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I love it


Dec 13, 2009 by broncobabe92

I have been reading the reviews for this phone i've had this phone for about 2 1/2 months and i haven't had really any problems. it has some pros and cons but then again doesn't everything?

Pros: Keyboard, Camera/camcorder, it keeps charge for a long time it hasn't died on me yet(and i've had it beeping at me low battery for an hour before i could get to charge it), the mp3 player is nice, the screen isn't easily scratched or nicked up

Cons: if you turn the volume up all the way on the mp3 player it distorts BAD!, the first time i dropped it was on a trampoline and for 3 hours after that every time i'd use the touch screen to open a text it would shut off.

But after i dropped it and it straitened out it doesn't shut off anymore and it gets good service anywhere i go. I have dropped it since then but instead of on a trampoline it's been dropped or kicked out of my hand(my niece is kind of hard on stuff) it has been on concrete floors and hard surfaces and never have any problems i dropped today at work on the concrete and no problem.

It's a great phone for me and i love it couldn't ask for a better phone!!!

Amazing Starter Phone


Dec 29, 2009 by phonegirl1123

The Motorola Rival is overall an awesome phone! Everything you need is on there. If your a child and you are looking for a great phone in the Verizon Wireless service, you will absolutely love this phone. The touch screen is excellent, and when you drop this phone...NOTHING happens! Messaging is great, you receive and send messages fast, its great! This is a great texting phone to use, and all the features are great! You can do many things with this phone and thats why I love it, SO MUCH!

I LOVE Motorola Rivals!

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I Ordered This Phone But Am I Going to Regret it?


May 8, 2012 by patootie1776

i'm 12 years old and grandma ordered this phone for me because all the other ones are tooo much or SOLD OUT!
i've read some of the reviews and some are good and some are bad! i'll post a review of how i think the phone is after i get it.

Biggest Problem with Rival


Apr 3, 2012 by Renegade57

You can't download your text messages. There is no way to get them off the phone. You can e-mail them one at a time for minutes, but you can't download them all in any way, or put them on the memory card. And the inbox fills up and stops messaging, you have to delete them. Even Motorola Phone Tools won't let you at the messages. I'm not sure they're even stored on the phone. Though it's a nice small phone for texting, this is a show stopper for me, and they don't tell you this anywhere in the specs.
Other problem I've had is the sensitive touch screen "self touching" whenever it feels like it, causing disasters, like deleting everything, ending calls, sending half finished texts. All of a sudden your phone will be in some different mode for no reason.
Keypad layout is weird for punctuation, makes correct text hard to write.
Calendar function is 5 menu levels deep, nothing is easy or obvious in the menu structure.
Overall bad phone.



Jun 14, 2011 by MystWhispers

I just got my phone last week, and im not very happy with it at all..I cant download music, my text dont go through and when they do it has to be 20 words or less, I cant hear it when people call..I have no pros for it at all and plan on getting rid of it and upgrading asap!

Is the contract expired yet??!!


Jun 4, 2011 by angelpaws

Wow, this phone is the worst Ive ever owned. I have been counting the days till my contract was up so I could turn it in for ANYTHING better.

SOUND: From Verizon in Upstate NY
The phone ringer is not very loud, maybe Im going deaf but I frequently miss my calls. I thought I could help myself with the vibrate feature but I can barely feel it. The speakerphone feature isnt very loud, almost useless actually and I have the volume on the regular phone speaker pretty much turned up to high. Overall, I expect to miss my calls so I check it regularly and call back.

PERFORMANCE: Cant say I have dropped calls anywhere I didnt expect a dead zone. However, the phone does occasionally turn itself on to the web. One would never know until they needed to make a call - Gee thanks for those data charges! I have had the phone freeze while texting and at times literally shut down AND reboot while trying to reply to a text. One major problem was it would often go crazy "thumping" while beginning a text or replying. (Thumping is what I call the feeling you experience when you type any key on the touchscreen) It inadvertently will "thump" so violently that I could not get any characters in edgewise. I have to close the phone and ignore it for a while and then try again. Ive experienced this issue with my first "new" phone and my replacement "certified" phone. The funny part was that since this problem was intermittent, Verizon was unable to find/duplicate the problem!

I will say that the pictures are pretty good and one feature I do like is the video capability. Bluetooth capability is good/syncs with the car.

I would not recommend web surfing on this, the phone cannot handle anything but email and even that is difficult to accomplish.

Sadly, this phone is only good for its looks. Its what sold me, mine's purple! I even paid more for it before it became a feature phone! I believe the phone is finally discontinued but if you have it, you have my sympathies.

Hoping for a new phone soon


Dec 14, 2010 by bborcyk

I got the phone almost 2 years ago, and I have had some positive and negative moments with it.

Pros: It looks cute (I have the purple one), the QWERTY keyboard works well, and the button sequencing makes sense.

1. It is very difficult to erase messages. They take forever to go away, and I have to hit "ERASE ALL" several times until they're all gone.

2. The screen freezes and I have to hard reset often.

3. When looking at a photo or video, or contact, it is WAY to easy to bump the touch screen soft key that says ERASE. It doesn't ask "Are you sure?" I have lost several important contacts while my 2-year-old grabbed my phone out of my hand.

4. While talking with someone, the same soft key says MUTE. I accidentally bump it with my face on occasion. VERY ANNOYING!

5. Sometimes the touch screen gets a glitch, and the phone keeps randomly flipping through icons. I can't get it to stop until I hard reset the phone.

Either way, I look forward to getting a new phone soon.

Stay Away


Aug 28, 2010 by Fastenhardt

I've seen some lemons in my time but this phone takes the cake.

- It usually turns on.

- Slide is clunky and extremely prone to separating from the keyboard.
- Screen whites out for no apparent reason.
- Software is tragically slow and unresponsive.
- Feels cheap in your hand.
- Touch screen is as pointless as it is unresponsive.

Avoid this phone at all costs.

Motorola Rival is indeed what the name implies..your Rival!


Jul 31, 2010 by bowwowlover123123

Horrible...Didn't last more than two weeks,so if you are heavey-hand like me, DO NOT get it....capish....the touch screen part goes wacko in the middle of text messages...BTW...this is the first phone I have actually broke because I gripped it too tightly...the endurance is horrible..buy at your own risk...and since they are canceled with Verizon, do not buy used...its worse!...The only reason I gave it a .5 because it fooled me pretty nicely the first week I've had it!



Jul 10, 2010 by Kristina0302

This phone has been a terror. It has cost me almost $200 in blue tooths, it make them malfunction in a month. Due to not being able to have a blue tooth on this phone I have to use the speaker phone in the car. This phone freezes up on me, and is very unreliable.

Not recommended for anyone.

Good though I loved the texting board, and it work very nicely.

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