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Great Phone


Dec 1, 2004 by emonnetiii

I recieved this phone free from t-mobile, and was shocked at how great the phone was. I had previously purchased the sidekick when it first came out and was happy with it at first. The sidekick then started causing a bunch of problems. I was so upset with the sidekick and all of the problems that i was going to drop t-mobile. Then they offered me this Nokia, and everyhting was smooth sailing from here. I have great reception. the alarm works great. I have never had a dropped call, and all in all I would say this is almost a perfect phone. The only down side is that the faceplate screen cracks very easily and, like with all Nokia's, if you replace the faceplates dirt gets in between the plate and the screen. You have to clean the screen almost every week. Other than that, it is great!!



Apr 14, 2004 by team_aed

I am currently employed by Tmobile. I had TMobile service previous to my employment. I started with the good ol' 5190 (one of the best phones ever) and was very hesitant to upgrade. I finally did to the R225 and was pretty dissapointed. I finally got the 6610 and it is the best phone ever.... I use it as a modem for my laptop and it blows all other current phones away as far as speed. My reception is terrific and my phone tends to work in places where others wont. I use my FM radio all the time. I hate headset's however I tried the one included with the 6610, and the clarity is awesome. its comfy to boot. No, the factory ring tones are not great, but nothing that polyphonicringtonez.com/wap/index.php didnt fix. My pic of my car comes out clear as the wallpaper. The volume is great and the speaker phone is terrific.

I wish Nokia had a larger variety of face plates however, I currently use the blue one and I am awaiting either a red or black one. Come on Nokia, get on the ball!!!! I hate aftermarket faces, they are worth about .05 cents.... I also love the battery life, it is terrific....

I was GIVEN a Samsung E715 as a prize, had it a day, reception wasnt near what my 6610 was and the volume sucked! Went back to my 6610. Purchased the Nokia 3650 because of my love for nokia, had it 2 months, sold it and went back to the 6610. Im looking forward to a new Nokia for Tmobile about the same size and has a camera and a little faster modem speed, then maybe I can be lurred from my 6610.

Technically, A Great Phone


Dec 25, 2003 by Cell_Tech

I've used, compared, and repaired many phones and the Nokia 6610, thus far, is the best phone I've had the pleasure of using. I will keep this one.

I love the ability to send and receive pictures via the multimedia message service and the color/resolution is dynamic. Having a "chat" feature is also a great idea and expands the ability, and one more way, for people to communicate using this phone.

The Alarm Clock is nice and loud, compared with the Nokia 3595.

The Radio feature is a great concept to the phone and does NOT require any additional hardware, other than the headset (which IS provided). Other phones require a FM-headset in order for the phone to have access to the FM mode. This phone has the FM Radio feature built in. NICE!!

Using this phone in the Dallas area, I have not had any dropped calls and the voices are clear. Reception is tremendous, even in buildings where other phones dropped to "No Service". The battery life is great too!!

I only wish this phone offered more memory, but by deleting graphics, ringtones, one game, and an application that was not needed, it boosted my memory, giving me more room to download other personal applications, graphics, and ringtones.

* Great signal strength, which enhances battery life and clear voices.
* Built in FM Radio Capability.
* Exceptional LCD display.
* Ability to sync with PC.
* Many more pros.

* Needs more memory (shouldn't have to delete pre-installed items to make room)

Excellent Phone!


Jul 26, 2003 by cpuwizkid

I have owned various phones... ranging from the Nokia 252 to the 7190 to the Samsung S105 and by far, i think the Nokia 6610 is the best I've seen yet! Sony Ericcson still has a ways to go because their phone looks funky and the ringtones are horrible, Samsung's phone is nice and all, but you can't see the color display during the day! Nokia did a fine job with this phone and I recommend it to everyone. Granted, Nokia should have included a data cable because the IR is very flaky... It keeps disconnecting from my PC for no apparent reason. The ringtones are good, but the ringtones that I downloaded will not vibrate if my phone's vibrate setting is "on". Maybe it's just me :-) Anyways, the signal strength is better than most internal antenna phones and I have only dropped a call once on the T-Mobile network in the Los Angeles area. The radio feature is cool, but the games are pretty below average. Nokia had good games then all of a sudden removed the good games and replaced these ones. The GPRS feature does scream on the internet compared to the Samsung S105, so if you want a fast GPRS phone, this is the way to go! The battery life is outstanding! I fully charged the phone, removed it off the charger at 4:00a on a Tuesday and didnt have to recharge it until Friday morning at 2:00am (I used GPRS quite a bit and talked on it for probably 4 or 5 hours). When I had my S105, i had to recharge it every night. The organizer is awesome because it will let you store more than one event on one day. The S105 did do that but it was really tricky to learn how to do it.

Overall, I think this is a great phone, the colors are great (even though there are not 65,536), the phone volume is very loud, the speakerphone feature is great, and the headset actually works! Get this phone if you want a small phone that does everything except cook your breakfast!

