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Does what it's suppose too...


Oct 16, 2009 by SprintTampaBay

The phone does what it's suppose too...it's not a smartphone...but it's a great one for making calls, direct connect and messaging...you can do some basic internet browsing...it's not a iphone or windows phone...

It has many more pros than cons...it's for basic communications...it's not a music player or camera...it's a phone...

i776 - Good enough


May 4, 2009 by thousandmph

I bought this phone about a week ago with the Boost Unlimited plan ($50/month).
Prior to the purchase I considered a few other options like a plan with AT&T and T-Mobile. I would have bought a fancier phone like the Blackberry or the Nokia e71, but my considerations were about how much time I spend outside the country.
Just think about it. If you have a schedule like mine, you probably don't like paying for things you don't get to use for weeks at a time...


This phone is outdated - yes. But although the features are not up to modern standards I can still check my emails, make regular, clear phone calls, send text messages and use the walkie talkie function - and all that I can do 24/7 without worrying about the bill.
I'm also excited about the GPS function - granted it's not a Garmin or a TomTom it actually works and you can use it all you want for an additional $10/month.
And the design is functional - a great trade!

- This phone works. You dial a number, talk to the person and hang up - love it!
- It's compact and despite the antenna it fits in your pocket easily.
- Nice bright ring tones that sounds like a phone. You can download tunes but I like the 'ring' that in these times separates my phone from 99% of the "jukeboxes" out there.
- Strong signal reception! I haven't yet been anywhere without reception yet - and I've been around! Even places where my Verizon plan gave up and my friend's AT&T plans had no juice.

- The buttons are too flat, it takes a little getting used to.
- The camera is fun, but far from great. If you wanna take pictures buy a Nikon.
- A couple of dropped calls, but not as bad as Verizon...
- Battery life. Not the greatest, but I have a car charger, so no big deal.

Great Phone!!!


Nov 7, 2008 by Johnny_Five

I just got the Boost i776 the other day and it is by far the best phone I've used. It's a great upgrade from my Kyocera s400 I had on Metro PCS. Not only was I dropping 10 times more calls with Metro, but the phone was equally as horrible. The battery wouldn't last through an entire day and it never seemed to have service. Now I have a phone that actually works.

The i776 is a great clamshell device with Bluetooth, a camera, AND Walkie-Talkie. Being able to connect instantly with all my friends wherever I need to, is awesome. Even though the i776 is compact, it's still solid and practical. External caller ID and the camera are the two features I love the most, but the Bluetooth is now just as used with the headset driving law now in effect.

I highly recommend the i776, it's at a great price point, $99.99, and I highly recommend Boost. Great service and a LOT less dropped calls than Metro. I'm on the Chat Plan too, which has been a great value for me. I have a lot of friends with Boost and Nextel and I have unlimited mobile to mobile and Walkie-Talkie now...so it's perfect.



Jan 11, 2009 by halfdeaf

I bought a i776 back in Nov 08, (Boost Mobile) and live here in Austin,TX. My i776 seem to be well built, doesn't feel cheap, compact which I like (not real crazy about the color tho) and gets great reception !!. Battery life is pretty good, only need to charge every other day. Display is kinda small and made worse by the Boost interface but right for its size.
Sound is Very good (important to me) as well as it's Ringer volume And has a great loud an clear speaker on speaker phone. Is easy to adjust many settings.

BUT, The Boost Interface Has a HORRIBLE Text input and is made much worse by the the tiny-tiny letters on the keypad Which are next to impossible to read at low light/Night time. Everything just looks a Hazy and fuzzy Blue color, Very annoying ! The VGA camera is decent.

Pros: Size, Reception, Great Volume: ear piece an speaker phone, Batt Life, Clear screen, Camera.

Cons: Very Hard to read keypad at night, Boost Interface, Boost Cust. Service, Messaging and Text have way too many steps an is snail slow to input.

PROBLEM: Have been having an ongoing issue with Text Messages. When I (try) to send a Txt, either it NEVER gets to the person I sent it to OR will take up to 3-6 Hours to show up. Boost Cust. Service has been little help so far, as usual.

All n all, if you don't Text much, an have good eye sight at night, this may be the phone for you.

merely average, but good enough


Jul 23, 2009 by knuckleballer34

I've had my first experiences with iDEN phones over the summer, the Motorola I776 being one of them. It's nothing special, but was much more pleasant to use than I was expecting.

-has nice call quality
-email, gps, mobile web
-purple version looks good
-built solidly, easy to use navigation array

-multimedia messaging just doesn't work all that well. Some text messages took a little time to send, but it wasn't bad at all.
-reception was questionable at times
-the menu was easy to use, but got a little aggravating with the "more" feature

Overall this is a nice phone to make calls and send a few text messages with. Mobile web is good for light users; it is slow, but it's iDEN so you know what to expect when you get it. It's not a bad pickup at all, and i'd recommend it.

