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Samsung Intensity U450 / DoubleTake


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GREAT Texting phone!


May 2, 2010 by BuyatSamsClub

All in all this is one of the best texting phones I've used, especially since you DO NOT need the new data feature with this phone.

Battery life
Loud ringer

None really except that I had to change the menu settings since I hated the default cartoony theme. (this is not really a con though since it is able to be changed)

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Great Txt Messaging Phone


Feb 13, 2010 by HomerBohn

Got this phone for me and my wife a few weeks ago. We're both pleased, as it's a solid phone. For me, I hate texting on non-qwerty phones and was spoiled by my work Blackberry. This phone has been a pleasant surprise.

- Small Form Factor, fits nicely in pocket
- Slider with Full QWERTY keyboard that's easy to use
- Decent pictures from camera
- No coverage problems so far using Verizon in the Washington/Baltimore area
- Price, used my New Every 2 and got one free for my wife

- No video, but to me it wasn't an issue, and I need video, I can activate my old phone
- No 3G/EVDO, but again, not an issue for me as I use my work Blackberry to surf the web and check email
- Slow recall from miniSD card, as I save pix to card, it's very slow to populate when looking at pictures. I recommend saving to camera, then moving to card later

Overall a solid contender for those who just like to talk and text and take some pictures.

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GREAT phone!


Dec 23, 2009 by narn3049

I got this phone for my GMA for Christmas. This because she had a crappy krazor k1m phone and it was breaking. For 3 years of use the hinge came out (like the covering) and the phone had lines sometimes going through the screen. She suprisingly had been big on texting and really wore out the keyboard on the krazr, so I thought a messaging phone just might do.

Since I'm a phone junkie literally always on mine and know a lot about them so I helped her set it up and noticed some pros and cons along the way.

Full qwerty keyboard as well as well as the actual 1-2-3-4-5-6 keyboard, which you can use for texting as well

Good camera Good ringtones too

Although the camera is rather good the camera displays so you have to turn the phone to take the picture, you cant hold it and take a picture because the phone displays the picture sideways.

As for another con the keypad qwerty layout is okay, but next to space button bigger fingers me hits the smiley button. Bad placement is what I say

Good phone

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I really like this phone!


Nov 11, 2009 by turlisa

Well lets start off with I have only had this phone for a few days. I actually bought it for my daughter with the only criteria being it have a QWERTY keyboard and be as close to free as possible with 2 yr contract.

When I got it, I wanted it for myself. It has a very easy learning curve, and texting is ridiculously easy. I currently have the Alias and was planning to upgrade to the Alias 2, but when my upgrade comes I am definately getting this one.

It doesnt have the greatest camera, only 1.3 megapixel, but it holds like a camera which is a plus.

If youre shopping around for a younger person, tween or above, this is a perfect first phone.

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Least favorite phone ever.


May 30, 2015 by tiesan01

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

I hated this phone.... Like.... Hated it.

I was forced to choose this phone as my free upgrade when The keypad of beloved LG EnV finally wore out. I didn't have enough money to buy an EnV 3, so I figured I would get the "freebie" slider phone from Verizon.

The phone had good reviews, both online and from friends of mine. However, after using an LG, I had to say I was disappointed.

The keyboard was cramped, with an oddly placed shift key. It also did not have the separate directional keys laid out like a D-pad like my LG did. I ended up having to hold the phone with my fingers curled awkwardly around the back. Not a fan.

The phone would freeze and restart often. If I switched between menus too quickly, or even texted too fast, the phone would freeze up. Totally annoying.

Finally, voice quality was utter crap. Everything sounded tinny and muffled. My friend, who had the same phone as me at the time, always sounded terrible on his line. Lots of static and background noise, and difficult to hear words in a sentence. We both had Verizon, so I don't think network was an issue.

Eventually the phone landed in a puddle and fried itself. I wasn't sad to see it go.

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Do not buy for web viewing or videos


May 18, 2012 by sieramari

My major dislike is the keyboard lock pops off when you get either a text or picture message and the web is VERY limited! There are pages that you cannot access because there isn't enough internal memory. My other major disappointment is no video capture. I'd rather have video over the multiple shot for the photos.

Also now that I've had it for 2 years the voice quality on the other end really sucks! I can barely hear the other person on the line!

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Completely Disappointed


Sep 22, 2010 by DURMAR

A few months ago my wife and I moved to Verizon and I chose this phone. I have used Samsung in the past and believed the phone to be a good next step in basic messaging which is what I needed, boy I did not know what I was getting my self into. Here is my review:


The phone had issues figuring out which towers to use...(which was verified by VZW field tech supp)

The phone cycled on its own several times within 2 weeks.

It froze on voicemail and movement from screen to screen.

Slow transition thru all the menus

Camera is lackluster

After a couple of weeks use the slide began to come lose so when I spoke on the phone it would move in my hand. (annoying!)


Shortcut keys were nicely arranged

Thats about it...We had our phones swapped out and we still had problems. I think Samsung needs to build a more robust phone for the user. Cheap plastics and low quality screens are not working. This was a real disappointment.

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Don't get it!!


Aug 12, 2010 by nisey63

Both of my sons have one of these phones and they both hate them. The set up of the phone itself is fine, but it has a habit of shutting itself off all the time. I thought it was a matter of them hitting a button while the phone was in their pockets, but its physically impossible to do that way and it will shut down while it's lying on a table not being touched. One of my sons even exchanged the phone within the 30 days for another and this one does the same thing. We've tried updating the programming, talking to the techs in the store, everything and no one can find anything wrong. It's gotten to the point where my sons want to buy new phones out right, the phones are that unreliable.

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Jul 18, 2010 by jordancurtiss

great phone

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Good phone overall


Jun 25, 2010 by CaseyE

Overall this is a pretty good phone.

-Full QWERTY Keyboard
-Good for gaming
-Great battery life
-Doesn't require data package
-Reasonable power-on time (22 sec)

-You can't block the speakerphone with your hand or the caller on the other end will hear themselves talking. Just hold your hand below the speaker or put the phone on your desk and this isn't a problem (its a little strange at first but just takes some getting used to)
-There is a minor bug bugs that causes the menus to make a clicking noise while navigating the menus. It only once in a while after using speakerphone, but a restart of the phone fixes it.

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