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this is a perfect music camera phone for young kids


Nov 18, 2009 by aliciafaith88

If your looking for a phone that will be reliable and durable for you child this phone has all your wishes come true. The best thing about this phomne is the rubberized coating around all teh phone plastic so if dropped the rubber might det dinged up but it should not fall apart due to the rubber absorbing most of the impact. If dropped on the screen one might have to buy a new phone because of the exposed screen but we can always get cases that cover it up as well. The phone has loud music speakers and the phone camera works like a digital camera turning sideways when the phone is rotated as well as a great selecrtion of photo frames and effects. You can customize the phone easily from the wall paper to the menu background color, to the shortcut keys and the ringtones for each individual caller. YOu cannot record a song and then set it as a ringer profile and you cannot access large websites from the phone but it is not made specifically for that, this is why i would find it appeasing for parents and children and it is not that expensive and what you pay for is worth it with this phone.

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Great phone


Oct 26, 2009 by Lokey346

I highly recommend this phone. I had the Samsung 737 before this and it was an easy transition to switch from that phone to this one.


- Bluetooth
- Keypad is big and easy to text on
- Very sleek and compact
- Very nice graphics
- LOUD ringers
- Excellent Sound Quality
- Mini-USB port
- 1.3 Megapixel camera with custome effects
- GPS capable
- Soft, rubbery feeling


Honestly, the only issues I have with the phone is the web browser. It's alot slower than the ones on my last two At&t phones. It takes quite a while to load web pages, especially my Facebook.

So overall, the web browser is what's keeping this phone from being perfect but that shouldn't stop you from getting it. It's a great phone for the price and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

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If you want a slider phone, this one is a solid choice.


Sep 13, 2009 by ATnT Nokia


-Great call quality.
-Slightly above average battery life
-the display is VIBRANT and colorful
-3G for those of you who want it.
-The camera is the best I've seen on a phone.
-nice keypad
-Phone is pretty durable, I have mine in a snap on protective case.
-games are really cool on this phone
-texting is a breeze.


-You can't delete unwanted apps and games that are preinstalled
-for a large sized phone, it should have a bigger battery.

Overall, this is a feature rich phone that is definitely mid-tier. I am most impressed with the loud ringers and the voice quality and the ease of texting. I like a good phone for talky texty!

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Very nice phone


Jul 7, 2009 by bldalager

This LG CF360 is a nice phone, not outstanding but a good sturdy phone.
I find the sound quality of calls is better than the Samsung's I have recently owned. They had volume that faded in and out and this LG doesn't very good sound.
The controls are easy to use and make sense. It does look and feel like the covering over the clear, call and hang up buttons could wear through and out we'll have to see how it holds up. Already has a few wear spots on the bottom of the front from going in and out of the hip case I use.


Holds a charge 5 days plus with limited use and no MP3
MP3 player is easy to use and sounds great
Controls easy to use
Sound quality
Screen quality is good, shape and bright


Camera quality
Provided ring tones

Not many cons really, actually I like this phone better than the Samsung a737 and I liked that phone alot.

All over a good basic dependable phone.

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Nice touch by LG.


Feb 25, 2009 by crapet21

For those people that loved the 'Chocolate' by LG, but hated the heat-sensitive buttons; this is the perfect phone. Sleek front design just like the Chocolate, and slides quite nicely. Full D-pad on the face of the phone when it is closed, along with buttons that 'appear' to be the same heat-sensitive buttons as the Chocolate, but instead are made to be pushed down like a normal button, eliminating the phone being able to un-lock itself and start calling from recent calls, or dialing random people in the phone book.
Other than that, the phone has the works: Music player, Bluetooth, Standalone GPS (with location based services); 1.3 mp camera, IM, etc.

-Nice Design
-Buttons not so prone to accidental dialing
-Up to 16gig memory card support
-AT&T Navigator

-Being a newer phone, would expect camera to be at least 2mp.
-Battery life isn't the best

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Great phone


Feb 12, 2009 by lodenlee

This is a great phone for those of us out there who don't need all the bells and whistles of a PDA, IPOD, VIDEO, NAVIGATOR, CAMERA. It has some of those features but isn't so complicated as to be user difficult. It also has a rubberized front with covered buttons to make it more durable. So far...so good!

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Good basic phone, but not for texters


Jun 4, 2010 by pr0craztinazn

- Solid slider mechanism
- Rubberized exterior doesn't scratch easily
- Fair reception; 3G capable
- 50 texts & 30 minutes of calls/day = recharge every other day
- MicroSD slot
- Micro USB charging; with cable, can use the phone as a flash drive
- Usable speakerphone

- Text capacity tops out at 190 combined for sent & received messages; if the message boxes remain full for a couple of days, the phone crashes more often than Windows Mobile 5
- MP3 player is crash prone
- No 3.5mm headphone jack
- Weak vibrate mode
- Cannot remove pre-installed apps to create more space
- Keypad isn't W580i bad, but my and # keys were not responsive within the first 7 months of use

Reception with AT&T in Washington DC or Baltimore is a mixed bag. Signal acquisition within buildings is flaky, whereas friends with Pantech, Sony Ericsson, or Samsung phones don't have issues in the same areas. Crashing when receiving text messages, even with the Inbox, Drafts, & Outbox empty is a deal breaker & does not qualify the phone for replacement by AT&T.

Remap your keys so you don't inadvertently open the browser if you don't have a data plan. I've had my phone for 1 1/2 years, and I wish I had spent a little money to spring for something more usable for texting and with a better antenna.

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Not worth it


Oct 30, 2009 by pyrocaver


Good reception.
Easy to use.
USB cable is useful for Road Warriors as both spare charger and using phone as thumb drive.


As long as the phone works.

This phone locks up in all sorts of modes.

The phone function will not gracefully release Bluetooth. Sometimes it will "disconnect", but will not allow talking unless I pull the battery and start over. The display claims everything is fine, but the phone functions don't work. Correction, the phone is half working at that point, I can hear the other person, or they can hear me, but not both in the same call. That's more annoying than not working at all.

The Music Player is the worst. LG claims there are no problems, but I've seen at least 3 sites where people claim to have reported a random lockup problem. In one case, the user could move the memory card to another phone, and it would work perfectly. On mine, songs will lock at random. Sometimes I can restart the song and it will run all the way through. That's not an MP3 format problem when it's the same file every time.

The most important function for me is the phone. If that won't work reliably, then it's useless. Locked music, bad Bluetooth, and non-intuitive alarm clock settings are merely irritations.

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Bad MP3 Player


Jan 23, 2010 by k-town

The phone is OK.
The camera is OK but can lock up occasionally.
The MP3 player is useless. It locks up

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