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an ok phone but too locked by AT&T


Jun 20, 2009 by djausting

this is an ok phone. it is an improvement over the blackjack lines. the build quality is not all that bad where it gets me is the locking at&t has done to it. can't use internet sharing, can't pair an external gps, can't do much "tweaking" to it using the registry. if that was not the case, the phone would have gotten a 4 from me. other cons i had where the small keyboard, propriatary connecters, and the ring volume was low. but some pros i found were it was light, call quality was not bad, and the ringtones were ok. so if your not a power windows mobile user, i would recommend this phone.

Jack is a improved Blackjack


Jun 8, 2009 by Wireless Consultant

The Samsung Jack is the replacement for the Samsung Blackjack. I have owned the Blackjack and the Blackjack 2. They are Windows Mobile phones all have 3G speeds and the new Jack also has wifi built in.
The camera and video on the Jack is better than the Blackjack 2. The screen has better resolution not as crisp as my Blackberry Bold but better than before.
I set up 2 email addresses on the Jack a pop3 and hotmail both worked great. The jack will allow me to receive larger files than the Blackberry. I sent a email from the jack with a picture, video and a song attachment. I was able to open all 3 when I received the email on the Samsung Jack but the same email on my Blackberry Bold I only was able to open the picture and the mms video but not the song. I got a error message saying it is over the 3MB limit on the Blackberry Bold.

The Samsung Jack is a improvement over the Blackjack 2 and I think it is one of the better Windows mobile phones that at&t currently carries.

Camera 3.2 megapixel
Light and small
Good 3G speeds on the web
Easy email setup
Nice styling

No 3.5 or 2.5 ear jack
Processor is a little slow
Not as user friendly as a Blackberry

Samsung Jack is Great


May 31, 2009 by MegaWhy

Finally the perfect Smartphone. I have tried them all, but this one is near perfect.

Great Key board, very easy to type on.
Nice Camera
Not a Touch Screen
Lots of buttons
Pretty Responsive
Good Call Clarity
Excellent size much like Nokia E71x
Light - fits in your pocket
Great professional Look

No 3.5 or 2.5 ear jack, but has extension
Prorietary Power Jack
Battery life could be better - maybe it is settings...I get about a day
Has Office Mobile, but you can not create a document - Documents to Go costs $79.00 for the ability to create a document
Could be just a bit faster
Browser is adequate, but could be improved - I added Skyfire and it helps
Upgradeable to WM6.5 - hope it improves over WM6.1

I recommend this phone and compared to others it is definately a 5

Not so Great...


Jul 8, 2010 by brannonjb

The Jack was/is the first smartphone for me to own; however, I've been a Palm user for years. I really LOVE the thing when it is working correctly; however, it freezes up and does random quirky things too often. I'm already on my second phone because I had to trade the first one in because it just quit working all together. I didn't get it wet, or drop it or any rough handling...I've even kept it in a metal case from day one! I would not recommend this phone to anyone, but I'm not sure if it's a Window's OS problem, or a Samsung hardware problem, or even a combination.

I'm excited for the new Windows 7 phones, but I'll be waiting until a few months after their release before I jump on one.

Anemic for a PDA


Jan 4, 2010 by KeepNTouch

I evaluated this phone (and the provider service for a week) and I returned the phone (and kept the Samsung Intrepid).

The call quality was EXCELLENT. The Music quality was EXCELLENT. It was nice and small, but compact size meant readability issues for me for both using the keypad and reading the screen.

Hotmail had to be configured differently than Yahoo to work. Bluetooth features were 4 to 6 clicks down(this should be easier to access). Couldn't customize D pad and the contacts seem very rudimentary for a PDA. Internet speed was very good.

At the end of the day it did not deliver as a PDA, I see this as a very nice basic phone, just not a PDA.

new phone


Nov 12, 2009 by egghead23

Before i got this phone i had the blackjack2. it was my first phone . but the jack is thebest i evered had. it is very good.and it does not matter if there is no flash. (it would be nice to have one though). but it the best phoneand i recommend it to anybody.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeghead23

a SMART Smartphone!!


