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LG = Bad phone


Apr 21, 2005 by Jessicay99

My husband and I bought two of these phones. His screen started to have lines go through it as soon as the warranty expired. Our batteries quit charging after 5 months. This phone was built cheap. The phone has these two little covers on the inside of the phone that have been literally glued on. It covers two screw but is held together by glue.
We will also never buy LG appliances or anything LG ever again. This quality is the lowest of all the phones we have ever had.
The phone has weird error messages when texting and sometimes refuses to let you text more than two lines and then freezes. You have to start all over. The Verizon service folks even admitted to this phones be built poorly. They have had people turn it in after on a few months. This phone is no longer functional after two years. I can not make an outgoing call OR receive it. We have a contract with Verizon and they refused to let us upgrade. We are finally going to get new phones on May 17 2005.

Such a fustrating phone


Sep 9, 2004 by Mykee

I bought this phone in Sept 02, and after about a year and 4 months everything went to the crapper. The display cracked, the battery started losing its lifespan and whenever i'd push a button to start off, i'd have to press it again.

My battery is so bad now, that after about 5 mins of being off the charger its dead.

PROs - First ever flip phone, so I was excited about that. Did work fine for about a year, but with Telus (Canada) they only do 3yr contracts, so that left me SOL once my Warranty ran out.

CONs - Cheap cheap display. CRAPPY BATTERY!!!

H8 this fone

Oh mama~craparama


Jul 23, 2003 by alec lee

This is a phone that you want to avoid...
1st, the screen blacks out due to poor software design.
2nd, the phone's speaker dies frequently.
3rd, the phonebook get erased frequently too.

Sending mine back


Aug 26, 2002 by Chris Donohue

It looks cool, but the sound quality was really horrible compared to my Q860. And as everyone has said the rign volume is really really low.

a functional phone for 3G; not too frilly


Jul 22, 2002 by Henri Begin

If you are looking for a non-chiclet style phone that'll get you on the 3G network, this is for you. This phone has decent voice/sound as well as a variety of phone-user functions (messaging, alarm, calendar, wireless web, etc). And, as much as previous users complain about the address book, if you aren't a moron and can operate something like Windows 98, then you can manage this phone book. Quit whining about that one.

Other features... the extra outside display, much like the V60, is pretty slick. Call ID on the outside is nice if you are lazy and can't be bothered to open up the phone.

Next, having the extendible antenna helps with reception as well. In the Denver metro area, I can usually raise the connection by about 2 bars (of 6) by antenna extension.

Aesthetics are pleasing as well. Good action on opening the phone... I can hold it and kick out the top with my middle finger very easily.

Now, onto the problem list...

1. Ring volume IS too low. I wish I could get it raised higher. Vibrate is decent.

2. Games are okay. Blackjack and Comanche are fun.

3. No frills. If you are looking to d/l fun little pics and rings to the VX1, no dice. If you want to import/export your address book, no dice. If you want to hear your significant other clearly, roll 'em.

4. I agree that the manual for this phone does extensively suck. Everything blatantly obvious is explained, and everything that could need explaining isn't. Give us a hand LG.

And lastly, if possibly just to rant, people posting on this site in general have to realize that connectivity depends more on the provider and location than the phone itself. Pull your head out people.

Good phone, terrible ring tones and volume


May 30, 2002 by Richard Pearson

I've had this phone for 3 days and overall, it's a pretty good phone. My only major complaint is with the ring tones and volume level. All of the ring tones and tunes sound like a harpsichord. The sound is so grating to me that I've switched the whole thing to vibrate only. The other half of the complaint is that the specified ring volume only applies when the clam shell is open. That means when the phone is closed, the ring volume is at its maximum, which is unacceptable in my office environment (yet another reason to use the vibrate mode). These little quirks are enough for me to go searching for another phone though.

LG TM 520


Jul 3, 2002 by ashley milne

I just upgraded to this phone from the Sanyo 4500. This is a small sleek phone and my first flip. My only major complaint is the menu navigtaion. It was so easy for me to get to alternate numbers on the 4500, on the LG I have to press too many buttons and navigate through too many menus to get to one. I should be able to get to one from my inbound/outbound or missed caller list, like I can on the 4500. The LG is nice and small, feels nice in my hand and because it is a tri mode phone, gets better coverage then the dual mode 4500. The phone is very new, so accessories are scarce. My othe major beef is with headsets for this phone. With my old 4500, I found a samsung headset (earbud style) that had a button on it which, when pressed would activate the voice dial; well I can find no such headset for my LG and the LG website even says the LG brand headset with the button does not activate the voice dial.

My 2 cents.

A great little phone


Jun 12, 2002 by Dennis Michalopoulos

The VX1 is the best phone I've owned yet. It's small, light, and pretty cool looking too. So far I've only had one dropped call, and it keeps conversations going even in low signal area. The only problem I've had with it is that the vibrate mode isn't very strong, causing me to miss calls every now and then. It has three adjustable levels, but even on the highest one it still occasionally fails to get my attention. A good purchase overall though.

Pretty Good Phone


Jun 9, 2002 by Don Schroeder

Good phone, feels nice in hand and construction feels solid.
However, when other person is talking and volume is set loud phone feels like it is vibrating. No voice command. No memo function. No on-sided recording of conversations. Lights on numbers don't seem bright enough at night. Re-charge spot on back of phone rubber is very hard to remove and use recharging like that, better to use bottom of phone.
Good Points: feels nice in hand, solid construction, nice color, caller id while closed, decent battery life.

Nice size. Horrible menus. Sounds small. No voice dialing.


Jun 1, 2002 by ensell

Steps forward from TM-510:
- Smaller and lighter.
- Huge screen.
- Huge clock.
- Rich range of sound.
- Better navigation than TM-510.

Steps back:
- Not available in black.
- Ring tones are soft.
- Finally, 4-way navigation.
- Still not intuitive UI.
- Manual stinks.

Steps way back (BLEH):
- No voice dialing!
- Still can't personalize many features (would like to set T9 as default, but can't)
- Why are games only accessible through PIM menu???

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