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Great travel phone, wouldnt buy for customers


Nov 24, 2004 by JPBernard

With all the new high-tech inventions and models of phones that have come out in the past few years, it is hard for a phone like the Seimens C56 to sell. Many of my customers loved the phone because down here in New Orleans with AT&T, it got the greatest reception of any phone tested.

However, many high-tech customers who were interested in this phone were turned off with the screen w/o color, no camera and not many options for personalizing.

The phone is great for teenagers who want to buy there own phone. What do they need cameras, internet or organizers for?

If you really want to get this phone, I would say it's because you love the reception you recieve. Otherwise, if you want a permanent phone with Bluetooth, internet, organizers, ect.- go with a Sony or Blackberry.

Nice basic inexpencive phone


Oct 27, 2004 by VE1WAB

The Siemens C56 is a very basic phone. This phone is great for someone who is looking for an inexpensive compact phone. The phone has great reception and sound quality and some useful organizer features built in. including a Memo application. Text Messaging is simple to use on this phone. Phone is capable of changing the faceplate which is useful. The replacement faceplates are commonly available where these phones are sold and over the internet for very reasonable prices. Battery is Lithium Ion and the talk/standby time is great. Phone also charges very quickly from empty to full. The factory preset time zones are awful as they have left out my Major City where i live. But this was not a huge issue. In the short time (2 months) i have used this phone, I have had no problems with it. I recommend this phone to someone who is looking for a basic inexpencive but reliable phone.

A good phone with some room for inprovments.


Nov 19, 2003 by evileye

After being with a TDMA Nokia, I thought I would try something new and went with the C56. I live in the Vancouver, B.C. area with Rogers system. My other phone, that I use, is a Motorola C350g. Check out that review, too.


1) Small,compact, quality-built phone.
2) Great voice quality.
3) Ability to record outside sounds and even use them as a ringtone.
4) Speakerphone is great to use.
5) Voice dialing and voice command.
6) 'Hotkey' function
7) Polyphonic ringtones sound quality is very good.
8) Wap browser is fast.
9) Alarm work even when phone is off.


1) Address book is all displayed at once and cannot be seperated by catagories. Even though one can store names in different 'Groups'.
2) Address information that is entered and is lengthy, will not be fully diplayed when stored and recalled in the address book. It just shows '...' for any length words, text.
3) Only one number per name allowed to be stored in address book. (my biggest dislike.)
4) Battery life is not the best, seems eratic.
5) RF is okay, could be better.
6) Ringtone volume is not loud enough, even at max. level and polyphonic ringtones sound like a distance radio playing and cannot be heard. Wish there was some simple, loud ringtones for it.
7) Owners manual is somwhat vague, but not as bad as my motorola's manual.
8) T9 is not as easy use, especailly entering punctuation marks.

For a entry level phone, some features are really good. Overall quality of the phone is very good.

OK as a second phone, BUT ....


Jul 7, 2004 by Angel Eyes

Bought this phone to go along with an ATT GoPhone account for pretty cheap. I definitely wouldn't have bought it at full price.

First off, don't know if it's the phone or the system, but a couple of minutes into calls made from my home, the calls start to become garbled and wavy, to th point of not being legible.

Then, since it's so small, it is easy to press the wrong button. And my hands aren't that big. It definitely could have used some side buttons for volume control, it's an inconvenience to take phone away from ear and adjust volume during a call.

So all in all, as a second phone, it's ok, but if this was my one and only basic phone, it would have gone in the round file long ago.

- Nice size, easy to carry in pocket.
- For its size, screen is very readable. Nice amber color.
- ClipIt covers are fun to mess around with.

- Published battery life is 200 hours. Try less than 100 with minimal use.
- Somewhat iffy RF. Is it the C56 or ATTW?
- Phone book is terrible. One entry per person?
- Ringtones are the worst. Besides the selection, which could be MUCH better, volume could be a lot louder.



Jul 16, 2003 by John Summers

I have spent the last few days working with a Sony Ericsson phone and it just furthers my belief that they should get out of the handset market.

I asked for and got a different phone. I was given the C56 dual band phone by Siemens and find that so far it is a delight to use and easy to program (one touch keys and address book).

It has a lot of features that I will never use (GPRS, Internet, etc.....) but for the purpose that I am using it - to make and receive calls - it is great. The sound quality is good and the ear piece volume is great. I don't have to concern myself about being able to hear even in noisy environments.

If you never leave the big city (that this is sold in) I would recommend this phone.



Mar 27, 2005 by ks601

Rating is based on fact that you get very good value & quality for the price you pay. Phone is super, but basic. If just a Basic Phone is all you want / need, then the Siemens C56 is for you!

Wooooooo I love this phone


Jul 12, 2003 by Linda Brown

I really bought this phone for my daughter but she says it was the bomb. So I decided to try it for myself. We switched phones for a week and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it. It's better than my nextel.



Apr 17, 2010 by melissa1989

So I had this with ATT WIRELESS longggg time ago.

I loved the orange screen and if I remember right you could text theses faces which were pretty cool. But anyway, I loved how small this was! So cute! ALl around it was plain but it was real cool I would use it again. I jusst didnt like the black sparkling primer look

great lil phone


Feb 5, 2007 by kshortiee

i rlyyyyy loved this phone!
it was realyy simple to use and no matter how much i abused it , it would not break and believe me it went throught alot. it didnt even really bug me that it was black'n'white.
i was rly happy w/ it and the only reason i got a new phone is that i switched to sprint, i now have the a900 . actully i still have the lil guy

Perfect Phone for all the right reasons


Oct 10, 2005 by Arizoner

I have used a number of phones and have bounced around from one service provider to another. Cingular now (just OK service at best, until) read on...Until my father passed it on to me since he wanted a new "Stylish" camera phone. For me the phone has been unbelievable ! Great reception, getting service in areas where most others get none, including me with my "OLD" Treo 650 (Preferred the SX56). This phone has everything that I need; I have learned that the more stuff on the phones the worse they are; the C56 is the way to go, Ive had it for 6 month now and LOVING it ! ONE OF THE MOST PRACTICAL PHONES ever made, from what I have seen !

Good Luck !


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