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V206 review


Sep 14, 2003 by h. t.

This is my experience w/the V206 (ATT)... So far I like my phone alot! There are a few gripes I have and one of them is price (for exsisting customers)!! This isn't the newest phone on the market so I do not think its worth the $399.99 +s/h (only avail. fr. CS in my area), and tax. But the rf I get from this phone after trying out 3 others, is kinda worth it. I also wish that this phone had zoom and a flash on the cam., pic caller i.d., better games built in and downloads for games!
PROS~ rf, batt. life, rotating camera, 40 note polyphonic (for the V206), loud rings and sound quality on calls, phone is made in the same country as the company (not made elsewhere like Panasonic-Philipines, etc...), easy to navigate menus.
CONS~ price, camera features (see above), no frames for cam, built in games, no java support for game downloads, no pic caller i.d., can't assign ringtones to specific callers.
Overall, even though its lacking some features, for performance, I think this is a good phone!! =)

Elite Style & Function


Dec 28, 2002 by Chad Musak

This phone is AWESOME!! Great look & style...very SEXY!! Clear and easy to read external display accompanied by a multi color service light that actually changes colors to match the melodies of certain ring tones. The keypad is well designed with large number keys and a large navigation control. The buttons are spaced logically to avoid congestion which decreases typing errors when navigating the multiple features. The camera feature is amazing! The ability to rotate/swivel the camera is brilliant!! That way you can see yourself if you are taking a portrait and want a certain background to be seen. The send feature is quick & easy providing you the ability to send to another phone or e-mail. You can store e-mail addresses in the phones memory too. The picture quality is decent and I think it could be better, but it's not that bad.
Some of the things I think can be improved:
I don't like the fact that you can't mute the ringtone w/ out opening the phone and rejecting the call. I like being able to mute rings with little complication and not having to reject the call. The ring tones aren't the greatest either, for such a cool phone they could have installed better tones, especially with the range of the polyphonic ringer. Another major flaw is that it doesn't have voice dialing/menu features. I do wish the were more options to program into the shortcut keys, but I will survive.
Overall though the phone is exceptional. The menus are very simple to navigate through. The phone is an absolute eye catcher and the fact that it is tri-band makes it that much better. I work for T-Mobile and think that this phone is by far the best one the company has ever had. Actually, I think that this is one of the best phones on the US market to date. [...]

Ed. note: removed e-mail address

Samsung Cell vs Motorola


Jul 13, 2006 by blkbar

Samsung cell phones have a better address book than Motorola. With Samsung a person with numerous numbers is entered under that one (1) name (press the name..all numbers are displayed). That feature alone, has me purchasing Samsung cell phones. Now, for the V205..I've had it for 2-1/2 years. I had to replace an antenna after the first year, earbuds headset every few months and my END button on the keypad is broken. I can't get a replacement from my cell phone company because they have discontinued that model. Maybe, that tells you something.

Samsung V205 is great for its age


Apr 5, 2006 by Robert S.

I work in the cell phone industry and anyone who can complain about this phone is crazy. This phone is many years old by now and is still great. If you compare it to something like a W600 or P910 then of course you will be dissapointed, the plan fact is that when you use this phone for its intended purpose which is a phone then you will not find many better! The camera is great though i think it is better for outside use because it does illuminate much and you have to hold it still because its not a camcorder or something you can fling around and still get a good picture. The great thing about it though is its swivel feature on the cam. You can take a picture of you and a friend or just a self portrait with this and still be able to see yourselves. I use this phone for T-mobile and i live in the southern part of Minnesota and it works great! One of the best signals out of the many phones i have in when you compare it to newer phons like the Z500. I cant really find any other problems it does take a couple minutes to start up when you turn it on but after that its fine. Dont have any other complaints and now in the year 06 its worth the used price of about $70 dollars

Samsung V205


Jul 14, 2005 by shaney

Hello: just wanted to give my thoughts on the V205. I purchased this phone after owning the Nokia 6010. I just want to say over all I found this phone to be very user friendly. I love the large font and display. I just purchased the Motorola V330 and I hate the complex menu and small font. You need a magnify glass to read the screen. I am going to continue using my Samsung V205.
The only features I would have liked to see on the V205 was the ability to ring and vibrate, voice dialing, flash and zoom. But I give this phone an awesome rating. I have been very happy with it. Thanks Samsung I will continue using your product.

