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Ground Breaking for Motorola but still needs some work


Apr 22, 2009 by acemannw

I am an Alltel Agent so I tend to switch phones a lot. I like to at least try most of the smart phones that we are able to sell with Alltel. My current phone is a Samsung R800 Delve which I really love. I was hoping this would be a good replacement for the Delve but it comes up lacking in a few areas.


1. Solid feel
2. Excellent sounds quality
3. External lock button
4. 2 MP camera
5. Google Contact syncing
6. Text messaging options


1. Needs USB to 3.5mm adapter
2. Web browser is not very good
3. No calender syncing available
4. Tons of built in Alltel apps
5. No support for third partys apps
6. Generic OS
7. EVDO did not work

What we have here is a really nice wireless phone trying to be a "feature" or "smart" phone. For me I ended up comparing it a lot to the Delve because that is my main phone right now. I do a lot of texting and listening to music and podcasts. The lack of a built in 3.5mm jack is a really big deal to me. Those stupid Moto adapters just don't make any sense. Just be glad they included one in the box they can be hard to find.

If I was reviewing this as just a wireless phone I think it would get 5 stars, but as a more feature laden phone I can only give it 3.5. The web browser and email features of the phone are just too cumbersome and slow to really be usable in my opinion. I did love the text messaging menus and felt that it was a lot faster then my delve mostly because it will actually finish words for you and it learns words which the Delve will not. I know some people don't like a heavier phone but this is one of my main things I liked about this phone. The QA4 weighs 4.8 ounces where my Delve only weighs 3.5 which really feels nice in your hand. So many phones are so light they feel cheap, plasticky, and crappy. The sound quality is really good the ear piece sounds warm and has plenty of volume.

Overall a good phone but don't expect to effortlessly browse the web or send emails.

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Jul 22, 2010 by moonstrck23

This is the worst phone I have ever used. I got this phone sent by Asurion as a replacement of the LG Glimmer, because they didn't have that in stock. This phone is nothing like my old phone.

-Good battery life
I usually only have to charge it once every couple days, which was fine by me.
-Never had a problem with reception

-Buggy interface
It was weird that there were no talk or end keys on the slide out keypad, so sometimes when I tried to end the call, I couldn't because the only way to do this is unlock the touch screen then press the end call button, which didn't always work the way I wanted it too. Also, I ended up pressing buttons all the time I didn't mean to touch, just because the touch screen isn't always responsive.

-Randomly shuts itself off
Plus, it takes forever to start itself back up.

-No picture messaging :(

-Hardly any personalization
Can't change menu colors or fonts

-Alarm clock
Only one alarm, plus it can only be set in increments of 5 minutes (10:55, 11:00, 11:05)
So no waking up at 11:03.

I don't use the web, so I can't comment on that. But overall this phone is not recommended.

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worst phone i have ever had


Nov 4, 2009 by study2much2001

I like the concept of this phone, touch screen, high-speed internet. But this phone's functionality tells me Moto rushed this to market without working the bugs out of it.

-Nice touch screen
-Nice internet, can even access my bank acct.
-Apps are good, Google and weather

-Calendar doesn't hold appointments
-Phone regularly dumps the music list out of my MP3
-Phone regularly fails to read micro SD card
-Phone has to be restarted regularly due to sluggishness
-touch screen flakes out after several hours of usage.
-phone restarts itself a couple times a day

This phone is definitely not worth the price tag. I have friends who have Iphones and the reliability is so much better.

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Motorola Evoke


Oct 9, 2009 by hdmm98

I think personally this phone is great! It's the first touchscreen phone I've ever had. I love the whole widgets thing. It's soo awesome. I only dislike the whole "no adjusting the brightness thing" or the fact that you can't send pictures on texts. But maybe its because I have cricket idk. Anyways 2 thumbs up or 5 stars whatever you call it, I love it!!!! YaY!!

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Not much bad about it!


Jul 26, 2009 by z1fireman

Ok so I have had many, many, smartphones in the past few years including 3 different Treos, HTC Touch, HTC Touch Diamond, Blackberries galore etc. Based on these other phones here is my take on this one.

So far there are not too many cons about this phone but here are a few.

No app manager, and quite a few alltel installed apps

No sync software for calender or contacts.

Only one alarm clock.

Microphone is very sensitive

Now for the pros!

Love the touch screen response, much better than either HTC I had, almost but not quite comparable to the Iphone.

Battery life is amazing for motorola. Most smart phones you charge every other day mine is on day 4 right now, half battery left, but this is also light usage.

I love the slide feature, never thought I would but I do.

For a motorola I am impressed and I like it except for the cons listed above.

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u people are so funny these days.


Jun 22, 2009 by citiprince

motorola evoke does have some problems such as the web browser is not working very good. but other than that, this phone would be a great phone once those software issues are fixed.

most smart phones don't have MMS, u send your pic to a share web sites or an email. same as iphone.

cell phones are designed to talk; not to drop. i do agree most things these days are poorly made, but don't blame the company when ur dumb butt doesn't know how to hold a phone in your hand right. just admit you are clumsy and buy insurance. we all make choices.

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Feature failure...


Jun 11, 2009 by maverick96

No MMS among other things, way to thick. Touch screen response is probably the worst I have ever tried. Phone feels extremely cheaply made.. Entire phone rattles and feels as if the slide part is loose... Absolutely TERRIBLE...

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Needs work


Jun 23, 2009 by cooler142

I've had the Evoke for about 2 months. We have a full (5 bar) EVDO signal here.

Pros: Included apps are comprehensive, covering a wide range of interests.

Cons: Touch screen response is slow.

No MMS capability, which is really annoying since the connection to the web keeps dropping when I try to upload pictures or video.

QWERTY layout is too small. It's easy to hit the wrong key.

Microphone is way too sensitive, unusable in the car because it picks up every noise and transmits it into your earpiece.

I've searched for updates since the phone was new, and it has never been able to connect to the server.

It's really too bad that there are so many issues with this phone. Had it been released after more consumer testing, it may be a great phone. I'm seriously considering going back to my E815. At least everything on it works.

For those who want to know, I am using Alltel and live in North Central Montana.

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Jun 1, 2009 by bdo3272

I also dropped my phone and it was acting all WIERD after. what a poorly made phone. it was like that time when i was walking out of best buy and i dropped my HDTV on concrete, i just picked it up and it was BROKEN!!! Must have been made crappy. stupid phone.

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May 1, 2009 by yojerms1977

I exchanged my Blackberry Curve for this phone and it is horrible! I dropped it coming out of the Alltel Store and the entire silver bottom piece chipped completely off of the phone. It is very poorly made! It is very awkward in your hand and the menu ui is horrible as well. Stay away from this phone! I made a real mistake as a new customer and now I'm stuck for two years with a phone I broke on the first day that sucks!

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