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LG VX-8360


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LG VX8360


Jun 9, 2009 by gsy

This is replacing my Samsung U540. I've had this phone for about a week and I'm very happy with it. Overall it's a big improvement over the U540.

Good looking phone, nice colors
Excellent reception and call quality (So Cal)
Good quality screens
Good quality camera (for a cell phone)
Excellent battery life
Good quality speaker phone
Nice updated UI
Bluetooth works great with my Garmin nuvi760

The directional pad is not easy to use

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Excellent basic phone


May 15, 2009 by Aleman

This is probably my favorite Verizon phone yet. My previous phones were the LG VX-8300 and Motorola RIZR Z6tv. This phone is an upgrade in every way over those two and is an excellent choice for those like me who use their phone only for calls and occasional (~10/day) texting.

I don't use the music player, mobile web, mobile email, or the camera as my primary camera. I don't play games on it either. I do use VZ Navigator occasionally and it works very well for vacations.


1. Reception is excellent, about the same as my last two phones.

2. Loud and clear call quality.

3. Full duplex speaker phone works well, although the mic isn't very sensitive so I have to talk a little louder than on the RIZR.

4. Great battery life. I am going about four days between charges, with my old phones it was usually about two.

5. Outstanding buttons, big and well-spaced, make texting easy.

6. Very attractive UI options. I use the Black theme with the Grid style menu.

7. Dedicated texting button lets you quickly text five favorited contacts. This is a huge convenience compared to my old phones, where you had to press like ten buttons to text someone.

8. Can read text messages on outer screen.

9. Outer screen displays the current time during a call.

10. UI is quick and responsive.


1. Annoying bug where there is no side tone (in ear feedback of your own voice, similar to land line phone) when receiving calls and phone is on vibrate mode. Either I have a bad phone or it's a software glitch (seems most likely). S/W version: VX836V02.

2. Camera takes noisy, low resolution pictures.

3. Directional pad is a little difficult to use due to recessed design.

4. Outer screen scratches easily, after two weeks it already has lots of tiny scratches from being in my pockets, although they're only noticeable under bright light.

5. The phone is a little bulky.

6. Button presses are really loud, making it difficult to text discretely.

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Really Good


Mar 6, 2009 by ronleon

Love this phone. I also had a VX8300 for several years. Then I upgraded to the Dare returned it and later tried the Voyager. Great phones but like some others, I just don't like the touch screens. So I went back to my 8300 until I found the 8360. Like the 8300, it's a sleek, simple flip phone with a nice display inside and out and has all the latest and greatest software. Reception and battery life are excellent. Love the Text message shortcut key which allows you to store five contacts you text the most. You can text them in one touch. The phone is strong and sturdy.

The ONLY CON to this phone is the speakers. Although they sound fine, they're on the bottom of outside cover so when the phone is open they face AWAY from you. No big deal except when you are using VZ Navigator and the audibles are extremely hard to hear.

I highly recommend this phone for those who don't need anything fancy but want a simple, well designed phone.

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Feb 17, 2009 by coasterguy

I recently had a long ride. With a storm then a Dare then a storm again. I decided that Touch screen phones were not for me.
Then came along the 8360.
Ease of use
Intuitive screens
Nice displays (clear)
Nice updated looks to the UI
Loud ringers
Great sounding rings
Button layout is fantastic
Battery life is superb
Reception is great as well
Form (fits in hand great)
Colors of phone are nice
Memory card slot
Outer buttons do not get pushed mistakenly
Themes are better than older phones
Font changes are a nice touch
Everything just works just right

None found yet.

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LG VX 8360


Feb 9, 2009 by skybound77

Okay. My review and opinion after having owned this phone for only 9 days now. I changed out from the Moto W755 and was very satisfied with that phone. Like others, I was wanting to change back to LG. Not a bit disappointed here in Iowa with mine! Verizon has surpassed most other carriers in quality of service and the phones they offer. I needed a basic phone. This is that and more! No speaker trouble. No trouble with any dropped calls! Excellent reception! Still getting the battery trained..but there is no issue with this phone at all! I have mine in a silicone case and kept the original clear covers on the screens to help preserve them during the life of the phone. Another satisfied customer 100%!

