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Pretty Nice Phone


Jul 27, 2009 by lhill3580

I'm very impressed. I like the flip phone style but most flips are pretty boring and uncool. This one addresses that concern. It's stylish, impressive, and practical. Very nice screen resolution. The predictive text is very easy to use although the flipped open lid sometimes gets in your way until you learn how to hold it comfortably. It's neat that the clear flip is also a touch screen, although most of the time I lock it so I don't accidentally hit touch buttons. More responsive touch screen than a lot of others on the market. Great user friendly menu layout. Super long battery life! The only complaint is that the screen is very sensitive so when you're on the phone you have to be careful your cheek doesn't hit the screen or you will mute it or hit other options.

Sleek and Stylish
Nice Touch Screen
Nice Screen Resolution
Nice Camera

Getting use to using qwerty keyboard with flip open
Have to be careful when talking that your cheek doesn't hit the screen.

This phone is very affordable now so it's a safe bet if you want a pretty nice phone!

Very Good! Moto quality reception.


Apr 18, 2009 by Mr.Dukee

Moto has updated its software and this phone really shines! It does have speed dial and after a learning curve it performs well. Battery life was an initial isssue but after charging several times and setting power save it seems to get better and better. Speaker is load and clear and Moto quality reception. I really like the phone after I set it up properly.

Good phone!


Feb 12, 2009 by WashCaps

This phone is pretty amazing. I have the BB Storm as well and really like that unit. However, I will say that the touch screen on this is better than that of the Storm.

The Speaker phone is office quality.

Aplications are seamless on this device as well.

Camera quality is fantastic. I have snapped about 20 pics and all are clear. Camera is speedy and responsive.

I must say that VZ Navigator is truly the best application from Verizon. This really is such a great tool and a must for sales guys like me.

With the 3.5 MM headphone jack, I can load up my songs and jam. My IPod will now only be used during parties and mowing the grass.

Good job Moto and Great Job VZW!

mixed feelings, but does the job


Jan 21, 2009 by bleu_tropix

sadly, i had to get rid of my lg env2 and it's wonderful qwerty keyboard because verizon doesn't have full service in my current location (lake elsinore (SoCal)). so instead of dumping verizon altogether, i decided on a motorola since they've always been able to hold calls where my lg's haven't. after reading rave reviews on the krave's reception, i decided to try it out. i have mixed feelings on the form factor and its functionality, but it does what i want it to do and does it well: MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS.

- excellent call quality and reception
- flip touchscreen is useful when closed
- responsive touchscreen (most of the time)
- able to read text msgs w/out opening flip
- phone is fairly intuitive
- excellent speakerphone quality
- unique, eye-catching design
- well-built phone, sturdy hinge

- NO SPEED DIALS (can be a deal breaker)
- difficulty using qwerty w/ flip in the way
- lack of menu customization
- touchscreen isn't always accurate
- usb charging cover is loose

not entirely sure if i'll keep my krave, but for what it's worth, this is a great try at a touchscreen from motorola--even if they are late to the touchscreen game.

Perfect phone for my needs!


Oct 24, 2008 by quiickfixx

I'll keep this short and try to cover why I believe this is a 5 out of 5. I'm not in to using a music player, vcast, email, or the internet; although this phone has these capabilities, it is solid as just a functioning phone.

-The phone is well-built and comfortable to slide into your pocket
-Signal is excellent in my area (Balt., DC, Annapolis)
-The earpiece is top notch, very clear
-Touch screen works great
-Fast and reliable
-Easy to text

I know there have been complaints concerning the qwerty keyboard, but i only use it for words which iTap struggles with and i have no problems olding it when doing so.

Moto Krave


Oct 22, 2008 by scottieg

It all started back in Feb when verizon said i could use my new every two!!!!Its been a long year for me regarding verizon. I have been through 2 env 2's, then moved on to 2 samsung glydes, and then on to 3 yes 3 lg dare's. All of them had software problems from phone turning off to bad batteries to buttons not working to missing parts of software. env 2 too big for my pocket and bulky, glyde not up to snuff regarding touch and camera. Lg dare very good but had too many problems with them.

The supervisor that exhcanged my dare recommended the krave. I did it without even holding or touching it. I have had it for about about week now and every thing works well on the phone. For me its a good thing. The phone has a solid feel in your hand. The software works(all of it). The battery is above average for me(make the phone's screen turn off after 7 seconds and will save tons in battery life) I use the phone for calling, texting and some pics. The phone does all of these things well. I have big fingers and I'm still adjusting to the keyboard but overall it works. The screen is great and clear!!! My phone calls are clear and loud. Vibrate is weak but all phones are.... get alto of looks when i take out the phone and open it up!!!The camera works well too, clear and clean pictures.