Sep 21, 2009 by jericai117

I love my first smartphone!! It does everything that you need in a phone plus more. I like how I can go on the internet anytime really fast because it's 3G unlike the blackberry 8900. My boyfriend has the blackberry 8900 and I have to say, the jack is much more useful!
Only thing missing I would say is the camera flash, still takes good pictures though so not a biggie...oh and you can edit picture on your phone with all kinds of effects..and about the other review saying it's not customizable...NOT TRUE!! You can customize everything from ringtones to wallpapers, you just gotta know how to do it..haha!!
So in conclusion...although I don't like having the same phone as everyone else...YES I would recommend this phone.

The "jack"


Jul 15, 2009 by bnz300

I recently purchased the "Jack", I have had the original "Blackjack" since they were first introduced and thought it was a good time for an upgrade. I must say I am pleased with the new edition.
Pros:the internet is much quicker with the HSDPA 3.6. and having extra RAM is also a plus.
The GPS chip is very handy, especially using Latitude. It is a big help finding a friend's location.
The "jack" is lighter that its' predecessor, and feels comfortable in the hand. I have large hands but have not found it difficult typing with the new configuration of the keys.I purchased a "synthetic" sleeve for the phone as it can be slippery and it helps keep it on the desk or a table.
Blue tooth works very well, even better than the Blackjack and I have yet to drop a call. I'm in Portland,Oregon and have great 3G and reception.

Cons:The battery could be a bit larger, I have charged the "Jack" towards the end of
the day after some continuous usage..charging the phone takes about an hour for a complete charge.
I wish the camera had a flash though it takes excellent pictures in natural light

In conclusion I give the "Jack" five stars,it works as advertised.I can't ask for more than that. I am awaiting Windows Mobile 6.5

My first smartphone is a winner


Jun 10, 2009 by DMA

Once I determined my need for a smartphone, the search was on. I've been with AT&T since the LAST time they were AT&T, so I figured I would stick with them and their offerings; once I decided I wanted wi-fi capability, that narrowed the choices even more. So...

The Pros:

+ Nice size, not too big, not too small, fits nicely in the hand.

+ Nice display, not BB Bold-nice, but nice.

+ Good keyboard; I've never had a QWERTY keyboard phone, but I'm getting used to the keys, though they are rather small. Texting is SO much easier.

+ Good reception; in the Dallas area, I've had no problem with dropped calls, and almost all conversations are loud and clear. I've been told I sound like I'm on a land line.

+ Good camera; I'm not a huge cell phone camera user, but this one is a lot better than the 1.3M camera on my RAZR. Not great in low light, but takes decent day and indoor shots (no flash).

+ Pretty easy to use; I've never used Windows Mobile before, but it's pretty intuitive, I suppose. I'm getting the hang of it.

The Cons:

- Proprietary connector; Samsung seems to be a big fan of using a non-standard connector on their phones. This makes charging and connection more difficult, since I can't use the mini-USB cables I had for my RAZR. Still, the OEM chargers and cables are pretty cheap on eBay.

- Apps stay open; this is more a "feature" of Windows Mobile, but apps keep running in the background, using CPU cycles, memory and battery. I'm getting better about using Task Manager to exit everything I'm not using.

- The biggest minus for me is not a deal-breaker: the rather quirky call quality. Though calls are clear, there is a bit of fluctuation in the volume level, though folks on the other end say they can't hear it. Every single Samsung phone I tried at the AT&T store did exactly the same thing, so I decided I could live with it.

Tried others, like this one


May 24, 2009 by Bopper88

I am coming from a Moto Q. I like Windows Mobile 6.1 specially for the way it handles syncing with Exchange and my Mac (using Missing Sync) I have tried an iPhone, didn't like several things about it. I tried a Nokia E71x, and didn't like several things about it.
So these are opinions, but I like the Jack because it it smaller, lighter, and faster than the Q. And cheaper.
IMHO if you like WinMo, and I do, this is a great phone.
Battery life seems good. A criticism of it might be the proprietary power and data jack. It's pretty small, very light, has a good camera, good screen, it's a little slippery.

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