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LG Neon GT365


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Great Phone for the Price


Nov 20, 2009 by d.eaton

QWERTY (that's nicely spaced out so I'm not hitting 2 letters @ once) w a pretty decent camera (could use a flash but most phones don't even have that)... Not a huge fan of that green color. (but can hide with a case) I LOVE the threaded text messaging, hard to come by unless your getting yourself into a blackberry or something a ton more expensive. Decent Internet, can get me to the couple of pages I would go to. I also like that I can have a song instead of a beep or the typical noise for texting. Basically it's an all around decent phone for the price. You're not buying an iPhone or a Blackberry, so don't expect it to perform like one. If you want a fun little phone that's great for texting, pick one up. If not, get something more expensive and quit complaining about what this phone can't do.

Very capable


Sep 27, 2009 by Kadman

I bought this for my daughter in June and it's really been a great phone. Like most youth, texting is a priority and the keys are well spaced and provide nice feedback. Threaded messaging and MMS work flawlessly for her (she's 11).

Basic call functionality, selection of ring tones, memory card support for custom ring tones, etc. are all just fine. The picture & video quality aren't great but acceptable considering it's intended purpose.

Where I think this phone really hits a home run is that it doesn't go feature overboard. My daughter didn't want a touch screen. I didn't want her to have a touch screen, although forcing someone to flip out a keyboard to dial a number isn't ideal. The Neon answers this by having a button that brings up a touch screen keypad. The entire interface isn't touch, just a physical button to enable touch functionality for dialing. Perfect! In addition, the fact that it's not 3G is a plus in my book. My daughter doesn't have a data plan and we would much rather save the battery with 2G than burn it up with 3G that she'll never use.

One battle story: While at a party with friends of ours, my daughter dropped her Neon into a soda. Only the top edge was sticking out. She brought it to me (2 minutes as I was outside) and I removed the battery as the display was scrambled/flashing. I put it in a bag of rice for 3 days and it's in 100% working order now. I'm sure some luck played a role there, but I'll give it a bonus for being somewhat "battle hardened."

I've read some of the negative reviews and they just don't match up with what I'm seeing. I wonder how much of that is really just service issues or setup issues they might have had with the carrier. Either that or just a one-off defect.

I DO wish it used a standard, mini-USB charge connector like my son's Xenon.

You can write novels w this keypad!


Nov 20, 2009 by LAS710

1st of all, any phone w a full keypad is a great phone for a texter, but so many of them cram the buttons together! Best keypad I could find thru AT&T & it displays the conversations like AIM (AOL instant messenger) so you don't get lost in conversations!
Not a huge fan of touchscreens, so I like that just the keypad is touch & the rest of the phone you navigate around like any normal phone.
It's not a computer so the internet is kind of whatever... but it gets me to my facebook page so that's all I ask =)
It's nice & small so I can throw it in my pocket or purse & it's not the size of a book, love that it slides, I felt like it should'ave slid the other way & it was backwards, but that only takes a couple days to get used to.
So for me, the avid texter, this little gadget is perfect for me...



Nov 15, 2010 by ccbanker

TO ALL WHO WILL LISTEN. I hope the NEON is leaving this planet. I have never owned one but I do work in the industry. If you have one that works, you are a rarity that should be put in the BIG book accomplishments. This phone drops calls, can't get MMS, and randomly charges you data charges. It is a predominant prepaid phone that needs to have several prepaid features removed, like data. AT&T can't handle this issue. It's been a long tern issue that they WON'T address.

They are phasing then out, but they are still selling them.... BAD PHONE, BAD PHONE. Don't trust the Prime either. LG left the honorable table and seems to going for profit only.

Hate This Phone!


Oct 10, 2010 by booper14

I've had a lot of different phones in my time and I have to say this phone is so dysfunctional that it AIN'T funny. The key pad under the soft keys where you select to dial a number, etc. It comes up, but if you do not hit the particular # at the top of the key, it comes up with the number at the bottom of the one you are trying to enter. I also do not like the slide key board. You cannot see the #'s and the alpha. You have to hold it right under the light to be able to see the key you want to hit. I think this is the biggest mistake ATT has come up with and I am stuck with this stupid thing for another year. Needless to say, I do not use my cell phone hardly ever now. I would not try and talk anyone into buying this thing. I see now you cannot even go to LG Electronics and even find the darn thing. They no longer make them and I'll bet ATT has tons of them left.

