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LG Neon GT365


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Delicate but versatile


Mar 18, 2010 by DogDaddy

The Neon is a very cool looking phone and fun to use. The features are easy to figure out how to use. The keyboard is large enough to allow fast typing without hitting the wrong keys. The size and weight are comfortable.
It does feel somewhat delicate though. If you are rough with phones, you might not want this one. However if you are gentle with it, it will serve you well. Just don't yank it open or slam it shut or bang on the keys. It's a phone you'll want to keep for a long, long time because it has so many convenient features and capabilities. I use mine primarily for texting and for Internet.
When the phone is closed, the slightest touch on the buttons can open the browser, so be sure to lock the keys before putting it in your pocket or purse.
Overall it is a great phone for the price.

Cute, but disfunctional


Jan 31, 2010 by Beloved83

I got this phone for my birthday in October 2009.
I loved the color (Green and white) and the shape. It's a very cute phone!
But, shortly after I got it, the quality of the product just fell apart.

-Buttons are spaced well
-The ability to make slide shows for a background

-When I make a call, I cannot hear the other end or ringing for 15-25 seconds
-The buttons stick alot on the keypad
-The applications take over a minute to load
-Pictures are very grainy, a problem I didn't have with other 2mp camera phones
-Doesn't allow all mp3 or mp4 to be played on the mp3 player
-The web browser button is too easily pushable

I personally do not like this phone and I am considering an early upgrade to get a better one.
It's cute, but I need a phone that functions well!

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Jan 28, 2010 by text3r

I just got my neon about 2 weeks ago. i text A LOT. i like that unlike my last phone, a samsung magnent, the QWERTY keypad is spaced out, and i don't press multuple keys at the same time while I'm texting. and if this gets scratched it isn't the en i also like that the front is semi- touchscreen. i Love the threaded text messaging. it makes it so easy to keep track of my conversations. I'm rough with my phones, i always drop them etc, and when most touch screens get scratched they don't function correctly,if this gets scratched it isn't the end of the world, i can dial from my slide keypad (though its inconvenient). the bad things about this phone is that when th battery gets low it will cut me off in the middle of a text message. another bad thing about this phone is that, its hard to hear the person on the other end and when i make calls i cant hear the ringing.

the lg neon


Oct 20, 2009 by sk8rtie

i have had the lg neon for about two and a half months now. and the one thing i have to say is i hate it and wish i had never got it. if you have one.... u might say its good. i highly disagree. it shuts off when ever i try to send a txt. and it sucks because it not only shuts off like that, it will randomly shut off in my pocket. i hate this phone NEVER get it. thank you

You get what you buy


Aug 17, 2009 by shirizaki

As one of the cheapest phones AT&T offers, the LG Neon has a decent list of features, but executes each one of them horribly.

but instead of putting numbers along the top row, they are placed around the left thumb.

Used for making calls. Now I will say I've had my fair share of (crappy) LG touchscreen phones on VZW, but it registers presses accurately. And that's the only thing the touchscreen is used for

IT PLAYS MP3s.....
Not well. And with this being a cheap phone, you should expect it to replace your ipod.

I can barely hear people in the earpiece, and people can barely hear me. The mic picks up every ambient sound you make.

And using to too much in unison with a MicoSD card will erase your SD card or make the phone not read your SD card.

And it performs really well. Your outbound texts are paired with a person;s incoming texts.

Odds and ends include the slow menu system. Slow, as in there is at least a 1-2 second delay in EVERY action. Also some obvious system preferences seem to be missing (like being able to alter the screen lock time).

The phone is small and nice, and if you HAD to have a phone it would be acceptable. But you get what you pay for. I paid $80 up front with a $50 Mail in, making this a $30 phone, so you can't complain too much.

Naughty Neon (how I almost loved thee)


Aug 6, 2009 by superawesomefones

Oh how I longed to hold you in my hands,
your haptic feedback letting me know I touched you right.
Your colors let me know that you enjoyed me,
as much as I enjoyed you.
When I finally had you all to myself,
I started to see your true intentions.
I tried to speak through you,
You were not receptive to my calls.
While talking to another,
my cheek turns you off,
or is it just jealousy?
I tried to push your qwerty all night,
but the results we not as delightful as we hoped.
I will miss you,
but you must return to your rightful place,
the trash.


Get the Xenon instead


Jul 7, 2009 by devastator28

OMG this phone is horrible. I've spent almost 2 hrs with a customer so that I can get her MMS services working. I've change the SIM and everything and I've discovered that it was a faulty device. Tried not two, but three different devices and the MMS did not work. Aside from that, the menus are extremely hard to navigate especially with the keypad. The device is limited with the touch screen which is only for dialing a number. The device feels really flimsy and its seems as though it'll break easily. Due yourselves a favor and skip this device and purchase the Xenon instead.



Sep 18, 2009 by KaylaDawn

I really like dis phone...it is awesome. I am bout to get it.....it is a touch screen, fast messaging, slider....and many more extatic features..haha used a big word....(exatic) ok but get dis phone u can get this in prepaid or on a family plan..but no matter what u got...get dis....i am getting this...more than the iphone yea thats right...i really aint getting the iphone...this one is jus as good...



Jul 6, 2009 by shedevl1

I got this phone on the 22nd of June, and it freezes up alot then the down arrow made my phone shut off for some reason, the touch screen for dialing is horrible if you hold your phone with your neck like i do sometimes you keep hitting the touch screen and disconnects your call, I thought it would be nice to have a newer model phone but it has to many problems might just have been mine but I took it back and got the Matrix instead....

A for effort, F for execution


Jul 13, 2009 by bonster

This phone, at first glance, was exactly what I wanted: a small full keyboard phone that didn't require a data plan.

The phone has a nice interface and is easy to use and understand. It had threaded messaging, which was a really nice feature, but that couldn't make up for the troubles it had.

After 2 weeks, I had to replace the phone. After 30 days, I'm trading this phone in for another phone.

The first problem I had with this phone was the center button led to the Internet instead of the menu, which threw me off completely.

The second problem was that it is very slow to react. If you make choices quickly, the phone doesn't react to these choices and stops. When deleting text messages, it took a very long time to process that decision so instead of this being a minute long process, it took about 5 minutes to delete old messages.

The biggest problem, and the real reason I'm getting rid of it, is that after the first week I had each phone, when I called someone, I couldn't hear it ring, and when they answered, I couldn't hear them on the other end for a long period of time. This was such a problem that it isn't worth it to keep this phone at all.

So, overall, a great looking phone with a few too many problems to keep.

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