Good Phone for $99 no contract...


Mar 21, 2009 by bobby2284

Im so tired of seeing people on here like wa wa wa, it dropped a call, waaa my business calls wont go though. If you are a serious business person you WOULD and/or SHOULD NOT be using Boost mobile prepaid service as your primary means of telecommunication. I mean WTF is wrong with everyone. Boost mobile is a budget server @ $50/month unlimmeted everything + it is based off of sprint/nextel which is a failing out of date carrier to begin with. For the money this phone is decent. A friend of mine that lives in kansas has this phone he really likes it reception there is fine. Ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for?? This applies here. For the money you cant beat it, but plz dont come on here and impress the fact that ur an idiot to everyone because your, "important business calls" got dropped on you $99 dollar phone on prepaid unlimmited service for $50 a month, Lol @ you. If you have a business, a real business, not a pretend I want to look like I'm important business, but like you actually own a business, take ur tax id go down to verizon go get your phones they do anywhere from 1-99 lines for a small business and you will never drop a call again. Im not trying to be mean but its rediculous. These phones are for kids that can get a contract phone or people trying to save money because the econemy is bad, and or last people that have messed up with a cellphone carrier in the past and cant get real service. Dont be a fool wrap ur tool!!!

Motorola not customer friendly


Oct 11, 2010 by sheddbutterfly

My uncle bought this phone with Boost Mobile 4 months ago for $85.00. It just stopped working and we called Motorola to have it looked at. I had to pay for shipping. I got the phone 1 week later telling me that the phone has physical damage. They stated that it might have been dropped. I really don't understand a new phone and if it drops it will break. I guess they are not producing a sturdy phones. I will never buy Motorola ever again.

Very Disappointing!


Feb 7, 2010 by beagleluver

I purchased this phone for Basic use. Within 3 days it started going south. I tried to return it to the Sprint Retailer where I purchased it, and was told that it had to be mailed in for the Warranty to be honored. Within 2 months it literally just died. The phone set up is too complicated for the limited benefits. Boost and Motorola should be ashamed to give these phones away, let alone charge $79.99 - $99.99 for them!

i776 phone sucks


Jan 20, 2010 by dragonize81

It was a good phone when I first got it in 11/2008. But about 6/09 it started having problems. First, I cant talk on it regularly due to not being able to hear people that I was talking to. The only way I can talk on it now is to have it on speak (very annoying) In order to get this fixed, as they do not do refunds or anything, is to pay to have it sent to the company to get it fixed, if it has been less than a year they pay for the fixing, otherwise you do, and then you also have to pay to get it sent back. It will also take 2-6 weeks of you not having the phone and they don't send out lender phones.
Second, about 10/09 I found that my camera don't work. You can not get it to go to camera what so ever, so there goes that part.
Now 01/10, the color on the screen is going out. Nothing looks right.
I really really liked this phone when I first got it and would love to get another one to replace this one, but not if it is going to have the same problems, especially after having it for 6 months.

i776 NOT a good phone and Boost Mobile Rip-Off


Mar 21, 2009 by ronnybaby

The i776 is a very basic phone. Poor reception and mostly dropped or fading out calls. I'm in the Central Phoenix, AZ area.
There is NO reason why I should be dropping calls.

The camera is a VGA camera that is poor. The pictures I took were very grainy even after I set the prefs to the highest resolution and picture size to the highest.

The speaker is ok if you are in a reasonably quiet place, but if you turn it up all the way, it becomes distorted. Same for the speaker phone.

Now I only had this phone for two days and already on the second day, fluky things started happening.

This phone has NO expanded memory and the internal memory is a max of 7 MB. It has a headset input. I asked Boost FOR WHAT??? Where am I going to download any music to with only 7 mb of storage?? No response.


I had signed up for Boost on the eve of 3-19-09 after purchasing the i776 cellphone from Target here in Phoenix, AZ. This morning, 3-20-09, I tried making three business calls and none of them were completed. They either dropped or the signal was so bad that I couldn't understand what the connected party was saying.

I then called Boost Mobile's customer service to tell them about this and they said they could do a master reset on the phone. He did and it made no difference. I then asked for a refund and he set up a case number.

I then called back this eve, 3-20-09, to verify and to ask when I can expect a refund of the unused monies I paid toward their Unlimited plan, which is $54.25 including tax per month. They finally told me they cannot refund any monies to me that it against their policy.

This is ridiculous and feel I have gotten ripped off!

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