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My 1st Smartphone


May 14, 2009 by Steve2526

I have had the E71X for a couple of weeks. Overall, it's a great smartphone (my first) with lots of available freeware.


Lots to list, topped by call volume and an excellent QWERTY keyboard, even for this texting newbie.


The battery on this phone is awful.

I am not a heavy duty user. The battery is draining by 1/2 to 3/4 strength with only a few calls and text messages.

I have not had one day when the battery lasts for 24 hours. If it's not a bad battery, I may be returning the phone.

My wife has the Moto Q. With the included extended length battery she goes for a few days between charges.

Finally AT&T E71x


May 11, 2009 by simpsjd

This is by far one of the best phones I have used years. Even though this body has been around for some time, now that a US carrier has added to their line-up I am so happy to have an option above the Blackberry!

Excellent battery I am averaging 4+ hours talk time.
Outstanding security functionality.
Great screen with high resolution.
Very nice keyboard, with responsive keys.
Back of the phone is checked for very easy grip.
Mail for Exchange (so easy to set up).
Solid network reception both voice and 3G.
Thin enough to message with one hand.

Fingerprints (if you care about such things).
Camera is good not great at 3.2MP.
Not a lot of on board storage – you can add a memory card.

Otherwise a great phone with lots of extras IM, Games, Nav, and the list goes on. This is really a great all around phone, both as a business class solution or as a personal user.

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A Great Phone.....BUT!!!!!


May 8, 2009 by chrisg

I have been having the Nokia E 71 for just a couple of days and i can't find anything wrong with it other than the ringing volume and alarm. I am used to the alarm on my blackberry 8310 and with that u don't even need an alarm clock because of the tremendous volume it packs. As i also mentioned the ringing volume is too low for me but as said before I am used to the blackberry. Overall though this a great phone that would have gotten a perfect review if it wasn't for that one problem; but hey that's just could be me i like things loud.



Mar 22, 2009 by nokia4ever

As a Business user review:

The Exchange client, handles push email, contacts, appointments, and tasks flawlessly. For the more casual business users, the E71's vast array of features is going to be very, very attractive.

The E71 is very pocketable, good looking, and it supports both HSDPA 3G data as well as WiFi. It has a fine QWERTY keyboard, and the S60 browser looked great on the E71's QVGA resolution display. I think that the E71 is worthy of a "Highly Recommended" rating for the vast majority of the world and it is a great Blackberry alternative

Wonderful Little Device


Jan 18, 2009 by George Knighton

This is an absolutely wonderful little device. It's hard to imagine how anybody could be dissatisfied.

Very speedy interface, very nice combination of features. Great RF signal capture inside a very good looking, sturdy thing.

I cannot remember ever owning a phone that seemed to do everything so well, the way this thing does.

Many free programmes from Nokia to polish the interface. Nokia Email provides push if you want it, free. The "Conversations" programme provides threaded SMS and better management if you want, free.

Best All Around phone as of 2008


Nov 21, 2008 by tblazer

I've had several well rated phones (Sony w810i, Apple iPhone 3g, N95) and this E71 has been a way better phone heres why:

Excellent construction - not made in China. Compact and fits in pocket. Great Interface. Powerful - I tend to have a couple things open at once and this doesn't seem to phase it. Tons of apps and dev support. Does many USEFUL things the iPhone I had couldn't do (mobile broadband modem for my laptop, take pictures record video & send as mms, camera flash/light, easily type with). BATTERY LIFE IS INCREDIBLE -- use heavily for days and still doesn't die!

Total Cost of ownership. With this phone you can get unlimited internet through AT&T for $15 a month which will save you big time vs. a locked iPhone or Blackberry bought through AT&T. Even without this advantage this phone is still better than anything they offer.

I prefer having a real keyboard. Every touch screen keyboard turns out disappointing and they take up screen space when open which is frequent for me. This phone is a great balance of everything I need. Sure a bigger screen would be nice but I wouldn't want that over having a real keyboard or having a phone that fits well in the pocket. Some people say 3.5mm headphone jack is needed - who cares if you're still using wired headphones instead of bluetooth ones just go down to radioshack and get a little 2.5->3.5 adapter for a couole bucks LOL. This phone is very thin why add anything that makes a bigger such as a bigger jack? If I wanted a big fat a$$ phone I'll go back to my N95.

