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E71 - Next Step Up on the Nokia Evolutionary Chain


Aug 16, 2008 by ronr9286t

Having switched from Windows Mobile (Prophet, Trinity, Tilt) because of poor performance as a phone, I went to the E90 (great business tool, but large) and added the E51 for weekends. Nokia's "Mail for Exchange" application makes their business line useful for my e-mail needs.

When the E71 specs were announced, it was a no-brainer for me.


- Excellent reception (the key for me, as when all is said and done, it is first and foremost, a phone)
- Size - Slim and truly pocketable
- Keyboard, while appearing to be very small, is quite accurate
- The fastest lock-on to satellite signal of any GPS device I've ever used
- The menu and function design allows for easy set-up and use
- Web browsing with 3G reception is about the fastest of any phone I've ever used (including the Tilt)


- with 3G enabled, the battery will not last through the day (I simply go "GPRS Only) unless I need to go to the internet)

This has become my primary phone. I'll probably sell the E51 and go with the E71 and the E90 as backup (I keep my Tilt around as a spare and for enabling my addiction to Bubble-Breaker)

The Most Compete Phone I Have Owned!!


Aug 16, 2008 by 573perfection

I have owned over 20 cell phones in the past two years,most recently ,the overrated iphone. This phone has it all rolled into one sleek,thin, durable device.

-RECEPTION!! is the best that I have experienced,I can finally call/text from work!!
-Autofocus camera/flash
-Switch Mode
-FM radio
-U.S 3G
-Battery life
-Thin-doesnt leave that bulge in your pocket.
-Applications-quick office,dictionary,modem,etc...

-NONE!!if youre unfamiliar with Symbian OS,then it may take a day or two to get comfortable,thats it,and someone said something about the micro usb, Nokia is just switching over and preparing for the future just like every other cell phone manufacturer is about to do.

This phone is about complete as it will get right now,from business to play,its perfect.If youre thinking about it,give it a try and see for yourself!!!

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Aug 15, 2008 by Versed

The E71-2 is exactly what I was looking for, small and thin, decent battery life, enough of a screen to be useful.

As always, Nokis does a fantastic job of auto setting everything from the AT&T sim. So far no issues with 3g. Screen is small but bright, keyboard is small but easy to use. A few tweaks with symbian's odd ball certificate issues and was able to install my favorite aps.

Whats not so nice? Well its a fingerprint magnet, but understood this going in. Also didn't like the mini-usb cable which isn't the same size as the N95 and Kaiser. I also wish it would charge off of the usb, but again I knew this going in.

Nokia E71


Aug 10, 2008 by elo1616

I have been using Nokia E71 for 3 weeks. It is very impressive. My history of Nokia S60 phones are : 9300, E61 and E90. I did not regret changing from the top model such as E90 to E71. The responsive time of E71 is the best S60 phone I ever used. Also it is the sexiest and most stylish mobile phone Nokia have ever made. It cannot be describe how good it is, only when you hold it on your hand that you realize how good it is.

Great Consumer Phone


Aug 8, 2008 by BjetBuco

I have been using the E71 for 14 days and loaded everything up for business call contacting. Eric M. Zeman gave a very thorough and fair review. I believe he is dead on with his observations. The E71 is the most beautifully esthetically and designed phone hardware that I have seen in a long time! Having said that I will comment on one aspect for people on the web including Nokia that describe with terms like "Business Phone". This is not for power users whom want to utilize additional definable fields that they would like to import from Outlook. Now read closely, Symbian does not allow you to list and scroll by company name! I have 7000 business contacts that I use very effectively in other small devices. All you have is phone and address information with a notes field. The E71 has a very accurate "Global" search engine but who wants to have to go through extra steps every time you want to look a company up. Their is one single contact manager software program but it is just a band aid to the short coming. Also, I would like to import the categories from Outlook that would enable a pro to drill down to a selected group of contacts. The Windows mobile product will do this but I have been a loyal fan of Nokia/Symbian and I was hoping that they would figure this out by now. I contacted Symbian by email and a technical developer inquired wanting to know more and was interested. Once I articulated in detail the process that a field professionals operate and we were willing to help in development, they have not corresponded nor shown any additional interest to address our market. They are focused on the consumer market where people are only going to import the number of contacts that they can remember their first and last name. With great reluctance I sent the unit back today and I will be looking at the HTC Touch Pro with Windows as one option.