Great Stuff


Jan 9, 2004 by jbp48220

On this phone people you can make the ringer or vibrate stop when it's shut, by pressing and holding down on the side volume key- it will send the caller to vmail. My thing is I can't figure out how to make more then one memo in the calendar. When I go to options it doesn't let me do anything but 1 memo. Help!!!Other wise the V206 is killer. It's as good as any Nokia and that's killer stuff.

My V206 Review


Nov 14, 2003 by fOnEfReAkZ

I recently got this phone through AT&T Customer Care, I swapped it in for my Nokia 6800 (Too bulky) Anyways, I really like this phone alot, really loud ringers, nice color display. The reception is very good as well, all around exceptional phone, recommend it to anybody.

v206 is a good phone...


Oct 25, 2003 by ajgalli

I say good but I think is is very much lacking. I found the menus to be very non-intuitive. Compared to other Samsung phones, I think this one needs some help. And for the price, it is NOT worth it. And the IR port doesn't seem to be good for much of anything.

Amazing screen
External LCD
Good battery life
Good RF
Solid Build
Nice camera

Menu system not intuitive and ugly
Ring tones
IR port
Too easy to press mMode button
WAP browser isn't very good
Lousy screen savers/wall paper

I'm thinking if it were $200 versus $400, it might be worth it. But the phone isn't up to par when it comes to flip+camera phones. I like Samsung phones, but this one didn't impress me.

Keep Shopping


Oct 14, 2003 by Ken Pearson

I have owned several phones in the past from almost every major brand name and for me this was first phone that stopped being “a phone.” When you get past the glamour of emailing friends your pictures, etc. this phone does the worst job at its primary function; being a phone! In all fairness to the V205, I am reviewing this for business usage. While the startup and shut down chimes maybe cute entertainment at a teenage girl slumber party, they certainly can turn your face fire truck red in a business meeting. Eventually, I learned to dislodge the battery, to avoid powering down to the shutdown chime when my boss was speaking. Not to mention the silly little noises you hear when you receive a voicemail. Also, this phone doesn’t ring! Whatever happened to the ring? Isn’t that what a phone is supposed to do? If silly little jingles are for you, then you’ll like this phone. And finally- You know that cool headset you saw in the store that would be perfect for Hands free? We’ll throw it in the garbage! The ONLY hands free system that works with it is it’s proprietary ear bud, which people couldn’t stand talking to me when I used it. Take it or leave it- this is my opinion on the phone.

OK, but starting to regret the price!


Jul 17, 2003 by Connivel

The phone it self is a wonderful thing. I have never own a Flip little lone a Samsung. I more into the strength and durability that the phone has. The camera (interesting feature) is not good when used in broad day light. Even when you lower the lighting on the phone. Ring-tones, have to find load ones, are low because of no external speaker to allow sound to come through. T9 on the phone sucks, I have to type in each time things the phone does not understand. Battery time I have to say for this phone is pretty OK. I was wondering why Samsung sent two batteries, but after a heavy usage of the phone I understood why. I am not sure about anyone else, but I use the alarm for a wake up call or to notify me of this and that. Funny thing is ITS NOT LOAD ENOUGH. My Nokia phone (8265) was load. Couple other things that disappoints me on this is that it does not ring/vibrate at the same time. No it has to vibrate then ring whats up with that. The last thing that makes me regret this is $400 for the phone. I worked for it, bought it, kicking my self in the a-- for it. I can not take it back because its to late. Oh well that stinks I have to deal with it. Over all it was a good and sturdy phone.

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