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Not to good


Feb 23, 2010 by Evan1

This was a good phone for the first 4 days then the texting stoped working and the Bluetooth stopped working so did the camera and the voice command and the calling and it would randomly turn off and send messages without me doing any thing. Let me put it this way it will save me alote of typing. The only thing that did work is the calculator

I'm cool with it


Jul 30, 2009 by DEANO 77

what can i say, it's technology. I've had the hint 3 1/2 - 4 weeks now & i think it's great. yes it has it's technical difficulties but what phone don't? I'm a cricket customer for over 3 years now & their phones keep getting better. before this i had a KRZR (god i loved that phone) anyway, i gotta agree with what someone said earlier about ppl doggin on phones. different phones are made for different ppl, bottom line. i do however have a couple pros & cons.

-- simple to use,
-- color quality is WOW
-- i like the red trim around it
-- diamond cut buttons (i have huge fingers & don't hit numerous buttons)
-- it's a MOTO
-- batt is better than fair
-- can set a video as ring-tone or caller id

-- the only thing that i don't like about this phone is caller id's DO NOT work for text, calls only.

over all it's a sweet device & I'm cool with it.

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Awesome Phone


Feb 12, 2009 by AngelLex

I've had this phone well over a month now and really love it. I don't use it for a music player or for e-mail, so I can't comment on that.

-Great battery life. Talk time is listed at about 4.5 hours, but I've talked for about 6-7 hours straight on it, with a Bluetooth headset.
-The QWERTY Keyboard is great. The buttons have a good feel and I don't have a problem hitting more that one at a time. (Granted, I'm a girl with little hands)
-The conversation style of text message storage is awesome. It also stores a ton of messages and will warn you when you're getting close to full storage.
-If the phone is locked it will unlock when I slide it open, but what's really nice is it will re-lock when I close it.

-It does need to be restarted every now and then. It's worse if you are a very heavy texter.
-You can't change the buttons on left hand side of the main screen. I don't use two of those three so it's really annoying. (It might be different for non US Cellular people.)

Solid Phone


Jan 19, 2009 by tigerjeb

Had it for a week now--

Great Battery life
Clear Screen
Create own ringers (Alltel)
Great Signal
Fast button response

No shell cases
Sometimes hard to find the listening "sweet spot"
Talking while closed feels awkward

All in all, I really like this phone. I had a Razr V3m, loved it, but wanted to try a slider. The reception quality is better than my Razr, and that Razr pulled bars where no one else did.

Good Motorola Phone


Dec 27, 2008 by BigPeepDoh

Let me preface this review by saying that I've had Motorola phones all my life, not because they're the best phones, but they're cheap, and they work for the most part. They are the Ford of cell phones. They're fine if you don't desire anything too fancy. Just saying.

- elegant design: phone is compact, fits in hand nicely while closed, slide mechanism is sturdy and I don't see it breaking for some time
- great for texting: qwerty keypad is great, buttons could be bigger, but it's still very good
- great sounds: speakerphone, ringtones, everything is good
- reception: pretty good, good enough to remark

- when not closed phone is a lil clumsy being held up to your ear
- operating system is different from usual. i don't know if I should even inlude this in the cons because it' only uncomfortable due to lack of familiarity
- you can't customize anything on the home screen like soft keys or buttons. well, you can change the bnner, but that's it

I dont know now.......


Jan 2, 2009 by Stanky

I have had the phone for 4 days now, everything was going great and not one problem with the phone. UNTILL about an hour ago I noticed non of my text were being sent. I did that *228 stuff or whatever it is and nothing changed. I had to shut my phone off and turn it back on for it to work. I have read on some other sites there mite be a glitch or something in this phone. I guess there was a batch of rokrs with the same problem.


se iowa

I will post a follow up if i have any more problems with it.

Jan. 2 2009

This phone ROCKS


Dec 12, 2008 by nevets23


Awesome text messaging device:
* QWERTY keyboard is very user friendly; tactile feel is superb
* Love the Conversation Style messaging
* Google SMS add-on is cool too!

Great Music Player:
* Cool Equalizer screen, 3.5mm HSJ, Lock Switch, USB2.0 High Speed; easy drag and drop from my PC

Large clear / crisp display:
* Great for browsing and imaging

Haven't dropped any calls and battery life is real good

Can't really think of any ...

This Phone?


Jun 12, 2009 by 9mm.tylenol

Ok this phone has been getting the beat-down from all of its buyers. This phone is worth buying it is just not for all people, it doesn't mean that it sucks or has bad problems like available storage or OS factors its just a phone like all phones. The quality of this phone is only an understanding of a single person, primarily if you have had stupid phones all your life and you get this one you're more than likely to say this one rocks. Secondarily if you have had smart phone during your glory days and are presented with this one you will feel undermined. The system defaults of this phone are as good as their going to get, meaning that if you like high tech phones or something that you can upgrade then saying that this phone is not for you.

Ӣthe buttons are too close together, either you have little eyes or you have big hands; get another phone

Ӣthe phone has software problems, maybe you have given the phone hell or you are over loading it, the cellular phone today is one step off than from a computer you have to be patient or get another phone

Ӣthe price of the phone is too much, I bought this phone from Alltel and it was $120 cut and dry now the retail price from Motorola is $241 now that is if you get it from the carrier it would less than that and I'm on prepaid so the phone I've got would cost more than a contract

Ӣthe phone has an ugly design, saying that then why the hell would you buy the damn phone

I hope these little remarks will shed some light on the Motorola QA30

motorola HINT


Aug 15, 2009 by bhscheer11

Well I purchased my phone when it first came out; at first I was in love with it, and had fun fiqurinq out all the features it had on it!

However over time, the phone has let me down. It's still an okay phone, just think its time for an upqrade.

Another thinq, I wish that it was touchscreen, many people try to touch the screen when they ask to hold it, so that would be an awesome plus to this phone, maybe in the future..

-huqe screen;
-qreat keypad
-editinq options on pics
-speaker phone is really Wood
-camera quality!
-liqhtweiqht and compact

-after a while the paint on the keyboard starts to peel off. [heavy texter problem maybe]
-cuts off at random times [idk why]
-battery life = okay

ANd thats it, overall its a pretty qood phone!



May 13, 2009 by jaderz03

I bought this phone because I liked the way it looked. It was working fine for the first week, then all the problems started happening. I'm not one to complain alot, but come on people!!! Test the flippin' phone before putting it on the market!!! I know Motorola does test all of their phones, but it just doesn't seem they did with the hint!

Pros: Nice big display, great signal

Cons: Phone locks up when you receive an incoming text, power cycles itself all the time, battery life isn't the greatest, QWERTY keys are too small and close together.

There is a reason this phone was taken off the shelves! It's not good!

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