Other things I like about this phone are being able to program users or groups of users to different songs for the ring or call handling profiles (allow call, forward, send to vm, reject). I like using stereo bluetooth headphones with this no need for wires hanging on me. The speaker independent voice dialing works really slick.

Only phone that comes close to this one might be the Blackberry Bold but it is way to fat for my tastes.



Nov 18, 2008 by centrino

A must have item for any business user. I barely use my laptop when I'm traveling. You have camera, GPS and the best part is this is probably the fastest Nokia I've ever used. Having a 2nd camera definitely helps for Video call when the service is available.

PRO: Slim and stylish design; solid build quality; full range of wireless features;
3.2 MP camera with flash
Large Screen
Fast Processor
The BEST mobile Operating System (I don't know why US doesn't have more symbian phones)
works right out of the box;
snappy performance; excellent battery life.

cons: NONE

Probably the Best Phone I've every used.


Nov 18, 2008 by smtelegadis

There is nothing I can ask for in a phone that this devices doesn't do. That being said it is not perfect but just about as close as one can expect give the selections of devices out there. It's not for the casual user this thing is for a die hard mobile user. BTW this is the NAM model E71-2

3G UMTS 850/1900 USA
Built-in & 3rd party Apps (Most are free)
Calendar & Contact Syncing
WiFi Hotspot via 3G (Joikuspot)
Games, Games, Games
WebCam via BT or WiFi
Office Suite
Adobe Acrobat LE
Gizmo5 w/ Voice 3G
Fring w/ Voice over 3G
BT client App for my Notebook
Turn by Turn GPS Software (Garmin)
Much More. .
Sturdy Body (Mostly Stainless Steel)
SIP VoIP works with Asterisk
Charges Quick
WiFi is seamless
Easy Connection setup
Speaking Caller ID
LONG Battery Life (the main reason I didn't by an iPhone 3G)
Front side WebCam

Gets a little warm
Fingerprint Magnet (Get a Gell)
Phone OS is a bit complicated. (What do you expect considering what this thing does)
Camera is poor in low light.

I hear people complaining about the reception, but I haven't had an issue yet. Granted I spend most of my time in NY, NY so the reception thing is relative. However, it works well in NJ (Laurenceville/Princeton), and Ft Lauderdale. Which is more then I can say for my BB Curve 8320 (T-mobile).



Nov 16, 2008 by marjanana

I've been using the nokia e71 for 2 months now. I have used almost all nokia smartphones, blackberries (8800, curve, pearl) windows os phones, palm os, and iphone. This is the most complete device out there (there isn't a single thing it can't do!) It has very good built, sleek, good reception, awesome battery life. It is running on a 369 processor (very fast for a symbian os), and a large 2.4" display that is good for browsing as well as email and picture viewing. It is the only device that has something for everyone's needs. I'd recomend this phone to everyone

Nokia got it right!


Nov 14, 2008 by cassnic

I was skeptical at first before buying this phone because it almost looked like the same size as the Blackberry Pearl. Best Buy has this phone at their store for sale and I'm glad that I got to handle it before purchasing from the net. This phone is just the right size. It is very thin and looks as though you may not get a good grip on it while holding it. This is not the case. It fits perfect in my hand and feels very comfortable.

The setting up of the phone was fairly easy. I went to Nokia's website to download the settings for my carrier and they were not there for this particular model. After a call to Nokia customer service, they explained that you must use the Settings Wizard to initially set the phone up. Email set up was easy too.

Setting up my contacts was a breeze because I had them saved on my memory card from a previous Nokia phone I was using (E70). Although I will be using this phone for personal use, I like the fact that you can switch between the Business home screen and Personal home screen. I am pretty familiar with the Symbian OS, so browsing through the phone was easy.

One of the main reasons I bought this phone is because of its 3G capabilities. My carrier just recently started to roll out the 3G network with the release of the G1 Google phone. Here is where I am upset with my carrier. I cannot get on the 3G network with this phone because T-Mobile has 1700/2100 Mhz frequencies for UMTS (3G). They do this in order for customers to buy their phones and not have to support unlocked phones. I have the US version of this phone and the UMTS frequencies are 850/1900. I may be going over to AT&T. Their frequencies for 3G are 850/1900.

Pros - Easy setup, easy email set up, clear calls, fast on the EGPRS network, strong signal, great battery life, good looking phone (Gray Steel)

Cons - Ugly power button (too recessed also), speaker kind of crackling already with volume at moderate level, smears easy with fingerprints with no cover

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