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Samsung Rugby A837


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Could Be Improved


Oct 25, 2008 by akita256

I've had this phone for about 3 weeks and has the usual features of a flip-phone but could be improved. I have AT&T service. Here is what I found lacking in the phone:

1) I found the sound quality not to be acceptable. It does sound to me, too, like someone is talking in a barrel to you.

2) After only 3 weeks, the paint or coating around the outside is beginning to flake off around the outside edges and leave ugly spots. Not a very durable coating!

3) The phone is said to be built for rugged use, but does not come with a longer warranty. Something doesn't compute here! Maybe it isn't that rugged afterall.

4) The front display is not visible but for only about 2 seconds when the phone is opened. There is no way to display the time or message for longer periods. I personally put my home phone number in the display so that if someone finds my phone, they may know where to call to return it. My home number is displayed for such a short period of time that it is hard to even be able to see it long enough to write it down or remember it.

5) The battery life seems only average to me.

6) The PTT button is placed in a wrong location and is too easy to activate. I am always accidentally pushing it when trying to answer a call.

7) The selection of ring tones that come on the phone are limited and not very good. I didn't like any of them.

8) It takes too many button presses to perform certain functions like deleting a text message. I can't find a way to disable the "Confirm to Delete" feature. I have to press a button about four times to be able to delete the message.

9) The most annoying feature is that when an address book phone number is set as a "Default", there is no way to override the default to send a message to an alternative number for a person. But if you take out the default, then all of the person's numbers show up each time and you have to choose.

10) The font for text messages can't be changed as far as I can find.

great finally


Sep 16, 2008 by vistaso

finally AT&T is offering its much needed phone for those professionals who are in the rugged enviroments. i took a four day trip in the mountains above los angeles in light rain, dirty, hot during the mid day, and below 47 degrees at night. never failed to turn on and provide me with my location on its gps system awesome and impressive. spent the weekend at the beach with my kids who love to kick up sand and splash water at me no problems. i was intimidated a bit but went ahead with the test. it is awesome to say the less.

Samsung A837


Mar 13, 2009 by ed_ambrogi

Pros: One of the most sturdy phones I have ever had. Feels solid and appears to take abuse. Nice font size with numbers dialed and easy to use.

Cons: The only complaint is the ability to receive signals. After contacting AT&T, I was informed that the 3G system is far from being finished meaning you'll get dropped calls and poor reception in low output areas. These areas are extensive. As much as I love this phone,it is of no use to me due to reception.

Could it be? I think so...a winner, for sure.


Sep 17, 2008 by dbrs0821

I work in IT and I see many phones come through our dept before they get distributed to employees.

I wanted a phone that would easily "play" with the Bluetooth in my car, would hold enough of a charge to get me through a day (talk about 90 mins each day, avg. about 150 txts per day, and check my e-mail about four times, each day). Considering that kind of usage, I've had the phone for 13 days and have charged it 3 times. Some days, I left the Bluetooth on throughout the day. Battery life, for me, has been far above average.

I also wanted something that was durable and had a good response and feel from the keyboard. And, then there's that whole "being able to reject a call and send it to voicemail by pressing the side volume key" thing-- LOL

I've had this phone for a little over a week and I couldn't be more impressed. It's very solid yet, has a it of a rubbery feel to it which adds to the durability, I'm sure. It connected seamlessly to my Bluetooth (in the car) and, even shows the signal strength and battery information through tthe BT display on the car's nav screen- something my Razr didn't do.

Call quality is excellent, and the external speaker is worthy of being placed in a Nextel phone-- the loudest speakerphones on the planet!

Lastly, I downloaded the PC software suite form Samsung's website and was AMAZED. Motorola did a nice job with their PhoneTools app but, Samsung is giving them a run for their money. You can easily edit contact information, schedules, tasks, etc. It also integrates very easily and nicely with Outlook. Not to mention, everything can be done via Bluetooth--nice.

