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Kyocera Melo S1300 / Jax


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It's a Budget Concious Phone


Feb 8, 2010 by asc

Good button size and they are elevated making typing easy

Searching for contacts is easy - from the menu screen, I just start typing the contact's name and their name comes up.

Good fit for a moderate phone user.

Its slim size and cheap plastic back makes it almost impossible to not drop. Slips right through my fingers or drops between the seats in my car. Every time it does drop (which will happen), the back and the battery fly out. Mine has suffered so many drops, it has affected the phone's ability to pick up a signal. I have to walk outside or stand in the garage to make a call. This reason alone is why I have to replace it. The phone is 9 months old.

It gets hot after a long talk.

Useless on the Web.

Love It!


Dec 23, 2009 by narn3049

Well I just got this phone the VM Jax by Kyocera. It's a sweet device, and I love this phone.

Now I had a VM Kyocera Royale and that phone was a good phone. Had it for almost 4 solid years without problems and that phone met water TWICE! But now whenever the phone is set down it restarts, like any slight motion against the battery and my phone is back to the timeglass and restarting.

So today I got one from one of my friends Dan, and it's brand newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

My other phone was really durable, as I'm expecting from this one but I'm not going to try to destroy it. For like the 2nd time in 9 years had I played brick attack, this game is tight. I played it back when I using the old Kyocera 2035 and it was a solid brick. I suggest you get this for a kid of yours that may want one because it is very affordable it is on sale now. I really hope this convinces someone to get this phone because it is so TIGHT!

Texting is so a joy and the keys are easy to dial out on. I am so happy this is the phone I got. 2 days ago I was looking at the JAX because my Royale was looking rather dented and destroyed but it was 37.99 and i didn't have that kind of money to spend to get it, on so i love this phone.

Easy to use, the menus are recongizeable and easy to navigate. The fonts are big and easy to get, like if hard at seeing you should have NO problems with this phone.

Dial pad. I have never dialed a single number wrong or texted wrong. I had tried the tnt but the keypad had some delay to hit and have it respond slowly. Returned it because of this. LOVE THIS PHONE HAVE I SAID THAT ALREADY.

No camera but who cares.

Great for the price - I like it a lot


Dec 9, 2009 by vm fan

I've had this phone for 3 months now. No real complaints. It does all what it is supposed to. It has an amazing battery life too! Well, it does get a little warm when you talk extended or keep it on the charger a little too long. Yeah, and the keys are a little cramped but not as bad as the regular (not super) Slice at least they're raised up so you can punch the numbers better. I've always preferred bar phones anyways - less things to breakdown and it's always much more straightforward to me. Call me old fashioned. I paid $14.99 for it but now it's $9.99 and when it goes it won't break the bank to replace. I use my phone almost everyday. Ringtones, screensavers and wallpaper are all sparse but I can't hold it against. I've been with Virgin Mobile for almost 3 years now and I've had:
The Shorty, Slice (regular-not Super), Aloha and TNT
and money-wise this one has been the best.

Well it was only $9.99


Nov 11, 2009 by Jahcinda

I brought this phone..oh lets say almost two months ago. The 1st one i brought didn't work right. I would turn it on and the screen would be white. and when it did decide to work it only worked for a bit.
So i took it back to my local Sears and told them..They happily exchanged it!
So it was working pretty well.
I had my numbers in it.
I had some cool ringtones!
I had just brought a cool wallpaper too.
But then my text messages werent coming through. And so i read online to Master reset my phone.
so i did it and i took the risk of losing everything i just brought....but at least my text messaging would work...
Well guess what it didnt.
So i called V-Mobile up and told them about my problem.
They are really nice people but they didnt seem to understand my complaint. I had to call 3 times.
Finally i started to get txts and my life was much better.
But now my phone is acting weird...
Sometimes the screen turns white.
Sometimes when i txting the message will disappear and i have to write it all over again.
The sound quality is bad.
My phone echos and its hard to hear the other person.
But it was only $10 so what can i expect?
Iam planning on buying a new hot phone when i get my 1st paycheck in a few weeks.

