB memory card loaded with a ton of tunes... Acts as a great MP3 Player. Been getting alot of free vids and tones at www.funformobile.com (great site). This phone is awesome... I'd list all the Pros & Cons, but there are no Cons in my opinion. Buy it, try it... You'll love it! Fun and addicting!!!

Excellent feature phone!!!


Dec 3, 2009 by ADAMES

I think the highlight is one of the better features phones out there right now. It has excellent battery life, gorgeous screen resolution, excellent call and audio quality, the handset feels well built and comfortable to hold. The Internet browser is the best I ever used in a feature phone, compared to lg voyager, lg dare and lg env3. The touch widgets that samsung implements in its touch screen phones, works really good in the highlight, my favorite is the weather widget and the my T mobile account widget. The screen is very responsive to the touch. I am able to read my email easily and reply. Camera is decent for a phone for pictures and video recording. The only con I have about the phone is when using the qwerty keyboard, the shortcut key to turn to the portrait keyboard is next to the letter A, and a lot of times I end up hitting that key by accident when texting. Also with all of the multimedia features included in this phone how could samsung did not make a 3.5mm headset jack. After all I still think this phone is an excellent choice, if you are looking for something other than a smart phone. I got my highlight through wirefly for free on a 2 year agreement and free activation fee. It's a great buy for the money and what you get features wise in the phone. I recommend it 100%



Nov 27, 2009 by EloTalksAgain

This is the deal, I've had this phone for 2 months. with time, problems have emerged.

I have problems with echos; either I hear it or the person at the other end hears echos. I have calls drop frequently. When I have the phone next to my ear I hear these annoying internal humming-type sounds from the the internal computer doing whatever it does, and this has gotten louder with time. I have installed a new SIM card as suggested by TMobil,but problems persist. TMobil no suggests I do a master re-start, which sucks cause all the stuff I have set up will be erased. At the TMobil store, the representative told me to not bother and just exchange the phone because it seems to be bad. Now I have lost confidence in the phone. I do hope this is just the phone and not a manufacturer flaw. Overall, I liked it, until this stuff emerged. Also, customer service at TMobil sucks. Will change providers as soon as contract ends!

Great Phone, but still lacks improvements


Nov 23, 2009 by joechains

Hey, there... so I upgrade with this phone from the Behold. This is supposed to be the upgraded one, but sucks just as much!

Pros: slight smaller and lighter so it feels better in the hand, due to new curves instead of just a flat square. Its a whole lot easier to navitage around it, both thru menus and buttons. Love the battery life! Its nice and loud, ringtones mp3s everything!
Better casing as well. When I dropped the behold, the back door would pop open and everthing was exposed.

Cons: No flash for camera Way less internal memory than behold (60 mg instead of 180 mg) You still need to pull out the battery to get to the memory card. This phone is like 20 bucks extra but in the long run, its less of a phone! so screw it!

I LOVE my Highlight - One last comment...


Nov 8, 2009 by EloTalks

One last thing I wanted to add. The Lock, End-Call, and Talk keys are hard to press, but once I put a gel skin on the phone I've had no problems at all pressing this keys. The faces can get pretty smuggie with use, but I clean it with a little bit of my plasma screen spray cleaner.

Samsung Highlight a winner!!!


Aug 8, 2009 by harvestmom

I waited for this phone to come out and have had it for over a week and am thrilled with it!!

Comfortably fits in my hand
Pretty user friendly
Love the music player - easy to access and use - nice to have music to play wherever I am
Phonebook is easy to navigate
Enjoy the calendar and reminders feature
Camera takes great pictures
Texting is easy with the full keyboard when turned sideways
The video capture works well
Has a nice appearance (I have the "fire" one)

When you make a call, the screen locks, so if you need to use the keypad to enter a number, you have to first hit "unlock" and then keypad - by then I've lost track of what I need to do sometimes.... Not convenient to access the available options on the screen during a call.

The headphone jack is proprietary and I don't even know where to buy headphones to use with it, but enjoy listening just on the phone speaker.

All in all, this phone is very user friendly and does everything fairly well. It has been pretty easy to figure out how to use it and I've only had to look in the manual a couple times to find an answer. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a touchscreen phone!!

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