All in all, I've enjoyed the compliments I've received about the phone. It is a bit heavier than others but, to me, that just makes it feel solid and sturdy--don't mind that a bit.

Samsung has always made a solid phone- in my opinion. This one is definitely for someone who's active and/or tough on cell phones. I've found a keeper, for sure.

It's alright


Sep 17, 2008 by MasterBlaster

Besides that it's to Military Spec (more on this later), it's a basic fone with gps/ppt. I've submerge it to about 2-feet and still works. The battery door comes off pretty easily even with the screw-lock.

Interesting is that it claims to be up to ML-810F but nothing in the manual or any documentation provides the specifics. Called ATT and SAMSUNG but none of them has specific info.

average at best


Mar 8, 2009 by knuckleballer34

The Samsung Rugby isn't a terrible phone, but overall I was rather disappointed with it. It's average at best, but not worth the price you pay for it.

Keep in mind: the size of this phone is not a con! You know how big the phone is once you've seen it in a store or read the reviews!

1. Calls were nice and clear while in a good signal area
2. Phone is very durable and rugged (to state the obvious).
3. Keypad was wonderful for texting and dialing!
4. Very aesthetically pleasing for such a large phone

1. Signal strength was less than stellar. I was expecting more for the phones price
2. Push to talk was a bit of a pain to use at times
3. For such a large phone, the screen wasn't any bigger than what you'd normally find on a regular size phone.
4. Left and right soft keys were too small. As par for the course, At&t wasted space with junk keys on this phone

The Rugby is currently available for $130 on At&t's website. For me, there were too many little flaws with this phone to justify its price. Reception wasn't where it needs to be for a "no nonsense" phone, and the ptt function needs some ironing out. If your a die hard Samsung user or live in an area where At&t reception is above average, i'd recommend this phone. You could do worse. However, I wasn't impressed at all with the Rugby.

Good phone, bad battery life


Feb 7, 2010 by Marcia

I got this phone from AT&T after the phone I originally ordered was on back order for over a week. It was not a phone I would have picked out, but has a lot of good qualities. My only complaint, and the reason I'm returning it is the battery life, by the end of the second day the battery is dead. I don't use it for texting or e-mailing, only short calls. AT&T replaced the battery, but it only lasted 2 days again.
I'm going to try the Sony Ericsson W518a, hope it's better.

Rugdy is not rugged


Sep 4, 2009 by hidebb

I bought my husband a phone for his birthday. I got him a rugby samsung phone from AT&T. He is an electrician, so I thought it would be a good upgrade for him.

He had the rugby phone for just 5 weeks, when the LCD screen cracked. No impact, no dropping. It was in his pocket, by itself.

Worse, because the 30 day period was up, no one will do anything about it. ATT said to work through Samsung, Samsung said to go to ATT. ATT transfered me from department to department.

So don't expect this phone to be rugged. My husband has had cell phones since the 80's and has never had a broken LCD, or any other problems for that matter.

And don't expect Samsung to stand behind their products, or AT&T to step up to the plate.



Jun 30, 2009 by OgbeSa

I've had great service with the phone. I got it as a second phone for out door use. I have thrown it across a room and bounced it off the wall to show someone how tough it was. I dropped it in a tub of water and called it. It rings under water. I clip a cork on it while fishing because you got 20 minutes and 25 max depth to find it. I threw it about 25 feet to another boat, it bounced off the side and hit the water. (on purpose to see how the others reacted). All this with not one problem. The only reason I don't give it a top score is my main cell is a HTC Fuze and it's easier for me on internet and typing.

The best phone offered by AT&T


May 25, 2009 by Hawk85

I give this phone 5 STARS it is rugged and has so many features. To me its like a razr with armor. Push to talk is great and Gps amazing.
Pros: Everything
Cons: not one

If you are an emailing business person don't bother but if you are an outdoors person by any means or just finding your self breaking those weak other phones out there at least stop at a store and consider it. yes its thicker than the razr but you drop this phone you wont be buying a new one it will keep working.

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