Although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles like the dare the krave does a very good job overall. It could use some fine tuning but it works well as a phone!!!!! I would seriously consider buying this phone if you want to use it as a phone!!! Plus the Tv option is kool. One thing the dare doesn't. REMEMBER verizon customers always have 15 days to test drive a phone............after months of problems with phones....i think they finally have come to an end....Motorola Krave thank god!!!

Pretty satified


Oct 21, 2008 by rabs13

I have have been using the very first generation Verizon razor and finally decided that I would "recommit" to being locked in again for 2 years by getting the Krave. After a couple days, I am finally getting familiar with the fully touchscreen features and starting to enjoy them. Sound is great, pictures are great and the only issue is what everyone has is when you want to text using the Qwerty keyboard. Starting to master that ackwardsness and enjoying it more and more each day. Even the V Cast looks and sounds great when playing. I would def. recoomend this phone.

Give it a shot


Oct 19, 2008 by daddyman

I have had a ton of phones and played with all of the best but since I have to stick with vz I decided on the dare because I to have iPhone envy but when I saw the krave iwanted an Iphone no more..
This phone is just fantastic! It's got everything I wanted in a new phone except wifi. The call quality is great the general feel is superb. The touch interface is smooth and accurate and works just as well as my iPod touch.
I love the keyboard and I have bighands igot comfortable with the flip very quickly.
It linked with all my Bluetooth devices with no problems
This is the coolest flip

Some Competition


Oct 17, 2008 by therhino

Let me first preface by saying that I have owned or had the opportunity to play nice with almost all touch screen phones and this, yes this gives even the iPhone some competition. Using the same touch technology as the iPhone there is no need to press hard, even with the flip closed. I was leary about a slow interface before I got it but I am thoroughly impressed! The only reason for a 4.5 rating is with the flip open it does become cumbersome to text using QWERTY however, you can still use good ol' fashioned iTap (T9) if it bothers you. The sound quality is near perfect. I think this phone really restored my faith in Motorola. Sure there are a few things I would personally change but Motorola tackled the idea of a device everyone, as a whole, will like.

By the way, don't take reviews to heart. Take some time and go play with this phone at your local VZW store and see if it's for you. It caught me by surprise and I am very picky about touch response (coming from iPhone 1 and iPhone 3G)

The LG Dare and Voyager don't even compare to the touch sensitivity on this and I have been an LG fan forever.

Thanks Motorola for providing something other than the RAZR variation you have been re-hashing for so long. You struck gold with this one.

Thanks, iPhone!


Oct 23, 2008 by rubik76

It took AT&T and the iPhone to help Verizon realize that having the best network (Arizona) isn't nearly enough to keep a provider at the top.

I've been watching Verizon's offerings in response to the iPhone for a while, waiting for a phone that stood out as a legitimate alternative. For me, the Krave fits the bill.

To say that the Krave was inspired by the iPhone would be an understatement, but neither does it feel overly derivative. Unlike most Verizon offerings, the Krave feels more like a little sister to the iPhone than the ugly stepsister.

iPhone comparisons aside, the Krave is very good phone. I haven't owned a Motorola since my beloved StarTAC, and based on Moto's recent track record and my love of LG, it took a lot to bring me back to the brand. I have to say that the phone hasn't betrayed my willingness to give it a chance.

As a phone, the Krave is just fine, neither much better or worse than anything else. Battery life, my main fear in returning to Motorola, seems good, especially given the extra juice needed to power the display for every action.

The web browser is not all that great; mainly because the navigation buttons are always present and are much bigger than they need to be. You do get the option to switch back and forth between WAP and more traditional display styles, and the browser doesn't seem crippled by the memory limitations that ruined web browsing on the previous generation of phones.

The software is good and stylish, although a lack of ability to customize icons is a sore spot. The touch recognition is pretty good; although it seems to have issues on some applications (e.g. VCAST vids).

From a durability perspective, this is a solid phone. It's size, shape, and weight are about perfect (although using the QWERTY keyboard with the flip open is a bit tricky). The material on the flip will scratch, although there will be an Invisible Shield available in a week or two from Zagg.

I like my Krave.

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