Great phone


Jun 16, 2003 by mlwhite2

This phone is excellent. I previously had the Samsung S105. While the S105 is a very good phone, I feel that the 6610 is better. The screen is not as big as on the S105, but it is easier to read, especially in direct light. The screen can use an outside light source (I think this is referred to as trans-reflective, but I can't guarantee that). It would seem to have a considerably faster processor than the S105; Java games graphics look a lot smoother when in motion, like with a racing game. Java apps also load faster. The polyphonic ring tones suck. I have read complaints on the S105s ring tones, but the 6610s are worse, though it does have several "normal" monophonic ring tones. Radio works well, but I would have preferred a mini jack so that I could choose what headphones to use. The menus are easy to navigate. This is my first Nokia, but they seem similar to the other Nokias I've used with dual soft keys. The speaker phone also works well, but it could be a little louder. It is full-duplex. The organizer functions are more useful that on the S105. It is possible to beam data between PocketPCs and Palms. Also, there are no good backgrounds included. The 6610 feels reasonably well built, but the changeable front and back faceplates flex some. The S105 feels more solid. I have dropped the 6610 (onto a concrete floor) and there were only a few minor scrapes. It gets really, really, good signal strength, the best I have ever seen. The signal strength indicator is for real, there are no fake signal readings. The GPRS is considerably faster than the S105 as well. The size is great, it's small and light but if you don't like small phones don't get the 6610. It looks bigger in pictures that it actually is. The battery life is very good for a phone of this size with a color screen. It charges fast too.

1) Great screen
2) Great feature set
3) Great signal pulling power
4) Nice size

1) Needs more volume on speaker phone
2) Needs more memory

A great phone to have. Honestly.


Nov 5, 2004 by mightymouse4life

This phone is the best phone I have had since I've been collecting cell phones. I upgrade all the time and I found myself having this phone for the longest. The Nokia 6610 is the best phone to have for any use. I have dropped this phone so many times it's unbelievable, even in water and it still works like new. So here are my pros and cons to help you out:

Pros: Fast and easy menu
WAP Browsing is easy to use
Check E-Mail (Yahoo, Aim, etc..)
Tri-Band phone
Easy functional phone for anyone
Speaker phone
FM/AM Radio
Text is quick and easy
Very very durable phone
Volume is great with or without speaker phone

Cons: No built in camera
In order to listen to the Radio you have to plug in your headset.

Well that's all I can think of just ask me a question about it and I will be glad to help you.

I liked it


Jul 22, 2004 by jegdez

I used to have this phone, but i had my friend take over the account, and went to Verizon.

The problem that i had with this phone, is sometimes when i was sending a text message, the backlight on it would flicker.

I loved the fact that it had a fm radio on it. On slow nites at work i would use it. :-D

Well...off to my next review!

One of the best, but rather delicately build


May 2, 2004 by J_dude

I have used the phone for over a year now, and still enjoying it. But it's time for a newer model now for me. And it won't be a Nokia. the reason is that the nokia's of today aren't solid enough to my opinion (and rather expensive in comparison). With this one I have dust intrusion between the inner and outher screen and it's just driving me mad!

But nevertheless this phone is a winner for people who don't expect the newest features and just want a good phone with some nice extras (calender, speakerphone and so on).

Dependable little phone.


Oct 18, 2003 by Dieselis

I've gone through nearly every model imaginable worked for a cell phone dealer and took home one of each model), and this little nokia is up there with some of the best of them. It has great battery life, sleek design, great reception, call clarity on mine is good, speakerphone thats very loud, the FM radio that I thought I would never use and now use every day, and of coarse the classic nokia UI. The only thing keeping this phone down for me is that the screen is not up to par, alot of ghosting and the color saturation isn't too great, i wish the polyphonic ringtones had a little more than 4 simultaneous instruments (not a big deal really, but just to be able to compete with the other polyphonic phones out there) and a little more memory wouldn't have hurt. Overall great phone though, I use it when I don't want to carry my 3650, like at a formal event or if I don't need the funcionality of it in some situations (but other than that, the 3650 is the top dog for me).

Best phone I have owned in years


Jun 30, 2003 by Maniak80

I work for a carrier and ordered this phone as soon as we got one in. It is the most organized and usefull phone I have had since I owned my last Nokia 6185. The screen is very well desigend and can be seen even in the brightest of sunlight unlike most other color screens I have used. The polyphonic ringers are great compared to something like a Motorola or Ericsson, I think samsung may have a very slight edge here. The pictures that come on the phone are decent, but most people are just going to download something different any how (thunder cats in my case) The speaker phone is a great feature and it is time a small phone can come out with this with out having to add an attachment. The radio and organizer are also great add ons for some one who needs to remind him or her self of things or just gets bored a lot.
My only complaint is that it did not come with any better games loaded on. The balls and chess puzzle are great, but I think Nokia could have thrown in something like the auto racing for free.

1. Great screen
2. Great battery
3. Great size/sound ratio
4. Expandability for downloading

1. Not enough games
2. I have to re-learn how to use T9 instead of i-Tap!

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