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The Herald blew his horn again, but it now appeared that the whole village was out in the square.


Aug 13, 2009 by japhy

"Good people," the Herald began, "Ye of the farthest reaches of the Kingdom hath not yet heard, but your King, En Seventy the V, is dead." Furtive grumbles began; the mood was decidedly happier than he'd expected. He continued, "A successor has been chosen, and he is of the same bloodline & kin, by name of Eee Sixty the Third". A few muted cheers went up, but most of the crowd was clearly waiting for more. The Herald began to read the new King's welcome to his subjects when an old farmer called out.

"Same ol' S60 menus?"

The Herald nodded, "The email system is wonderful, and messaging options are just as nice as before.”

"Voice quality the same?" came another voice from further back.

"Yes," said the Herald nervously, "But the, um, mp3 player isn't as good". A definite rumble in the mob, he went on: "It's not bad, but N75 was better in terms of sound quality."

"The radio? And browser?" The voices were coming from all around the square – they’d done their homework.

"Both marvelous," the Herald replied, “The 3.5mm jack means much better headphones can be used, and streaming radio is excellent."

“I’m guessing”, said a woman right below him, “That it has wifi & a QWERTY, otherwise it’s not much better than our dear departed En Seventy V”.

“Yes,” the Herald yelped, forcing a smile, “Eee Sixty III is everything we had before, & more, and better than before.”

“Except the sound quality on the mp3 player,” said the old farmer.

“Er, Yes,” the Herald said. “Good people, ye are fortunate to have such a wise & well rounded smartphone for $200, unlocked, unbranded, & without contract.” There was a definite swell of excitement this time, and a man who’d been leaning on a post now stood & said, “Said ye ‘unbranded’? Be there none lame AT&T programs or lame firmware?”

“Yea verily!” the Herald said, smiling.

The crowd erupted, nearly in unison: “Long live the King!”

Ape Roved !


Jun 11, 2009 by icedoghans

The reason I purchased this is I badly needed a S60 update, i.e. I was an avid N-Gage QD used until this puppy came in the mail. Originally I ordered an N79... but since it is so freaking popular, I could not get one in a timely manner, and I ordered it twice. So when I saw it discounted through Amazon I jumped on it. This has everything you'd want, except for a few features that I like about the N79.

-Preemptive Multitasking without bugs, can you say "Amiga".
-Viewing of Excel, Word, and Powerpoint documents [editing of version 2007 if you get the upgrade]
-Not a touch screen. My vision requires the best I can get.
-Good signal, I live in a Cell Hole, a bad one.
-UMA capability once I figure it out.
-works great with Tmobile, no problems so far [I have had it a week]
-email is not a true push system, but it works like a push blackberry system, but since you are popping your own ISP instead of RIM, it is much more reliable. If your ISP has security so does this email connection if you set it up.. it is available. I was worried that my phone would not leave the messages on the server, but it does. So ... cool.
-Wifi allows for 128 bit WEP, plus other secure keys.
-Best form factor for a blackberry style bar phone. The thickness is more than the E71, but that is a good thing. It is about 2/3's the thickness of the Ngage QD, but the other dimensions are about the same, Therefore it is very comfortable to hold and talk on. I cannot stand phones less than 2.0 inches wide.
-internet radio, I am listening to an Ecuadorian stations right now, through the loudspeaker.
-DUN modem for emergencies.
-printer connection
-dual modes, for business and personal use... like having two phones in one.

-no GPS, I am a member of PaintMap so I will have to get a separate module I guess. Fortunately Nokia has a GPS module connection system embedded.
-no big stereo speakers, like N79 & 5700.
-no FM transmitter, like N79 & N85.

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Great Phone


Apr 5, 2009 by dsmmsd18

This phone is a really great device. I have had this phone for about a month now. I recently had the Nokia E71 and I was getting almost 5 dropped calls a day! But I loved the phone so I decided to go with the Nokia E63 b/c it is very similar. I LOVE THIS PHONE!


