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Palm Treo 800w


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Not bad


Jul 25, 2008 by DeimosX60

Well people, yet another Palm has come out. Honestly, I was not impressed with this version. I got ahold of one, and after about two hours, it died. (mind you that it was fully charged when i took posession) The one feature that I realy liked was the WiFi integration. But otherwise, I'd personally avoid it.



Jul 24, 2008 by travisdanielb

After owning the Mogul, 755p, 650, centro, 300, and Moto Q, all on sprint, I would have to say this is the best of the bunch. Treo's are the best phones but the Palm OS is getting to be a burden, and the Mogul was impossible to type on the keyboard with one hand, this phone combines the greatness of palm with the plus's of windows mobile 6.1.

-Finally 2.0mp camera on a palm!
-FAST! This phone renders web pages in internet explorer faster than any other windows mobile phone currently out in the US because it has the hardware accelerated direct3D drivers.
-Lets you make calls directly from home screen, also has option to have speed dial buttons on home screen.
-Classic Treo vibrate switch.
-WIFI ON A TREO! with on/off switch.
-Plays movies/video with the best frame rate of any other Sprint smartphone!
-Chat style texting.

-No picture texting, but that's sprints fault, not palms, sprint claims it will release an app to allow picture texting on windows mobile phones soon, but its not that hard to just use email and email them to the other persons number@carrieremail.
-Still a little on the thick side, personally its not that big of a deal for me, but the only thing I ever did like about the Motorola Q was its thin size.

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VERY VERY Bad Voice Quality - BEWARE!!!!


Jul 17, 2008 by MJBartanis

Unbelieveably bad voice quality. Every single person, without exception, said the same thing; I'm fading in and out. Sometimes they can hear me, sometimes they cant. Sprint told me it was the people I was talking to!!!!! What?! Nice huh? Oh and heres the clincher...if I just exchange if for the same phone and it does the same thing...I'm done. Period. That was my 30 day exchange and I can't get anymore even if its the phone. So, not knowing if I got a bad phone, or if it's a bad design, I'm not taking my chances. Im getting a Curve. Also - Spint can't transfer numbers yet, still too new. Great service huh? You would think that these two dying companies; Sprint and Palm, would have collaborated a little better on training, service, and customer satisfaction.

Great (for a WM Device)


Jul 25, 2008 by en4rcer

This is a cool little toy that replaces my Centro.


1. WiFi!!!!
2. 2mp camera
3. Reception seems to be better than on my Centro
4. Feels better made than the Centro (not so cheap)
5. Very fast data access (thru Sprint)


(none yet)


1. Battery life (typical battery life for a smart device)
2. WM6 (I'm a Palm guy, but I'll get over it)
3. Mini USB connection for charger & accessories.

All-in-all, this is a cool little "toy" that seems to perform well. I bought this phone strictly because it had WiFi. I have a ways to go to adapt to WM, but I think it will work out just dandy. This device would serve anyone who requires a mobile device well!

800 w


Jul 17, 2008 by peterswart

hands down this is the best phone i have ever owned.i have had them all.i love blackberrys,but this phone is much better.if it had not been for a rep at the sprint store i go to i would never have purchased it.



Jul 24, 2008 by mindy2

I have had this phone less then a wk and it has frozen up on me a few times (had to remove battery and then put it back in to get it to restart). It can be difficult to get the screen to come on at times and the battery only lasts me about 8 hrs, if I am lucky.

I love the features and the use of the windows programs. Unfortunately after reading reviews about other treos and seeing the above problems as not new, I'm not taking any chances. I'm returning this and getting a curve!

great phone


Aug 6, 2008 by benmalinois

i love the phone it is a litte tricky to figure some stuff out on it but i love it , there are constant updates and i love that about it.

Great phone, but, it is missing something


Aug 4, 2008 by tangoskiss

I have had this phone since it has first came out and overall I am very happy with it. To me this device is a PDA first and a phone Second. I get a signals in places my old HTC 6800 phone wouldn’t. Over all a great phone and I would recommend this phone to anyone who can afford it. The battery Life is fair. Could be a lot better

1. Very fast phone, from internet to running the programs.
2. GPS on the phone is great. Works without any problems. Sometimes takes you the long way to get where you are going
3. Text messages in an IM type conversation is very nice.
4. Stereo Bluetooth works and sounds really good
5. The Keyboard feels great to the hand. Doesn’t feel cramp up.

1. USB cable to the phone will not charge without using the computer.

2. When I call is coming in. I will press accept four or five times before it answers on the phone. "There times I press it and I still miss the call"

3. There are no standard headphone jacks

4. Phone will stay charging when it really isn't. If you don't see a red dot on the left corner it’s not charging. Even if the status says charging on the phone.

5. When I am in the program notes and using the recording toolbar. The program well stop recording when you get a text or a call comes in.

6. Camera needs a flash

bye bye endstink


Aug 29, 2008 by aTextbookTypo

sooo I traded in muh instinct like many many other disappointed sprint customers and got the treo 800w and this thing is frickin awesomeness! it took me a while to adjust myself to the windows os as this is my first smartphone... they didn't realese the java update for the lcdui and prolly won't til the 3rd party app contest is over but I wasn't gonna wait... so buh bye endstink! hello treo

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