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the great phone of cheapness


Nov 8, 2010 by parker100

the samsung sgh-a237 is a cheap phone. is has all the features you need. it is a slim phone. has a camera. when you buy it the box has a charger,phone, battery,and 2 user guides. if you are desperate for a phone this is a great one. it is not a touch screen phone. has 3mb of memory. has 10 hour battery life and comes in the colors red,black,and blue. if this is your first phone or you work at an office it is a nice phone to have for those needs.

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Samsung SGH-a237: Not a bad phone, but not the best


Sep 12, 2014 by YoshiMoto

This phone is small and has a rounded shape. The keypad is made of rubber, and the volume keys are large. I haven't had much experience with this phone, but I will review it anyway. I currently have 6 bars of service in my house right now, and I normally don't get very good reception. (I'd usually get 3 bars on my Z525) Opening the phone isn't the best experience but it is what it is: Simple. The directional pad isn't the best either.

Speaker is loud
Solid feel
When dialing, numbers are large and easy to read (can be changed in settings
Large external display clock
Good reception
Can set front display wallpapers or text
Camera effects are fun

Proprietary charger connector
D-pad is small
Soft keys are positioned awkwardly
Texting fast will result in misspelled words and missing numbers
UI isn't designed very good
Camera not too good
Can't record videos

Overall the phone is good if you're looking for a basic one, but I would recommend the a437. In my opinion the a237 feels unnatural and uncomfortable to use. But hey, if you like it you can use it!

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Easy to reject a call when attempting to answer


Feb 18, 2010 by hboswort

Pros - Seems to have decent speaker. People can hear me and I can hear them when talking.

Cons - The shape of the case makes it a little difficult to open and my natural grip is near the hinge point which is right where the volume control is. I finally figured out why I keep accidentally rejecting calls - because holding down the volume control while opening the phone REJECTS the call - and u cannot disable that feature. Who came up with that? In summary, the phone is ridiculous. And as with many of these "modern" phones, it's always trying to trick you into buying something on the web as you stumble through the arcane and labyrinthine menus. I guess that strategy works with ADD, video game playing adolescents, but I haven't yet fallen for it. If it wasn't a company provided phone, it would be in a dumpster somewhere.

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I'd rather have a simple phone and calendar.


Sep 13, 2009 by Jim Spriggs

I wish I had read these reviews before we got these phones. My wife has thrown hers across the room more than once, and I am in a quandary.

For some unknown reason, Samsung has seen fit to put a button where it's sure to be pushed whenever you handle the phone. It's supposed to be a volume button anyway, so why on earth would it cancel a call when you answer the phone? WTF, I say. And, of course, there's no way to disable it without dismantling the phone and pulling out a wire somewhere.

Concerning ease of use: We have scoured the owners manual, and its documentation is as sparse and misleading as the phone itself. Try programming the calendar for the alarm to sound once a week, or once every two weeks, or even once a month. I DEFY YOU. Our old Motorola had an alarm that you could easily program to sound on any given day. THIS phone has a byzantine menu full of useless meeting appointment start and stop functions. Nobody needs to know if their meeting is over unless they are not there. A simple event reminder would be nice instead.

And don’t get me started on ATT’s impossible to remove Media Mall things that we don’t use and don’t want to use—and you can’t move them anywhere, and you can’t hide them anywhere. We always have to go around them to use the other features. Another thing is that my wife used to play the games on our old phone. That's certainly all in the past. The "tantalizing" demos they had installed in the hope that we would buy the real ones were deleted on the first day. I’m sure other phones are just as bad as far as being cluttered with money-draining gizmos, though.

I don't have much to compare it to, but here in the Los Angeles area it seems to pick up a signal OK. Sound is OK as well, but if your head is small enough, you can more easily speak directly into the mic.

I just wanted a phone that would be relatively simple, makes calls, and is durable. Well, it seems to be durable, and we can use it to make calls.

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good for calls


Aug 12, 2009 by knuckleballer34

I've never understood why people would expect a rich multimedia and web browsing experience from a simple flip phone free with a contract. If you've taken a look at the phone in person or read one spec sheet, you should know you aren't getting a feature rich device!

With that being said, the Samsung A237 is what it is: a basic phone that is good for calling, texting, and not much else. It's a simple phone for simple people, and there's a larger demand for that than some would think.

1. Good call quality, loud earpiece
2. Easy to text with for such a small phone
3. Easy to use, self explanatory menu layout
4. Long battery life, short charging time.
5. Sleek looking device; especially the red and black options.

1. Reception was average at best. Signal strength wavers, but even with no bars, calls can be continued with no problems. This is strangely common with basic Samsung phones.
2. The camera could have been better, even for a entry level phone
3. D-pad is entirely too small

For those looking for a simple no nonsense device to make calls and text, the A237 is worth a look. It's not going to replace your digital camera, mp3 player, and computer, but that's not what it's designed for either. It has a lot of basic qualities that average users will appreciate, such as good call quality and battery life. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't live in a fringe area, as the reception was the phones only real drawback.

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waste of time.


Apr 2, 2009 by levite-divine

I got this phone as a replacement- omg, truly the worse phone I have ever had.

- contemporary ringtones
- different ring tone modes
- reject # list

- cant see front lcd unless u press a button
- no multiple #'s per name
- tricks you with 6 game demos
- texts and multimedia listed together

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Simple phone for simple people


Mar 31, 2009 by FlowofChaos

This is NOT an iphone and not every phone can be. This phone is for the people who want a "free" phone.

You get what you pay for and thats pretty much it.

for a .3mp camera its not terrible
intuitive layout
quick options key to get to most functions on phone
LOUD ringer
large screen with huge numbers when you dial out
basic tools(calendar, alarms, stopwatch)

basic phone
bad internet browser
poor mp camera
very few features
no applications

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Lots o' bad features


Jan 22, 2009 by Freebean

Every time you grab this phone to answer a call,
if you happen to hit the side volume button for even 1 second, you have rejected the call.
Way to easy to do & no way to disable. Also, Sound is very quiet & bad; it helps if you're on speakerphone, as it also boosts mike sensitivity, but again; no way to default to that.

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Awesome first phone


Nov 12, 2009 by whatupitsdani

This was my first "real" cell phone. I loved it, and it was easy to use, though of course not rich with features and applications. It is not supposed to be, however. That is very obvious.

easy-to-understand menus
small and light, very compact
long battery time
camera, though w/o flash, took decent pictures
volume button can be used to ignore a call
it was a pretty little phone!

Internal memory-I was constantly having to delete texts and pictures
Began to slow down after alot of use
Contact list seperates names by number (for instance, if i entered both a cell and home number, the name would be listed twice)

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