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Samsung Hue II R600


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Sending it back!


Jun 17, 2009 by dipebrei

I just got this phone and activated it. I made my test call and it dropped it, made another one and it dropped it as well. Finally got it the third time and there was all this static in the ear while I was talking. I got this phone because it was suppose to have good reception....it doesn't!!! If you live in a rural area, this is not the phone for you!

looks cute
changeable faceplates
comfortable to talk on
decent price

horrible reception
cheap sounding dialing tones
too many steps for texting
feels and looks cheap

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So far I'm satisphied!!!!!


Dec 10, 2008 by david1000

I have only owned this phone for a week so I cannot comment on all it's features. I purchased this phone because I have been using the Hue 1 which in my opinion one of the best phones I have ever used. I did not buy a phone for the camera or MP3 player, although a decent camera is always an advantage. My first priority is reception. After all isn't that what they were made for. I work in a location that has horrible reception. I have tried four phones and none would hold a signal in my office except the Hue 1 and the Hue 11 R-600. I would have to walk outside with the other phones to make a call but not with the Hue. Perfect reception anywhere in the building. Will definitely keep this phone.

Great, Great reception!!!!

T9 works and you can add words. Excellent and easy to text with because keys are seperated and larger.

Speakerphone, which I use most of the time is excellent. Better than the Hue 1 and you can close phone and talk into speakerphone on back of phone. No one has of yet as known that I was talking on the speakerphone.

No problem with Blue-tooth headset. Works great.

Camera takes great pic's!

Faceplates can be changed so you can always have a decent looking phone.

If you talk on this phone alot it seems that battery life might be a little weak. I only make four or five short calls a day and maybe two or three text messages and find it necessary to charge the phone every night which most people probably do anyway. Out of five bars I am usually down to two before I go to bed so I know it would most likely not last the next day without a charge!

Can't comment on the MP3 player but it does have a standard headset jack unlike the Hue 1 where you had to buy a special headset.

Even though battery life is not as good as the Hue1 I still do not hesitate to give this phone five stars!!!!!

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Samsung Hue II


Jul 1, 2011 by Alltel

OK. I purchased this phone from Alltel and I love it. Great preloaded wallpapers. Decent camera. Music Player. Everything I need in a phone. A keyboard would be nice but the buttons are firm and nice to text on.

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the hue II


Dec 8, 2010 by twisted_demon2010

This is just an all around good phone, if your not into the smart phone, or the ones that cook breakfast for the kids. you will love thias little guy the cam is awesome, the mp3 player rocks its simple and just palin fu

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Good Phone / Bad Programmers


Jul 26, 2010 by billrhiley

Pro- nice flip phone for simple cell phone users. Large numbers as an option for older eyes. large keys for mature fingers. Excellent camera quality for a phone. Expandable for MP3 players songs on a SD memory chip. Able to personalize picture background on front and inside screens.

Con - poor programming, poor flexiblity of being able to reprogram direction keys. Motorola let me program left, right, up and down keys to the menu, It let me take options off the menu. The stupid programmers did not allow you to turn off the camera when the lid is down, so like a blackberry it takes endless pictures of the inside of your pocket. When the lid is down you can not change the volume, but you can take a picture off you pocket. It should be the other way around. you should be able to program the up arrow to move through the contact list and the down arrow to move through the contact list. The camera should save when you click save, not ask you another question and then another question!!

Better than a "Blackberry" but not as good as a Motorola

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Alltel version - I like it


Jul 28, 2009 by shytbyrd

Upgraded from the origianl Hue. All in all I can honestly say so far I'm impressed. The front color display is a vast improvement over the old Hue.
Larger keys
Upgraded camera to 2.0 MP
Uses the same chargers as my old Hue.
Battery life so far has been the same or better than my old Hue. Easily get a couple days 2-3 on standby. Others complain about it, but with a good signal, the battery life is great.
Reception has been flawless, most people can't tell on my cell phone.

Feels rather slippery when open compared to the old Hue. Will take some getting used to,but not a deal breaker.
Calender doesn't have a recurrence feature like the old Hue - at least that I can find. That was nice for putting in reminders for b-days, and other recurring events.
Not a great selection of ringtones. I just downloaded a couple I like, so it's all good.

All in all I like the phone, especially with the rebate. I'd most certainly get it again. While no cell phone is perfect, this one does what I want it to do in spades: make calls, take a few pics, and a little texting.

Can't comment on the music player portion - don't use it as I'd rather use my ipod.

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Hue no


Jul 16, 2009 by g.only2ofus

Reception issues, Central WI with Alltel. S/W: R600.BL15. Signal strength averages 2-3 bars, dropped calls and plenty clicking during calls. If you have music installed all too often with phone in pocket I have activated the player mode. the top Play button always getting bumped and it can't be deactivated.
PROS: Nice camera, bigger buttons
CONS: Poor location of music play button, battery duration pretty short especially when programming, hard to open charger door.

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It's an okay phone---but not my LG 8600


Apr 29, 2009 by LdyBugGrma

I received this phone as an insurance replacement for my LG 8600, which I absolutely loved!!! It is comparable as far as features go.
Pros- *Great color
*2 mega-pixel camera
*large buttons-great for texting
*Changeable face plates

Cons- *Texting not as streamlined as on 8600- more steps required
*Cannot zoom on stored pictures
*Not many accessories available
*Have to actually scroll down to
the word you're wanting from the
possible choices rather than just
pressing the zero to change to
the possible choices.
BIGGEST CON OF ALL---This phone will not learn words like the 8600. They can be added to it dictionary but on the 8600 once the word was used, it was stored.

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Hue 1 was better phone!


May 20, 2009 by z1fireman

Basically it comes down to this.

1. The phone is very light and easy to carry

2. Reception is good.

3. Texting takes a few too many steps for my taste.
4. Battery life is horrible, I am a light user and it only lasts a day or less.

I like the first Hue much more because of battery life and texting was easier.

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So disappointing...


Dec 20, 2008 by dj_222

I have owned the Samsung Hue II for a total of 3 weeks. In that amount of time, I was told constantly that the phone sounded like I was standing near running water. I was told that it was probably a speaker problem. I haven't been able to get it replaced as of yet, but I'm almost hoping that I'll be told there was something very wrong with the model and they were recalled so that I can go back to a Motorola!

Pros: The screen is easy to see and there is never a confusion as to what you're looking at due to the inability to see the screen.

The camera on the phone is amazing, which is important to me as I'm always taking pictures of my niece.

Text settings are easy to use and quite functional. For instance, if you have someone that you text a lot and you have problems sometimes keeping track of the conversation, you can set it to chat mode and you have a running text of the conversation you've been having.

Cons: The keys are so close together that it's hard not to end up pushing a wrong button and wondering what the heck just happened to what you were typing.

The speaker, obviously, is a huge problem. It died on me 3 weeks to the HOUR that it was purchased. When you use the cell phone as much as I do (I have 2 jobs and am also taking care of my niece, so I depend on it a lot), you have to be able to count on it. But when the speaker itself just kaputs, it's quite frustrating. I was able to hear the other person, but they weren't able to hear me.

Was never able to get Blue tooth to connect, despite spending almost a hundred dollars for the ear piece.

Overall, I don't recommend this phone in the least. I'll stand by this unless the next phone that it's replaced with (which will probably be the same kind) is absolutely amazing. But I won't hold my breath.

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