I dont feel melo


Jul 30, 2009 by Aikom518

Let me start by debunking a few myths about this phone (Kyocera melo s1300)
1. Rumor has it that this phone has four hour talk time battery.
FALSE when I use the mobile web on this phone it lasts about an hour after a full nights charge with the phone off. Considering the frequency of Browser Crash 45 minutes is usually the max. time for browsing and talk time is only slightly better.
2. The sleek design and light weight of this phone make it easy to carry.
FALSE although small and convenient it is so thin and arrow dynamic that it constantly will fall out of jean pockets. personally me being used to knowing when i have my photo it is very easy to leave this one behind places because its impossible to feel it!

Personally that is not the only flaw.
this phone has a very poor structural design.
Me and 2 friends all bought the same phone in april, it is now july30th and i have all 3 of these phones.
The Micro USB charger and charger port on this phone suffered failure of the plastic inlays that align the charger pins.
My 1st friend had her phone suffer a chip malfunction that caused her txts to disappear seconds after she was alerted of them.
Friend 2 lost the battery cover when the latch grooves on the phone failed.
I use one of these phones charge batteries with the other and use the charger from the 3rd as well as for a battery storage place.

If you get one with out all these manufacture defects you will find that even with no bars this phone sends and receives calls just fine. As mentioned previously this phone frequently crashes,turns off, opens short cuts, and sometimes after it is fully charged if you do not remove it from the charger it will begin to use its battery life while still on the hook.

For 39.99 I do believe i got what i paid for. the phone is still in my possess until i replace it tomorrow. so for roughly 40 dollars I had four months of usage.
I`d offer you mine but like i said it does not function without a life support team ;]

big bang for the buck


Jul 7, 2009 by bluepowder

I got this for 10.00 at Best Buy for my daughter. I didn't want to add her to my plan and wanted to see how responsible she would be before I putting out lots of $$$ and with the unlimited talk for 49.99 this was a good deal.

The phone is basic & doesn't have all the bells and whistles like a camera but we knew that going in. Overall this is a pretty good phone especially with signal/reception.

I am with one of the 4 big major carriers and seem to have a problem with reception especially at work - I get none & search all day I work in a hospital BUT this little phone works even in the basement of the hospital. I was impressed. and was considering jumping ship when 2 years are up.

Signal and reception.
Speaker phone nice loud and clear
Easy to use & operate
Text come right through fast with no delay
Ring tones loud enough & preloaded are decent

Battery cover pops off when dropped and sometimes the battery comes out.

Virgin Mobile Jax


Apr 20, 2009 by bry1023ny

Finally - a phone for what it should be... a phone! There are no bells and whistles with this model, but for $10 no one can complain that this is one heck of a deal.

The voice and volume quality from the earpiece is excellent. Speakerphone is loud and works great without distortion. Texting is a snap with only a 1 sec. delay between the letters vs. the normal 2 sec. The menus are nice and the OS is fast enough for a budget phone. There are 5 included ringtones that are loud enough, 3 ringtones for text messages.

It is nice and slim in the pocket. Battery life should be good without all the frills. No glitches or resets so far. The screen is good enough with adjustments for contrast and brightness.

If you need a basic phone without camera, bluetooth, music player, etc. THIS IS THE ONE to get! I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who uses VM service.

A strong phone that has the basics and a little bit more


Feb 24, 2009 by orangetiki

This phone is a great cell phone for someone who is looking for a basic phone that can handle a few extras. Jumping through menus can be tricky at times, but with time it can become second nature. I have big fingers, and this phone is about as small as you can get without me worrying about "fat fingering" although I do have to pace myself to make sure I make it to the menu I want, and I do have to remind myself where things are. Also the sound quality isn't there. It sounds a little bit "computerized" even with good signal. But you can always understand the person you are talking to even with low signal strength. The screen could also use more colors, but I might be used to other higher end cell phones I have seen.

In conclusion, this is the phone for someone who wants a basic phone, Would not mind having a few extras such as Mapquest mobile, and can deal with a speaker that is not crystal clear or those with VERY big hands

Strong phone for the price
Small, and still functional
Able to handle some web apps
GPS chip, manual roaming controls

low color count screen = unclear pics
Speaker isn't as clear as it could be
Menus take time to get used to

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