DO NOT buy this phone!!!!


Oct 2, 2010 by maddie1009

so i got this phone in the summer and it worked great for about a month. i droped it a few times, but it wasn't in horrible condition. after i had it for a month, it would randomly turn off when i slid it open and close. and it froze ALL THE TIME. so i had to send it back and get a new one. ive had this new one for about three months now and the same thing happened. i haven't even dropped this one! this phone is
the only good thing about this phone is the key pad, its fantastic! but you cant use it if your phone is allways off!



Jul 20, 2010 by TreyFlight

OK THIS Phone seems and looks nice ecspecially the price, but its Horrible. when you have it for a month its pitiful how bad it it. if you text to many people it shuts off and turns back on randomly! and it frezzes. and when you have it for a long time it just dies out and loses signal. i have this phone and im so mad i picked!! and if oyu get at least 100 songs on here it takes about a good 5 minutes to load it up and it loads,freezes,shuts off turns on then appears!! i hate this phone and its 100% GARBAGE
AND te internet is slow but the only good thing is it download things fasst and is very easy to text with

Its a phone at least


Jul 17, 2010 by phoneaddict11

I got this phone expecting only the best and was disappointed big time. First of all the phone has major kinks that lg should have fixed before marketing like Lagging speed, random shut off, and sticky keys. But at first the phone works perfectly. Now this is geared towards being a messaging device and from that stand point it does its job but otherwise it fails everywhere else.

Pros- spacious keyboard
threaded messaging
multimedia messaging
above average camera
easy menus
options on top of options

Cons- it shuts off for no reason on many occasions
unnecessary dialing touch screen
no 3g
bad reception
staticky phone calls
poor media player
lack of bluetooth options
kind of bulky

overall decent first time phone with good messaging and that is all

Don't buy this phone


May 16, 2010 by americabev

The LG Neon sucks. It will turn off randomly with no warning--especially when you are waiting for an important call, it has a real knack for that.

75% of the webpages you go to the phone using will get a message from the phone and then it suddenly takes you offline without warning. The getting offline takes a full minute-why? I'm getting offline, not searching for something.

You can't see youtube video's on the phone. Or any video's for that matter. Supposedly the phone has java but it doens't recognize it??

Here's something that makes no sense whatsover: you can't make your own ringtone. Yes, att has a stupid website and "make your own tone" but it is stupid as he** because it is not really your own tune. My daughter plays guitar and texts me over her playing something. I should be able to make that her ringtone. But no, att wants me to choose one of theirs. Thats stupid.

Here's something else. You can open MSN chat and get online at the same time. You can also get a phone call in the midst of this. Pretty cool huh? What's the downside? Well, if someone texts you and you are online, you get a message on your phone that so-and-so has sent you a message and asks if you want to read the message now. BUT if you don't catch the text at that instant, you have to get offline to go to your text inbox. That's straight up retarded. Try calling att or LG and they both b**** about each other and blame each other.

WARNING: don't buy this phone. You will regret it.

If you see a gushing review of this phone, remember, att is paying people to go online and chat positively about their products.

I wouldnt reccomend it...


Apr 9, 2010 by phone...

I got this phone sometime in the summer. It was my FIRST phone! I loved it at first and I didnt drop it once. And just one day I went to my friends house and I brought my phone and I went to call my mom and It WOULDNT ring so I stood there saying hello for about 10-15 minutes! Seriously so then the next day when ever i would try to send a message like It would turn off so we took it back to the store and i got a new one so then the SAME thing happened so we took it back in and got ANOTHER one so then it still does the same thing only it freezes and turns off whenever it feels like it. So I just wouldnt reccoment it... So now Im getting a new phone... The LG magnet. Im so pumoed to get it!!!!!

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