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Kyocera X-tc M2000


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The Kyocera X-tc


Jan 6, 2010 by MaxSnax

Kyocera X-tc

I picked up an X-tc from Radio Shack. It met my expectations, though there are a few issues with it.

Software version:WAP 2.0

Pros: Large screen; full, easy to use keyboard; a quick glance makes it look like a smart phone; easy facebook access; it feels so good when texting; nice internet; you can download music and apps on a micro SD card; this phone is definitely Virgin Mobile's top, or at least behind the Lg Rumor 2.

Cons: If you aren't near a window, service can be problematic; camera doesn't support video, camera quality should be better, suckish battery life, keyboard is not spaced out.
Price: $99.99, around Christmas time, $59.99.
Available at: Radio Shack, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Local cell phone stores, also online.

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NIce Keyboard Phone


Apr 30, 2009 by hdtravel

This is definitely the best phone VM has offered with media features and a full keyboard.


Nice large gorgeous color screen
Useful full keyboard
Functional slide out design works great
Useful media features
Great unlimited calling plan
Great $99 price


Only available in drab, dark blackish blue
How about white and other colors ?
A better camera would be nice.
When will VM offer a touch screen phone like everyone else ?

This phone is recommended especially for those that like a full keyboard to text, email, and Web browse.

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Pretty Good phone


Dec 28, 2009 by xxhwarriorhxx

Reception is not too good.
Phone powers off and on a lot, and sometime freezes if you cycle to fast through the pictures.
The buttons for txting are way to small.

PROS: SLICK look, nice big screen!
takes nice pictures.
phone over all is decent for 99.99 but its not the best virgin mobile phone is ok phone

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Best Kyocera has offered yet...


Apr 25, 2009 by trsprague

While not a perfect phone, the X-tc does offer a lot for the buck ($99). It looks like a smart phone to the casual observer. While it is not a smart phone, it does offer a fairly good user experience.

-Loud speaker volume and headset volume.
-Bluetooth and Stereo Bluetooth
-Micro SD Slot
-Good web browsing experience and fairly fast too despite the absence of 3g.
-Large screen, and graphics quality is quite good
-Battery life
-Excellent prices on new plans
-Media player keys right on front of phone...play, pause, back, and advance.

-The text keyboard is cramped, but after a while I am getting used to it.
-No number keypad. There is one included in the texting keypad. There is also a software driven one you may use on the front screen.
-Different charger than other Kyocera phones. Too bad...was hoping I could use the one I had with my Wildcard.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this phone!

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Not a bad phone, although it restarts


Dec 27, 2010 by narn3049

Once and awhile, when the phone is shut off it turns itself back on??? Don't know why, but here are the pros and cons

qwerty which is pretty good for texting
big screen
good camera

battery life was suckish
the phone restarted

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A little upset


Aug 31, 2009 by ruler_goddess

I was very happy with the phone when i first got it I have to say I guess im more mad at virgin mobile.
I had recieved the phone for my b-day and everything was wroking fine. I did alot of research before I got the phone and I mainly for the MP3 player and it turns out there is no way I can get music on to the phone cause apparenty they have a protection and you cant just d/l any songs unless you buy them which they failed to mention on any web sites so I went and got a memory card and a reader for nothing. And now for some reason my phone keeps going off saying I have an IM or an email and its really annoying! and I went through all VM's t/s and they told me they would call me and they still have not contacted me with anything. But the mobile email is awsome and the IM is awsome and evey thing else about the phone is awsome but VM has really shitty customer service

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Cool Phone


Aug 27, 2009 by alteraries

Purchased the (Revol) phone a few days ago...still getting used to it. I do enjoy the phone...it would be cool if it was a touch screen. It doesn't have a video camera...but the camera, in my opinion, takes good pictures. The keyboard is a little squished together but after a while you'll get used to it. When you want to dial a number, you have to slide out the phone to use the keypad. Ringtones are good. Love the screen size. No real major problems with the phone.

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Aug 5, 2009 by TeamTwilight3119

This phone is great for texters and young people. This is probably the best prepaid phone out there.
I just got it yesterday and I only had 2 problems
1. THe battery cases thingy was TOO hard to come off easily
2. Battery life is not long

*QWERTY keyboard (takes SOME getting used to)
*1.3 Megapixels, (takes decent photos but my Razr took better)
*LED indicator for if your phone is on vibrate or silent and charging status

*AWFUL Ringtones/TXT_Tones (customize your own)
*Battery life is pretty bad
*Bad graphics ( Best thing is to buy some from VXL or take your own)

Overall I give this phone a 5.0. Amazing..little flaws but yeah, gr8 for young txters

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A Little More, Then What You Paid for


Jul 16, 2009 by gregorymyricks

The Kyocera x-tc isn't one of Virgin mobiles best phones but for $99 its fantastic! Me and my boyfriend have had this phone since May and we both love it!

I did find that the phone does go slow and lag qutie a bit but its something that you can get used to. Also once in a while when you slide the phone up, it reboots. Which can get annoying. Another bad thing about this phone is that the email and IM alerts seem to pop up for no reason at times and they also go slowly. The IM messages could take 5-30 seconds to pop up. And there is no video. You cant even watch videos on the Media Player.

But the camera is beatiful! The mp3 player is nice and loud. And the battery is nice.

This is a good phones for teens but if you have the money you can really upgrade yourself.

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Gets the job done


Jun 14, 2009 by OmegaWolf747


Good, loud speakerphone.
Media card
Slide out keyboard
Large display
Includes a memo pad!

Keyboard is a bit cramped and confusing
No USB connectivity for easy transfer of music
1.3 mpx camera is sub par, especially compared to the 2 mpx camera of a BlackBerry
Rebooted randomly twice yesterday

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