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Aug 13, 2003 by Drew Moodsy

I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sony Ericsson T61LX


Aug 16, 2002 by grcorl

This is a great phone so far. I received the data cable and downloaded the Extended System Software for Ericsson phones. It has worked flawless with Outlook syncing to the phone. I has a much nicer display then any other phone I seen. I have also download several picturs into the phone with the Sony Ericsson MyPicture software and that well also. It would be nice if the phone would allow grayscale pictues instead of monochrome, but better than nothing. My ONLY concern so far is the battery life. The battery appears to be not so great. I hoping that syncing contacts, calendars & task are some of the reasons for charging the frequently. My next step maybe trying another battery since it under warranty.

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Nov 5, 2002 by Heidi Lind

There is not a single thing I like about this phone starting with the odd egg shape. It is heavy, bulky and extremely user-unfriendly. I've had it for a day and returned it. I guess the one good thing I could say about it that the display is nice and large (no wonder given the size of this phone!)

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Awful is right


Apr 4, 2008 by 49ways

I'm not going to list any PROS or CONS because there's no need to. I got rid of this phone so quickly. It was the successor to the Ericsson T60. Now, you would think that successors are bigger and badder... not the case here.

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Feb 24, 2007 by motoman12345

This phone lacks everything no apps no features and not much else although it will make and recieve calls it doesn't have the best quaility if you want a phone and a phone only this is for you

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This phone sucks


Jun 17, 2005 by jmya

Forced into this phone through the free phone deal at Cingular. I didn't think I could have complete and total hatred for an electronic device but here I am.

Pros: NONE

Cons: Shuts off for no reason day on night. While on a call or not

Reception? What reception? Cingular claims to have over 50 towers in my area and yet I can never seem to get more than half a bar.

Appearance: All my friends say "Oh you got the new dildo phone huh!"

Features: None of the so called features or bells and whistles even work.

Overall I'm trapped into a 2 year deal my warranty just ran out and now the phone wont hold a charge and my battery has been tested o.k!

No one should ever get this phone!
I hate this phone!

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Sony Ericson (BAD PHONE)


Sep 14, 2004 by cellgeek

This Sony Ericson is not a very good phone.If you plan on buying this phone please read this reveiw first.

Alot of ringtones
Good reception
Internet Capable
Text messaging
Instant Messaging

Very big
Egg shaped
hard to fit in pocket
Joystick button was hard to work

The best thing about this phone is the Price!!!

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T62u not that great


Sep 7, 2004 by Kraker4

Before I got this phone I has some cheap nokia phone and it was much better.

The Sony Ericsson T62u phone has horrible 'lag time' when trying to use the functions/menus (or just ending a call). It keeps any numbers you push while on a call listed on the screen -and several times, after the call I found myself dailing the random numbers-
The ear piece gave me quite a bit of background noise and those I talked to complained often of the background noise. There is also a constant indescribably buzzing noise without the earpiece. I also found that the power off/on button refused to work more often than not (I deemed it possessed and let it have it's way).
The phone also randomly switched profiles, while on calls or when I let it alone. Very annoying and effectively terminated the call if I didn't have the earpiece with me when it went to "handsfree".
This T62u also has very strange puk passwords that my carrier (ATT) could not explain to me. But they (ATT) did tell me that if I kept trying to use functions that required the puk passwords that I could fry my sim card and would be charged for a replacement -all because I wanted to see what my phone features were-
However, the batterylife was absolutely incredible! I typically talked on this phone for at least 3 hours /day (plus stand by time) and could go 2 days without charging!
The blue lighting was quite pleasant as well as the volume. The only time I turned it up -from lowest volume setting- was if I was somewhere VERY noisy. Even with the volume all the way down, if I was at home I didn't need to hold the phone up to my ear to check voicemail. I just used it as a speakerphone (I never did try talking into it that way though).
This phone also was able to do both digital, and the GMS networks. This was the reason that I purchased the phone to begin with.

Overall, I was very disappointed with this phone.

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Good tough phone that does what it advertises


Jul 2, 2003 by skadood1

I bought this phone with as much an educated buying experience as I could. At the time, it was relatively new and didn't have many reviews. Ive had it for almost a year now, and can comment heavily on it.

- very sturdy, it has been through jumps, wrestling, falls, ocean waves, and dirt...it holds up perfectly to this day
- fast response to button pushes...i like this in a product
- decent to great reception...I don't have much to compare to, but I seem to get similar to better reception than most friends (MD, VA, NJ areas thru cingular)
- lots of extra features such as calender, timer, sms, backgrounds, a few games(i really hope no techie spends hrs playing games on a phone)
- multiple #s per contact & 500 possible contacts
- very good battery life...it would most likely last 4 days without use and a long weekend with use

- UI could use some changing, or be modular(you mean do what the users WANT? nooo)...it is definitely usable and you get used to it though
- using it as a modem for a pda or computer (cable or IrDA) was confusing...even for a techie like me

- dust gets on the inside of the phone cover and need to be cleaned once a month
- limited voice dialing...only 16 numbers:-(
- cant make up new contact types (they supply you with 4 or 5 general categories like work, cell, home)
- horrible minute tracking, but show me a phone that has accurate minute tracking and cows will fly

Overall, I have liked this phone. It was cutting edge for about a month then i noticed that it was eclipsed by all of the color displays:-p
It DEFINATLY does what I need it to do and it has endured a year of me carrying it just about everywhere...I am really active. I got it for a cheap price also. Amazon is a great company to go through to get cheap phones.

P.S. (send an email my way if you have a question...be sure to put the phones brand and model in caps in the title so ill know its not spam.)

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Outstanding Phone!


Jan 23, 2003 by ralph read

This is a marvelous phone! Nice unique shape. Cool features. Great display. Reliable and user friendly. The battery is the best thing! It last almost 3 days with regular use! The point is that people doesn't know how to treat batteries. You have to let the battery run out completely to then charge it. A lot of people charge their phone 3 up to 5 times a day!!!! That fries out batteries!!! Hello!! Read and learn!! This T61d is almost the same as the T60d. Excellent in every point. But with more features, games and software. I totally recommend it! Its an excellent phone with savvy features!

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