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Nokia Mural 6750


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Great ALL-AROUND Phone


Oct 3, 2009 by garrettnichols

I just recently switched from the Samsung Jack, to this phone and couldn't be happier. This is my first ever Nokia and I'm very impressed. Battery life is great, I've went 3 days without a charge and still have some life left. And I'm a very heavy texter. Menus are very easy to navigate, camera is great for 2 megapixels, call quality and signal reception is outstanding compared to my Samsung. Speaker is nice and loud, large keys are great for texting, and the lights are very cool too. Has a stainless steel battery cover and the phone has a very sturdy feel to it. I could go on all day, but this is honestly the best overall phone I've ever owned. If you're considering the Nokia Mural, buy it!

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I Hate This Phone!


Dec 26, 2011 by 32kilo

Sound quality is not too bad. I think it is not good manners having your phone ringing in restaurants etc. I like a vibrate feature. This phone has a terrible vibrate feature. I can hold the phone in my hand when called and can barely feel the vibration. There are games on it that I do no want, but cannot delete them. You have to be talking on the phone to adjust the volume. If you raise the volume you also just raised the ringer volume. Then when you lower the ringer volume you just lowered the talk volume. That part really sucks. The PTT button is on the side so every time I pull the phone from its holster I inadvertently push the PTT button and have to clear that before I can do anything else. It also has buttons on the cover for the mp3 player which constantly get bumped by mistake and start the mp3 playing music. I finally took all my music off the phone.

It does take half decent photos, and it does take a micro sd card which are pluses. It also has a speaker phone, note pad, calculator, and a calendar.

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frustrating ill-concieved junk


Aug 24, 2010 by docmutt

pros: nice look, nice screen, pretty colors

cons: nothing works right, ptt button constantly gets pushed by accident prevents any interaction till ptt request clears, volume button has issues, terrible call quality makes you want to give up talking on the phone, texting interaction was designed by a sadist, everything is hard to find, everything you want to use is hidden and takes forever to get to this phone is horrible, i got it for free and i still feel ripped off!!!!!!!

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great phone!


Jun 2, 2010 by davidbagga

att sent me this phone and its awesome! very powerful! the only thing is that the battery life is a little small but other than that this phone is wonderful! if you're looking for the most powerful flip phone on the market then the mural is for you!

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WAY TO GO, NOKIA!!!!! Love it!


May 13, 2010 by Cransha

I am a very BASIC person when it comes to phones and don't like to change them. I'll keep a phone for YEARS! I have been a faithful (mostly) Nokia user for almost 8 years (strayed once to a SAMSUNG...HATED IT!). When my last Nokia (6085) went out, I went on Nokia's website which offers a "pick my phone for me" option. You can specify what you like, which I did, and it suggested the Mural. I went into the store to check out the phone 1st just as I did with the 6085. I instantly LOVED the look of the phone: stainless steel. I also saw an option on NOKIA's website for a black phone. The Mural gave me a Motorola Razer without me having to jump on the Motorola bandwagon like everyone else. The menus were familiar and partially consolidated. The phone combined several features from my previous models when in text message mode. Also, you can set the option to return to the main (HOME) screen automatically when you close the phone or after sending a text. The Media Player is fabulous compared to the 6085. The speaker is better and it shows you the album art if you have it saved within the file (advanced music collectors do this). The songs are sorted in alphabetical order but that depends on your media information again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you can operate the media player without opening the phone! GREAT UPGRADE from the 6085. And I love the Media Player and Camera quick buttons. It's a great addition. Speaking of the camera, you have the option to view the pictures as a grid versus line by line. The picture quality is superior and you can even take a picture while in the middle of a text to include it with the text. The phone automatically changes the text message to a MMS message! I am in LOVE! Bottom line, you have to READ your manual and you'll know exactly how to operate this awesome phone. Alot lies with user skill versus error. NOKIA, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WORK HARD TO OUT-DO THIS ONE! CONGRATULATIONS! MUAH!

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Sadly disappointed


Jan 24, 2010 by fredct

I hadn't had a Nokia in years, but I remembered being very happy with my old Nokias so I was thrilled when I saw a Nokia available that met the specs I wanted.

My first look at the Nokia 6750 Mural was positive. All the specs matched what I was looking for (3G, nice camera, good sized screen, flip phone, memory slot). When I tried it I was still impressed. The browser was good, decently rendered even full HTML pages, a nice media player, standard menu set, etc.

Unfortunately with this phone, the more I use it, the more disappointed I've become. The top level features are good, but the lack of attention to user interface details is frustrating and unforgivable. It started with realizing that I couldn't rearrange my own bookmarks for the browser. There is simply no "organize" command like there are for other things. Why??

Second, I'm not sure what the media player uses to organize songs, but its not alphabetical order nor anything normal. What order does the phone put them in? 6 to 10 and then 1 to 5. Why? Who knows.

The silly UI doesn't end there. Another annoyance is the fact that I can't go to speakerphone while the phone is ringing. I have to wait for an answer on the other end and then hit 'speakerphone'. Very inconvenient.

One more: when you're in the browser, you can't use any menus to get to your text messages. So if you're browsing and you want to send a text message, you have to quit the browser and then having to navigate all the way back to wherever you were.

Physically, it's not much better. The battery door is held in by a sliding clip on the back. But after a few uses, it gets very loose, has a tendency to fall off, can easily be opened by putting it in or taking it out of your pocket, and have the battery door fall of. Drop the phone and its almost certain the batter will end up several feet away.

Just when I was resigned to put up with all the shortcomings, the phone stops responding to all button presses. Great job Nokia, this is my last one.

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mural 6750


Nov 29, 2009 by wild

I recentally bought this phone,i've had good luck with nokia.but i am really disappointed on this phone, all though it looks great and has alot of great features,the battery on mine doesn't hold a charge very long,which leaves me with about 1 1/2 hrs talk time,and stand by time is awful,can't even enjoy the color effects on it cause battery don't hold up with effect off, much less on. i also hate that even though there's a choice,the phone does not go back to the main menu when phone is closed,which is really aggravating to have to back out of each program. so i am returning it tomorrow. i also read that there is a recall on this phone. shame really wanted it.

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OK Nokia


Nov 25, 2009 by sansho

I've owned Nokia's before, and thought I'd try their latest out. My usage is a phone with infrequent texts and rare camera use. This phone operates like a basic Nokia phone which, as a past Nokia user, means the interface and menu layout is immediately comfortable. Aesthetically, I didn't care for the case. It's bling shiny silver, and every picture that shows the colored lights, in practice, seems to overstate the impact of the light on the exterior. It doesn't always show the time on the exterior, which since my phone is my watch, is a useful feature (although you can push a button to have the time show up). Call quality wasn't as natural sounding as other phones. However, reception was up to Nokia's standards. I had high expectations for this phone, however, due to the case and call quality, I returned it.

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