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Great Christmas Present For Me FROM ME!!


Dec 24, 2002 by Ryan S.

Well this Christmas present beat out anything I got from everyone (including Santa!)
I was really impressed with this phone. It has many great features such as Visual Call Display (So I can add pictures of my beautiful ladies so that when they call I can see who's calling... Too bad I can't remember their names? But that's ok, the phone shows me that too!!) I also love the idea of the 2nd screen on the outside of the flip which allows you to see who's calling without opening the flip, however a magifying glass should come as standard equipment to see the name. Of course the magnifying glass isn't necessary to see the HUGE clock... But hey, I'm sure the newer software will allow this to be changed via "Settings"
And of course my last "dissappointment" for this phone is relating to the go-go juice (aka battery) I NEED MORE POWER, SCOTTY!! The colour screen although clear and crisp makes my power run-down a bit faster than I'd like, and of course I like to keep the phone on as long as I can. And of course another great feature is the phone's 2 antennas (1 int/1 ext) which allow for perfect reception in places my older phones have come up short. What an excellent phone this is. If you're looking to buy yourself a present for Christmas, my advice is DO NOT WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS 2003. Get it now... MERRY HO HO You all!
Ryan S.

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Dec 13, 2002 by terry0703

Finally, the first 65000 colour phone in Canada has arrived.
I purchased the phone in about 2-3 weeks, and now I think I can write some pros and cons about the phone.
The phone is great. It is one kind of phones which are found in Asian countries such as Japan or Korea (people should know they got really amazing phones there. They introduce all the high-end phones in their own countries first and bring them to North America some months later.).
Anyway, the phone is great. A lot of fun.
There are talks about reception quality, personally it is good and if there ARE problems, they are the service provider's fault because other Telus phones have the same signal and quality.
The colour screen is fun to watch, but there is no technology yet to play with it (e.g. only b/w wallpapers are downloadable).
External display is not as good as phones in Asia, but still a good quality (Timex-style indigo backlight).
LED is fun because you can group the phone book lists into 5, and assign 5 different LED lights into each of them (e.g. orange for family, purple for friends, blue for VIPs..)
It should've come with 40 polyphonic ringers, but 16 is still so great in North America.

So, overall, the phone is great. Also the price is so low now. You cannot compare it to other cool phones in the U.S. because basically the price classes are different.

The only cons are that it has no feature to download my own iamges/ringtones from computer(although there are talks about Telus to provide some ways to do it in the future..), and also, no technology to enjoy the full colour yet.

If you want to get one, get it A.S.A.P. because the price goes up next year.
$300 CAN is an unbelievably low price for a cool flip phone with 65000 colour and 16 poly.

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For the most part... worth the wait!


Nov 30, 2002 by John Bass

I have owned the A520 for 48 hours now and its an awesome phone. Great clear resolution, bright backlit colours, amazing polyphonic ringtones. The introductory price is quite astonishing. Telus has priced this puppy very affordabley. No wonder we've activated over 18,000 units in less then a week. I recently upgraded from an LG TM520 and have absolutley no regrets. I have gone through 4 PCS phones this year and this one should last me until the next cool one comes out.

My only two biefs are: Not as great battery life as I would expect for a phone as up-to-date. Considering the intensity of the backlight and the fact its a 65K colour dispay, I suppose its no surprise. I played on it for a day and it went completely dead. Gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Secondly, the image downloads from Telus right now are all B&W. Good enough if you have one of those other model 1X phones but at this price and gadgetry, you want to take advantage of all that colour. Especially if you wanna impress, family, friends and strangers *smile*. Even after the last 2 points, I do suggest upgrading to this model. At $299 CDN, you'd be crazy not to!

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Anything you want in a phone


Nov 27, 2002 by Bobby MacIntire

This phone is unbelievable!! It has an amazing color screen that is HUGE, large phone book, voice memo, voice activated dialing, scheduler, calculator (that works), great reception, and a million other customizable things (my favorite of which is the ability to put images next to people in your phone book). This phone is also download capable, so you can take advantage of that polyphonic ringer and color screen. It is the best phone I've ever seen since the V60, and that's saying a lot.

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Amazing Handset Samsung A520


Dec 25, 2002 by Ricardo Summer

This is an amazing handset. I think the research people at Telus did an excellent job choosing this handset. The only con is the battery and the Small lettering on the caller id on the outside. This phone should never be sold to pay and talk clients , only to clients on a plan. Easy to navigate and simple to use. I f u continue to provide this high quality handset, definitely your cx base will increase

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Telus Mobility and the A520


Dec 7, 2002 by Christian Poisson

Hello everyone
I've recently upgraded to the SPH-A520, and as a Telus sales rep, I have to say that this is the greatest phone I have ever seen. Beef? umm......
It seems that people are worried about there not being any "normal" ringtones. If you are one who worries like this, and have your service provided by Telus, just go to your friendly neighbourhood download site, because Telus has recently made available a "normal" ringtone for download, at no charge! (Free! Boo-ya!) Also, it will be in the near future when you'll be able to download colour wallpaper. It'll just be a month or two before Telus can accomedate such an amazing phone in terms of downloads.
thanx all

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Great Overall Phone!


Dec 3, 2002 by Tod Midlane

I've had my A520 for about 24 hours and can't get enough of it! The size is nice, feels very solid and well-made. Love the external display and the colour screen is the best I've seen. Navigation is easy and the voice dialing works well. Battery life so far has not been a problem. The down-loadable ring tones from Telus are kinda col (Knight Rider) but the images are BW so I'll wait for now. I've had Motorola's for the past 5 years but a very impressed with the Samsung. No major complaint's other than the PCS access is a little slow but thats a network issue I think. Reception has been great (everybody thinks I'm on a regular land line phone). Anybody out there looking for a very cool handset with colour and lots of extras should take a serious look. That's all for now.

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Great Overall


Dec 8, 2002 by Brett S

Great phone. Reception is good (especially compared to Rogers GSM). Colour screen is amazing. Volume (both earpiece and ringer) are really good and you can hear the other end of the line really clearly. Battery life is the weak spot though. I got less than an hour of talk time out of it on the first charge. Unfortunately even the "normal" ringtone Telus has isn't very normal sounding, but that's only a minor concern. Definitely the best deal out there, especially when compared to the T68i.

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Samsung A520


Dec 1, 2002 by SURFER

This handset offer by Telus is amazing. I just upgrade from the LG TM520. The reception is crystal clear, easy to navigate, the only downside is the battery life and this is due to mainly the color screen and the download. For the price of $299, I think this is the best handset by any Provider. Very innovate on Telus part

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Feb 23, 2005 by rabey

I've owned about 10 phones in this class..

1. Great reception for its class (one of the best)

2. Huge LCD and dual LCD

1. BATTERY life is really HORRIBLE

2. Really bad ringtones...I don't even care about ringtones...but this phone just has the worst ringtones

3. Bulky phone

Overall good phone, easy to use, great reception and dual LCD...but battery life sucks

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