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The BEST.. Its an Excellent Phone!


Jun 11, 2009 by Qbanbull

This phone is the BEST. I ready reviews of people here that say this phone is bad... I dont know what they are talking about. This phone is the BOMB!


Super Great Call Quality
Very Fast Response
Texting is a breeze/ although not a full keyboard... Easy to Text
Battery is Great! I use the phone. ALL Day! I mean I sit at work behind a cubicle, Im texting, sending pictures, talking, listening to music. Dude, My battery will last all day. I had phones before this one where I had to buy a charger to keep at work because the battery will die half a day, on this lil phone, I havent even bought a car charger, theres no need the phones great AND I bought this phone used from a friend.
Its the best lil device I have ever EVER had.
2MP Cam
Email Capability. I have the regular $14.99 unlimited text message and that miracly includes my email on my phone. How awesome is that!

Well like all phones, nothing is perfect!
You do not have an option to make the screen brighter, what you see is what you get. No complains tho its pretty bright, but Im use to brighter.
Under the sun, the screen is viewed black and white. Its weird, I know! I dont like it under the sun!
I wish the phone had a one touch text message button instead of going into menu in order to get into your messages.

It's Not Worth It


May 10, 2009 by xoxtashaxo

A month ago i had my upgrade so i decided to get the lotus because i thought that it was cute and it look like a good phone. But a few days after i got it it started freezing on me, it started shutting off on me and starting up on me again so i went back and returned the phone and got a new one when i got the new one it was fine then a week later the same things that happened with first one. But now with everything that happens with the phone the camera doesn't work either. So i think that if your planning on getting this phone don't because all its going do is give you problems.

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I...LOVE this phone!!


Apr 21, 2009 by neona

Hubby surprised me Saturday with a black Lotus as an anniversary present (I was using a Samsung M520)- I can honestly say- I've NEVER been so as happy with a phone as I am with this one! I don't like teeny tiny phones- see, I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, & it's hard for me to hold little phones. (they kind of fly through the air a lot)

My recommendation is: as soon as you're able to, GO GET THIS PHONE! =D I told hubby that I wasn't ever going to change phone styles again- next time I'm up for a phone, I'll either keep this one, or I'll move on to whatever upgraded version this phone will have.

The connectivity is fast, the large screen is *great* for navigation (which I use a lot, since I'm "directionally challenged"), the keyboard is easy to use, & on a silly note- making custom ring tones for this phone is dead easy. (hubby's already made 5 for me) Functionality, ease of use, & personally, I like the way it looks- all rolled into one. Folks, I don't see it getting much better then this. =)



Apr 18, 2009 by KCMO816

EASY,EASY,EASY!! That's the best way to describe this phone. The form factor is a little odd at first, but VERY functional. It's easy to hold with one hand; dialing or txting. The screen in big and clear, along with the sound quality. My favorite feature is the conversation log. This is my first "dumb phone" to have this feature. I love this phone all the way around! I've switched phones often in the past, because i was never fully satisfied. I AM NOW! Thanks LG.!!

Amazing Build


Apr 15, 2009 by mobilemaniac

This phone has a very easy to navigate menu, system, great battery life, and a nice screen. The camera is also great for a 2mp cam.

The only thing im not like fully is the browser It can be hard to navigate and formats the pages a little odd.

Overall great phone for texting and call quality are bar none.



Nov 27, 2008 by burntskye

I had a Sanyo FOREVER and am a diehard Sanyo fan. This phone has an amazing design, music player, QWERTY keyboard, navigation, camera, and data capabilities. The down sides to it is that the battery life in it is absolutely terrible. I just got mine and have to charge it almost every other day. The only other complaint i have is that the keyboard does not stay lit for more than 30 seconds. If you are on a call, for example, and get a text and want to view it, but its dark out, you cannot see the keys AT ALL! otherwise this is fab phone, ive heard poeple say "so, its like a blackberry flip with a music player and a camera? cool!"

Wow!!! Great Device!


Nov 24, 2008 by ugh94

I have this phone for about 3 weeks and find it to one of the best phones I have ever owned. I had the Katana (original) for 2 years and it found it to be the most dependable device out there. The new Lotus as of now is showing me the same dependability but also offering more features.


battery life
EV DO (download Mini Opera and you'll be amazed)
Size - Small when closed but when open, excellent viewing.
QWERTY Keyboard (small but conforms quickly to your fingers, great for texting)
Large Screen
Holds up to a 16GB SD Mini Card
mp3 player


Camera is ok (if you're looking for studio quality pics, buy a camera).
I'm a little nervous about the durability, otherwise, great phone!!!

Best Sprint "Dumbphone" Available


Nov 24, 2008 by bgro

I am a self-described phone junkie. For the last 2 years I have owned several smart and "dumb" phones including Treo 755, Sanyo 8400, Tmobile G1, Blackberry Pearl, Iphone, and most recently the Blackberry Curve. I always said that I would never own a non-smartphone again until I came across the LG Lotus.

Excellent, extremely usable QWERTY keyboard. I have somewhat pudgy fingers and am able to quickly text and email using the keyboard. I feel that the keyboard is better than the one on the Blackberry Curve.

Excellent email application. Coming from the Curve, I was used to RIMs email capablilities and was suprised that the Lotus's email program is actually just as fast as my Blackberry. No HTML support but sending and receiving is painless.

One Click Interface - Customize the interface to your liking. No more digging through menus for applications that you constantly use.

Battery Life - Waaaaaaaaay better than any smartphone on the market although I was very impressed with my Curve's battery life.

Java programs - Can load java programs on the phone including games, checkbook applications, password managers. Not as pretty as smartphone programs but its the usability that counts.

The only cons that I can think of right now is that the styling may not be for everyone. I don't think the phone is too "girly", it's just different.

Overall, I highly recommend this phone.

Best sprint phone avaliable


Nov 14, 2008 by sprintrepfarva

I previously used the curve and it was great but the lotus does everthing that the curve did and better. First of all idk if the screen is better than the curves but it is extremely clear! The speakers are awesome for listening to music and speakerphone. Sprint TV and Navigation work so smooth on it. Threaded text messaging looks great and its REV-O and if you download the operamini 4.2 browser it has REV-A and better speeds (killed an instinct in a couple races). To be honest you get so use to the shape and size of the phone and it actually gets very comfortable to hold. This is by far the best phone ive ever owned.

-threaded text messaging
-amazing data speeds (especially with operamini)
-very clear screen
-lots of built in memory for backround applications and fast between screens
-very very comfortable qwerty keyboard.
-best 2.0 mp camera ive seen
-loud speaker and very clear
-excellent reception
-i could go on forever...

-when i first got the phone the battery wasnt the best but its gotten much better since. lasts about 2days, but i use constant internet and other applications
-outer display doesnt look the best. screens are far apart so there is a little bit of a glare.
-no push email. but i hated having email on my phone anyways

CONCLUSION: if your getting a new phone.. at least try this one out

This... Is.. AWESOME!!!


Oct 22, 2008 by CMA1990

if your on the edge about getting this phone... just get it! you'll be so glad you did.

-Display screen
-picture/video quality
-music/speaker quality
-user friendly
-QWERTY keyboard (no it's not hard to use and you don't accidentally hit more than one button
-Outside music controls
-mine came with Guitar hero 3 on it!!!

- well first off the shape isn't a bad thing at all, it both looks cooler and works more effectively than and ordinary cell phone.
- I don't pay for internet so i can't talk about all the online features.

I'll let you know if anything bad happens but right now I'm stoked out of my mind about this phone... BUY IT!

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