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LG VX-8360


Feb 7, 2009 by echoarmy8

I just got this a week ago through VZW. I I went from a Moto Rzr V3m, wich I had for two yrs, no problems there. I really wanted more air time, and thought why not get a new phone too. I've been wanting an LG, I've read good reveiews on them, not just here, but also in JD powers, and other places. Just wanted a basic phone, something that's good quality and looks decent.

very good build quality.
always has a strong signal.
very good voice quality for both listening and being heard.
so much easier to text on than the moto. (Thanks to the software difference)
good speaker.
actually not bad preloaded ring tones.
loud ringer, tones, alerts.

I have big hands, not huge, but not small. I hadn't seen this phone in person before buying, ( it had just come out) so it was MUCH smaller then the pics lead me to believe. So, my con:

Phone is smaller then I'd like.

**That is purely a personal gripe. NO reflection on the integrity of this device. It has a very good build quality.

This is a good phone, I really like that it has a tight hinge. All phones should.
It has great quality, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that's looking for a basic functioning, quality built phone. I haven't checked out the camera, but that's not a feature I take seriously on a cell anyways. I have a reg. camera for pics.
I hope this helps. It's honest if nothing else.

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great base phone!


Feb 6, 2009 by jdella681

For those individuals who aren't looking for anything in the high end, this phone definitely delivers. I was reading the reviews for this phone and someone mentioned that you can only see the time and not the date on the front display. That is not the case, however. You simply have to go into the display settings and change the clock format.

In a nutshell, this phone is a revamp of the vx-8350, but with a better build quality of the vx-8300. Features has been preserved and kept the same, so for anyone that's just looking to update their existing basic phone to a newer one this is a great step.

LG also moved the speaker from the back of the phone to the front-flip housing so when the phone is closed the speakers are directed to you (no muffled ring tones here). Another thing about the phone is the build quality. On the previous model there's been many issues regarding the hinge on the phone and many cracks and chips have been forming in that general area. Battery life is also amazing and reception is very consistent, as well as the sound quality of the earpiece. The charge port has also been changed to a micro usb interface and moved away from the older LG plugs, which greatly improves the connection. It also supports an up to 4 gig memory card so you can store a substantial amount of music and pictures.

The user interface is also revised so it still supports the original vzw menu setup but gives you alternative graphic options and icon setup.

Again I'd recommend this phone for the individual who wants just a phone but with a quality build and capabilities.

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Feb 3, 2009 by bogger44fl1

Just upgraded from 8300

Excellent reception
Easy 2 use
Love the new micro USB charger
Great camera
Long lasting battery
Feels durable/not cheap
Holds 8GB mem card
Excellent audio from handset or speaker
People understand me perfectly on the other end while I'm on speakerphone, they cant even tell.
Bright rich clear display!
Charger port on bottom, not on side++++
Mobile Email
Buttons are good size

Loud alert when you dont answer
cant use speakerphone when closed.

Very Good Phone!!

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LG 8360 Verizon


Feb 2, 2009 by marcsensei

Perfect Cellphone


- Clear crisp calls and great reception.
- Very loud speakerphone
- Very strong vibrate
- 8 GB sd card capacity
- Quick response to Web, Vcast, etc



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Jan 27, 2009 by maverick96

What can I say this is truly one of the best more basic Verizon phones I have ever owned...Everything it does it does extremely well and without any lag..

Call quality and RF performance are truly where this phone shines... It also handles MMS,SMS and video messaging extremely well and without any lag...

Only 1 thing I wish is that I were able to use the speaker-phone with phone closed.. Outside of that everything else is flawless... GREAT JOB VZW and LG

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