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samsung v205


Jun 25, 2003 by abdul vayani

This phone is very cool. I work for a cell phone store and do get to use a lot of phones but v205 is the best so far. but it can be improved with adding voice dialing, picture caller id and also i have to delete text messages one by one i wish if samsung can add an option to delete all messages at one time but over all this phone is very good.

v205 so-so


Apr 23, 2003 by lynn t-mobile

This phone looks cool! The screen is big and bright. The pictures look good only if it is really bright in the room, if it is dim at all there are lines through your whole picture. The phone is nice and loud and it has unique ring tones!! I wish you could do picture caller ID. When you store an E-Mail address you can't right from it. This phone just like my S-105 makes weird noises sometimes during a conversation. I tried to in fared a picture to a lap top, it didn't work for me. I sold the phone and I am switching to an unlocked gu87 that one has zoom and has an option to take a picture in dim light. One thing that was nice about the V-205 is that it stored 100 pictures on it!!!! It also came with an extra battery (which you will need) a nice ear piece and a belt clip!!! Yeah with all the features it drains the battery quickly.

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Best T-Mobile Phone Ever!-Bar None


Feb 21, 2003 by Ray Caldwell

This phone has ALL the features that the everyday user needs, and none of the crap you don't. The camera function on the phone is the best I've seen, and the resolution is not bad for a phone. I love how easy it is to get to the SMS screen, by just right clicking the arrow button, and also when I don't feel like talking to someone, ( which is often) I just hit the volume button, and it mutes the ring! it doesn't send the person straight to voicemail, everyone knows when you decline a call!! The ringtones are almost like a damn stereo, and the fact that it comes with two batteries, the headset, holster, and the home charger makes it worth every penny! And contrary to earlier reviews, there IS a data connectivity cord to tether to a laptop. I have been with T-Mobile/Voicestream back since the 6190 days, and this Phone is UNMATCHED!!!

My new baby


Jan 22, 2003 by simplyme

I heard of this phone coming out several months before I got even a hint of what it really looked like. I got really excited and I wasn't disappointed. It does lack a couple things I'd like 1) you can't use the pics you take or receive as caller id. 2) Samsung has yet to invent the data kit for it. 3) It didn't come with any EMS content on it or anywhere i can find it. But on the positive side I love it more than I liked the Samsung Q105 for the same reasons, easy to use sensible menus, user friendly texting and organizer. It does come with two batteries, the headset, international converter, and holster. One of the best improvements is that if you take your sim card out for whatever reason the caller group settings don't disappear like they did on the Q. The camera is easy to use but doesn't allow you to adjust the pic size or zoom. It stores up to 100 pics right on it. The ringtones that come on the phone aren't the greatest but hell if they were no one would buy any new ones :) Over all I love this phone and probably won't get anything new until one comes out with a video camera, if then the thought of subjecting anyone to videos of what I look like if pretty horrific. :)

V205, not an upgrade...


Jan 7, 2003 by Roy Nasser

This phone is OK... I bought it to upgrade from an S100, but I am returning it to T-Mobile...

The menus are very similar (which annoys me because they are kinda slow).

The camera is really bad quality... not even 640x480 like many others... The location and design of the lens also makes it easy to dirty the lens and hard to clean... (The lens can never be facing inside with the phone closed, so it is always exposed).

No flash, no zoom, no good! :/

Polyphonic tones sound very good - better than S100.

Not worth the money... I will be looking at the GD-87 right now... (Panasonic) - If you are not already on GSM, look at the Sanyo 5300 (Sprint only).. It has a color display on the outside for caller-id photos!

Samsung V-205


Jul 21, 2003 by Rob Van Hook

I have been in the Cellular Industry since 1986 and this is one of the best phones I have had the pleasure to use... only for ring tone sound quality. The camera feature is nice but the resolution quality is not as good as I think it should be. Also... the T9 predictive text should remember words so they don't have to be re-entered each time. Also... Y no picture caller ID??? definitely a plus on phones with camera capabilities. Can somebody tell me how to turn the ringer down? can't... the lowest setting is toooo loud. Y didn't the people at Samsung think that if we are going to design a "high end" phone with a built in camera and the ability to instantly e-mail a picture of those cute kids to grandma... why do you have to keep entering in the e-mail addresses... Y does it not remember or better yet allow you to store them for true ease of sending pictures. I liked this phone when I first got it and now I'm considering the New Sony Ericsson 910 because it seems to have everything this phone has and doesn't have the flaws that I just described. Just my .02 cents.

Never judge a phone by its faceplate


Jan 15, 2003 by chris lie

For $450 I want every option out there in this phone! It is definitely lacking in some very basic features. For instance the T9 dictionary. I will never use this thing because it duz not have the ability to learn and store my slang terms such as shizzle for my nizzle, and I'm not about to start speaking proper english anytime soon! So the dictionary is dead to me. No voice dialing, not that I ever used it in the past with my other phones but d**n it I want the option to! Oh and the deafening serenade it gives u. when turning ur phone on and off It sounds like Loony Tunes theme song on crack.

If you are planning on taking a group picture like the one they so nicely display on the website for the phone I'm sorry to say you will be disappointed to find that all the phone took a pic of was ur floor. No way to make the camera angle up. still

Now the camera situation is not that bad... but it is deceiving. They were nice enough to put a timer feature unfortunatly this feature is useless. Do to the fact that there is no possible way to take the picture unless u have ur expensive phone propped up in a tissue box with the tv remote behind the back of the phone so it stays in place and place it on top of the tv...then race to get in place for ur picture before the 10 second timer is up.

But all in all the phone looks cool... and that's all that matters right? Who cares what's on the inside!

Ok in all seriousness this phone is f***in SWEET! It duz have some very cool features that almost make it worth the cha ching. And face it kids,it is one of the best phones out there right now and you will be the envy of all ur friends cuz just keep ur eyes on it cuz one of those so called friends might snatch ur s**t. enjoy.

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