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Good and updating to great!!


Nov 3, 2008 by mikeking2k6

Where to start? I only played around with a friend of mines, and it's almost everything good for a phone. Touchscreen is very accessible without even thinking about a stylus, full physical QWERTY makes for easy typing (although I thought it would've been interesting to see a virtual keyboard as well) and with all that it does, you can always find something on the market making it better!! 3g and wifi make browsing like a comcast commercial. However, there were some minor quirks. Battery life seems to need recharging more than anything I've seen, no video capture, but like I said, updates can be made daily from the limitless apps on the market. And my major problem was the lack of even a 2.5mm jack, and if you are a serious music fanatic like I am, you'll see that this is a big set back seeing as though the headphones use the same port as the charger, and you wont be able to charger while tuning in on imeem or you-tube. It is however the first android model and is destined to get better! I will be picking up one for myself!!

Don't give up just yet.


Nov 1, 2008 by larrymonkey

How cool is this thing or what? Even in an edge coverage area this little bugger is quite speedy. In response to some earlier reviews that weren't too favorable I say this. Any new electronic device is gonna have a few issues (look at the early Playstation consoles that were catching on fire)in no time at all these bugs will be worked out. For the most part I have found most people are excited about how easy it is to use. Those who are having issues have found that they were isolated to the specific model and once they exchanged it their problems were non-existant. By far this device is light years beyond the I-phone.

Pros. So many to list. 1. Open source for downloads (unlike the I-phone)2. Once unlocked it stays unlocked (unlike I-phone that once updates from Apple are OTA'd the device locks back up again. 3 Cool features like bar code reader (combined with access to consumer reports means no more risky purchases while at Wal-mart) 4. Forgiving touchscreen for large handed behemouths like myself. The list goes on so on to the cons............If I could only think of anything other than the mediocre battery life. But I cant think of any more because I am not that petty.

With all the up and coming OTA's and upgrades through Android things like video recording and UMA calling will be coming soon. Sorry this is so long but I hope this is helpful. After this has been out for about 90 days I suspect (based on many years of experience) that issues like the battery life will go away (just like the Shadow from T-mobile it got resolved!!!)

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kudos to tmo, google and htc


Oct 27, 2008 by cdoan

got this phone for a week and i'll never give it up. G1 is more addicted than iphone because google's apps are easy to use and all other apps are FREE.



Oct 26, 2008 by lolo

the phone is great got everthing i was lookin for except ringer volume sucks hope that they have updates



Oct 26, 2008 by paulg6

This phone is amazing. It does everything and then some.


QWERTY keyboard
downloading applications
speaker phone
good signal
camera quality
Google Maps
Etc, etc.


Battery life

Do yourself a favor and go to the T-mobile store to test drive this awesome phone. You will be hooked.

Amazing phone that can only get better


Oct 23, 2008 by Tmo Slave

This phone is amazing. I have been using it for a week now and it just keeps getting better.

Huge gorgeous screen
Nice subtle design
Full qwerty keyboard
Apps store
Great reception
Blazing fast internet on 3G(faster than the iphone)
Android OS

Short Battery Life(I have to charge at least once a day, midday)
No stereo bluetooth(not a big deal for me but will be fixed in the future)
No video recording but I have already found an app coming out for that
No MS exchange support but I don't use it so no biggy but it will be out shortly there is already exchange contacts sync

Its still a new OS with Android and I can only see it getting better since google just released the source code. If your worried about the phone go check it out in store it won't disappoint.

Finally After A Month Of Waiting!!


Oct 22, 2008 by blazeboy

I finally got mine today!I got the blackone.After playing with it all day.I decided to write my review.Theres been alot of trshing of this phone on this site.It started way before anyone had a chance to see or use it.But after getting my hands on it and using it for aday.I have to say it's a great phone.The call quality and clarity are outstanding.Theres been alot to do about their not being a 3.5mm head jack.But coming over from a Sony Ericson k790a and being a music fanatic.I already own a 590Plantronics blu tooth.That's built for music so it's no big deal for me.I advise people to get one they Rock!The camrea on this phone is a bit of a let down.But I didn't buy this phone based on it.After all I still have my Sony for the occasion's when we go out.The open Apps. on this phone are the reason I bought it.And I can honestly say they arn't a let down bye any means.The GPS on this phone is amazing. You people really should experince the street view feature.The load time on some web pages may be a bit slow from time to time on 3G.But that isn't a problem when you use it on WiFi.The load times are blazing fast on WiFi.The screen on this phone is amazing and very responsive.People have said things about the keyboard.I found it very comfortable and easy to adjust to and easy to use.Also the buttons are well lit and easy to see in all lighting situation's.The trac ball is also very responsive.The home screen and applications are easy to navigate and figure out.I havent even used the owners manul today.It has a very easy interface.I haven't found any reason why.People keep trashing this phone.To put it simply.So far so good.I'd rather have this not so flashy but functional phone.The one that was all flash and no grit.The reviews abouve mine copied PhoneScoops review noting it's short comings word for word.They didn't put the part of the review.Where they said.The software updates that will soon be out.Will fix the G1's short comings.Remember the phone just luanched.

Not Ready For Primetime


Oct 27, 2008 by Paisan3466

Android itself is VERY promising, but it has too many shortcomings at this time. The hardware itself is atrocious. Keypad is horrible, battery life is the worst I have ever experienced on a phone (and yes I have had other 3G phones), The sliding screen itself began to creak after a few hours of use. Honestly, what was HTC thinking? They have other great phones to choose from, why this??

Returned it within 48 hours and had to go back to my darn iPhone with no MMS or copy/paste. :-(

Great First Try


Oct 21, 2008 by h_aguilar84

I have this phone for about a week and it does not disappoint!!! The screen resolution is beautiful, touch is very responsive. Internet is fast on both EDGE and 3G (Houston area) Camera is good, there is no flash or zoom which sucks but not much of a deal breaker for me (I'll keep my N95 for when I'm out clubbing) I absolutely love the Street View on Maps. GPS doesn't work well, but I really don't travel much anyway so no big deal for me. Also, no Microsoft Exchange on this phone, but I don't need that either. Android Market has very useful apps for the phone. You Tube loads videos fast. Speaker sounds are clear, but not as loud as I would like it to be. I thought with the chin it would be hard to text, but the keyboard is good and comfortable.

The cons I can find as as follows:
The battery life sucks big time. However, after turning off GPS and 3G it improved a lot. You really should only use GPS for Maps and 3G for web browsing and You Tube.

Bluetooth. No Stereo (which I don't use) and File Transfer (big deal for me, I transfer music and pics frequently)

I know there are many short comings with this phone, but this OS is different. Since it is open source, hackers will find mods to fix all these problems. This is an excellent phone with a living, breathing OS, it will improve every time and keep getting better.



Oct 25, 2008 by What It Is

On the G1 The cam is the worst plus no video recording and the key board so flat makes it hard use worst of all battery life stinks I'm returning it tomorrow! To bad i really liked the screen!

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