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Motorola Rapture VU30


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slow after adding 9 photos


Jan 20, 2009 by toddpepling

I've had the phone 2 days. My wife took 9 photos and stored on internal memory. Discovered storing photos internally made texting extremely slow ... so slow that I couldn't see/predict what letter would actually show up after I started typing; and forget about punctuation.

* SOUND QUALITY (awesome)
* Reception (again awesome; easily made phone calls in building where vx-9900/EnV would't connect; even pulling in EVDO signal)
* Keypad design (easy to dial without looking; great tactile feel)
* physical, external lock button (to keep touch-screen from activating unintentionally)
* outer coating/finish improves grip
* 8Gb microSD
* has an mp3 player

* Texting after taking 9 photos
* slow menu response
* feels like I'm holding a piece of paper when using handset
* not entirely sturdy
* mp3 player lacks bass compared to Samsung SCH-u740 and LG vx-9900/EnV

I was about to take it back after the texting issue, and after I wiped-out all 9 photos my wife took, figured I'd test the texting again. To my surprise texting problems suddenly disappeared. Not happy about this issue, so I'll head to Verizon and ask if anyone else has reported same problem.

Very nice phone...very bad alarm clock though...


Jan 18, 2009 by arouth

Had this phone for a few months and it is a very nice phone. I originally had an LG 8700, but it had problems and needed to be replaced. So I went and bought this phone. The first one I got had bad reception, so I swapped it out and the second one performed better (Motorola quality control???).

Reception is pretty good, but I did have more dropped calls than I would like. Also, a lot of phones do not vibrate/ring when they are in your pocket, but this one does almost every time. The only real issue had was the alarm clock. You have to open the phone up to make it snooze, otherwise the alarm rings only once. Seems like a bad idea to me, so I ended up setting like 2-3 alarms to counter that.

Overall a descent little phone.

Rapture still has room for improvement.


Dec 16, 2008 by cellgeek82

This phone looks better than how it works. If you want a fancy "futuristic" phone just for talking on this is a great choice, but if you want all the extra features you need to look for another phone. I was suprised at first about how well built this device is but after a while I found some flaws! First and formost is the sound quality. During a phone call it sound pretty good but when using Vcast Music ID and the recorder it SUCKS! I was not able to get Music ID to ever work because the mic won't pick up sound as good. I tried recording the music on voice recorder and it sounded all garbled. Sometimes it was restart or freeze, not alot though so its not a bother. The battery is pretty good to but as with all phones it could be better. The software is awsome considering it being VZ common UI, its real customizable and the phone comes with a great selection of wallpaper. I still wish Verizon would drop the commi UI idea and let the phone makers program their own software. The camera is real good but horrible quality on the Video Camera...the video is good quality but the sound part is all garbled. If they had put Crystal Talk in this phone it would have been alot better but they dropped the ball on this. Eveybody has mixed feelings about the keypad...I have to say its good. The buttons aren't really that small and its real easy to txt with.

Voice is decent
Micro USB
Comfortable in hand
Nice size
2MP camera
Software is very attractive
Firware Updates Over-the-air

Verizon Commi UI
Sometimes freezes or restarts (very little issue)
Sound recording during Video is bad
Music ID won't work due to bad sound recording
No Crystal Talk
MicoSD behind battery cover
External display is dim (due to Vanishing Display)
Data is hit and miss

Finally, a GREAT Motorola Phone


Nov 23, 2008 by fishpower

I have had several Motorola phones over the course of the past few years, and this one is by far, THE BEST! The buttons are very easy to use and even with my huge thumbs, are very accurate. The screen is large and bright with great resolution, and the camera and music player are great also. Bluetooth and voice recognition are the best I've ever used (using Motorola H695 headset.) MOST INPORTANTLY, the call quality and reception are phenomenal. I am coming from a pocket pc (XV6800) and the VU30 is awesome. Verizon's new "Dashboard" scheme also works nicely with the phone, but this really only applies if you subscribe to VCAST. The only thing(s) I can knock this phone for are the lack of a flash. Also, iTap is going to take some getting used to again. If you are not on the touchscreen bandwagon, this is a great choice. I certainly have not been disappointed.

Hello Moto


Oct 22, 2008 by Southpaw

Great Phone, it freezes from time to time but thats the M.O. with Motorola so its no big deal to me.

I love it though it is each to text on and simple to use and crystal clear to talk on.

Excellent phone, big step for Motorola!


Oct 22, 2008 by GuyinLACA

I got the phone and have done extensive testing. Overall, this phone is a winner. This phone is rock solid and has the sound quality and reception that Motorola fans has come to expect. For those considering replacing E815's, this is a great choice. For those concerned about the keypad, it is awesome, even for those with large fingers. While it is no replacement for a V9m, I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who needs a solid mid-range phone.

+Outstanding sound quality & good volume
+Reception is as good as the E815
+Lightweight but well constructed
+Buttons easy to use / give great feedback
+Very stylish navy blue housing
+Soft touch rubber backing makes the phone easy to hold
+Large internal screen and decent external screen
+External key lock! No more accidental presses!
+Completely updated Verizon UI, attractive theme with large fonts throughout
+Can bluetooth images to/from other phones
+New customizable shortcut key (right on scroll wheel)
+Large caller ID on the front
+Vibrate is stronger than most recent Motorolas
+Excellent camera quality
+External touch sensitive buttons have a strong vibrate feedback

-Edges on bottom of flip are somewhat pointed instead or round/smooth
-Hinge doesn't always FULLY open with one flick
-Should be able to view texts on the front screen
-External screen is somewhat dim due to the "invisible" effect
-There is no backlight for the top softkeys (not a huge deal as the screen illuminates them somewhat, but still weird)

NO USB Connector


Oct 28, 2008 by nhaas

Pros; it looks good
Cons: NO USB Charger - its some funky charger

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