Great communications device


Aug 7, 2008 by charlytango

I've had my E71 for about 3 weeks now and very happy with the way it performs on the AT&T network in the Bay Area. IMO, this is the best looking phone with a qwerty keyboard. However, my review is based on usage primarily as a communications device for calls, sms, emails and web browsing with 3G or WIFI. I rarely use it for its camera or video.

Some pros based on my usage:
* Sleek, solid construction of mostly metal and some dense plastic. The phone has a nice heft, high quality feel to it. Anyone complaining that it feels or look cheap is crazy. Build quality is on par or arguably better than the Iphone.
* Sound quality, microphone, and speakerphone is very good.
* Reception is very good.
* OS is very intuitive and user friendly
* Keyboard is excellent if you have medium or small hands. The layout is slightly different from standard QWERTY, but I got used to it quickly and now prefer it.
* Huge battery capacity in a slim profile.
* Many customizable shortcut keys to your most used apps/functions.
* There are many great 3rd party applications for this OS....Truphone, Palringo, Nimbuzz, Opera Mini, Google Maps/GPS all work flawlessly.
* I've experienced NO quirkiness or buggy functions to this phone!

* Slippery because of mostly metal casing
* very mediocore camera/video....but you probably don't care if you're considering a E series phone.
* Pricey as this phone only comes unlocked

E71 Silver Surfer


Aug 6, 2008 by josh.freiheit

OK so i got my E71 last week and have found no major issues with the device yet. I have AT&T using there lighting fast hsdpa. OMG it is really fast. Everything about this device is great if not wonderful. Though they could have put the Carl Zeiss lens in the 3.2 mega pixel camera to complete the treat. Love the Phone. I suggest buying ASAP.

Sasha's NOKIA E71


Aug 4, 2008 by Zook

I have been using this NOKIA E71 for a while. I am very satisfied with this devise. Nokia always has been impressing us by its phones. I rate this phone 10 out of 10.

Design- is piece of art. It is made of steel and high density plastic. When the phone is in the hand it does not crack and feels VERY solid!

Features- this is NOKIA S60 what to expect. All the coolest features and bells. Wi-Fi, 3G, super display, keyboard. Everything about this phone is insane.

Sound Quality- make you feel like you are James Bond with this E71. Very clear sound (made for business people).

Signal Strength- I live in the 3G area and my NOKIA E71 has full bars all the time. So I am sure it will do just fine in any area since NOKIA is famous for good signal phones!

Value for Money- I bought it brand new for $440. I believe this quality devise must cost more!

NOKIA, respect!

NOKIA Connecting People

Best Phone I've Owned For Years - Maybe All Time


Aug 2, 2008 by abideworldwide

Thinking about an E71? Simply put... go for it! It's an amazing phone bringing together some of the best features Nokia has to offer.

I've enjoyed mine (with AT&T) for about a week and have found it to be a great companion making communication, navigation, entertainment and much more all come together elegantly in one simple, convenient and beautifully designed package.

Nokia got it right this time in every aspect. There are no quarks to mention. As far as I can tell it's an all around powerhouse packaged very well.

Garmin Mobile XT works with built in GPS, iGo Stowaway external BT keyboard works for easy typing or web browsing, 3G (E71-2 NAM) works with AT&T for less p/mo than an iPhone plan, WiFi sharing with JoikuSpot, live video from the phone's camera seen on a web page with Movino, watch movies, internet streaming TV, youtube, listen to podcasts or mp3 music and MORE... It's all there with S60 and the E71!

Nokia E71


Jul 25, 2008 by alter

This phone is awesome. There are a ton of reviews out there so I'll be brief. Everything you have heard is true. Great call quality, great features, unbelievable build quality. Keyboard is flawless too. GPS is amazing, got a fix in seconds and was accurate to within about 20 feet.
If you like S60, you will love this phone. I realize this review isn't terribly specific but I'm going to back to playing with my phone. Worth every penny!

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