Great Symbian OS
Solid Build Quality(soft touch back)
Full QWERTY Keypad
Caller's name on incoming calls
great Calendar
Very Customizable
easy to download new themes
great call quality and speakerphone
automatically sets for your providers SIM
GREAT RECEPTION!! Not 1 dropped call(unlike e71)
built in dictionary
hot swappable MicroSD slot
3.5mm headset jack
2.0MP camera is great
(looks better than the E71's 3.2mp camera)
great battery life!
Cool Color choices
good flash on the camera
and more...

Not really having to do with the actual phone
but the Symbian OS has to have threaded text messaging built in!!

Overall great phone, really satisfied with the reception on it. It also looks better in person than on a computer I have the blue one and its really nice.

Almost perfect phone


Jun 10, 2010 by jb8von

I've owned this phone for 5.5 months and am extremely happy with it. The only issue that keeps me from rating it a 5.0 is the call quality. I've always owned nothing but Nokia phones and this phone probably has the worst call quality compared to all of my previous Nokias, which have had great call quality. Also, you can't raise the volume loud enough. The two people who I talk to most have both commented that at times it is difficult to make out what I am saying.

* Wi-Fi; this is my first phone with this function and it is a LIFE SAVER, especially if you don't have an unlimited data plan! Awesome and so easy to set-up
* great, easy to use, user friendly qwerty keyboard
* 3G
* camera with flash and takes great pics
* great music player with the ability to search for songs or artists
* expandable memory with slot for micro SD cards
* crystal clear screen resolution
* speakerphone
* ability to customize main menu
* good design and study
* 3.5 mm headphone jack - this is very important for listening to music
* flashlight

* call quality
* call volume
* I live in NJ and when I was on vacation in FL, the phone kept shutting off during my first 24 hours there. I have no idea why this occurred and the problem ended up going away. (Possibly related to adjustment to humidity???)

Feature packed phone but poor call quality


Nov 30, 2009 by flimalu

The phone has so many features including wifi and a pretty good web browser. I was always on wifi so i didnt even get a data plan. The only problem with the phone is that the call quality of the phone is very disappointing. Many people that i called complained of not hearing me and also had a number of dropped calls.



Jul 31, 2009 by tscalzo

I love the E63. I have had this phone for almost two months. I purchased it unlocked from Amazon, with a $50 rebate, bringing the price down to $150. I bought it for the reason of having an organizer and the Symbian S60 works great-meetings/to do lists are shown on the home screen. You can personalize the shortcut bar, and there are already dedicated keys to the most frequent actions on the phone(home/calender/phonebook/email). I love that the phone had a music player/radio (although not as loud as the my old 5310) and it has a cool dictionary function. The phone's dedicated 3.5mm headset port is great, keyboard is very tactile, and I like how the date/time are constantly displayed as a screen saver (unlike my wifes Blackberry 6900 which only displays this info while charging). My only con is that the Symbian S60 software is not compatible with Epocrates medical software, but I was still able to find medical software (for a cost), however, online capability of this phone with internet/email is flawless. My best Nokia yet.

Great Price to Quality Raio


Jun 20, 2009 by Jvskill


Good Camera
Hot-Swappable microSD card slot
Keyboard very responsive and has great tactile feedback
Highly Customizable
Great Signal Strength, where other phones get 0-1 bars this gets at least 2
Fantastic Battery life even under heavy use
Tough Case, not a cheap feel at all
Thousands of available apps that meet almost every need
Easy to set up wifi but still has the advanced settings for more complicated set ups
Very internet friendly, loads pages quickly and accurately
3.5mm headset jack makes it easy to use any headphones with this and the phone knows what type of headphones you're using so it sets up most settings automatically
Keyboard design is better laid out than e71
Can use $15 a month unlimited data plan with at&t getting this phone unlocked
Crystal clear call quality


No Volume rocker, definitely missed but not needed
Processor power leaves you wanting just a bit more
Earpiece Volume is a bit lower than expected but adequate for everyday use.
Range of the wifi locater is greater than the range that the wifi can actually connect to so it leaves you unable to connect to wifi you can "see"
No GPS, but it will use the cell phone towers to approximate where you are within 300 feet, so Google Maps and other map applications will still know generally where you are.

Overall you can't beat the quality you get for the price you pay. If you're struggling between this phone and the e71, e71x, or even e72, the features that they off are identical except for a few perks. Really think about what you're going to use this phone for and you'll find that this phone will usually meet all of your needs.

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