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BlackBerry Curve 8330


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May 18, 2008 by conazo


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May 17, 2008 by sam912

This phone is awesome....I have owned a number of phones over the past several years and none have impressed me as much as the curve.


key board
call quality
speaker phone
VZW navigator



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Upgraded from the VX9800 (The "V")


May 16, 2008 by brewbackups

Words cannot begin to explain how I happy I am with this phone purchase. This being my first BlackBerry, I had no clue what I was missing until owning this phone.

Being a former vx9800 owner, Verizon had limited most of the stuff I could and couldn't do. I was thinking about upgrading to either the The Voyager or the env2, although realized that many of the same limitations would be in place.

What I like about the Curve 8330 (PROS)...
- It automatically goes into sleep mode (saving battery and preventing accidental calls) when you place it into the included pocket holster.
- MMS and EMS are available despite what others have said.
- The weight, size, battery life, user interface, and call quality are remarkable.
- With a couple tweaks, I was able to sync this to Vista's Windows Mail/Contacts (successor to Outlook Express).
- Spell Check is quick and easy! Great when you're drunk and pretending to be sober while booty texting.

What I'd change (CONS)...
- As with all of Verizon's phones, you have to pay for the GPS service. Google Maps works well enough for my needs, although those wanting turn-by-turn directions will need to cough up an extra $10/month.

Overall, I'd recommend that anyone who likes to "stay connected", to buy this phone. I feel like I'm living in present day Japan, will all the features available at my fingertips!

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Love it!


May 15, 2008 by sabatinojr

I am coming from several WINMO phones one of which included the XV6900, before that was my first Blackberry, the Verizon 8830. Going from the BB back to WINMO XV900 was very difficult. I figured I would make a change and check out the 6900 because the 8830 was just boring. Worked VERY well just boring.

I have had my eye on the Curve for a while but of course I am on Verizon we have had to wait for it. So when the Curve came out I had to have it, even if I just bought the 6900 three weeks before! Everything about the Curve is great, battery life, screen, keyboard, EVDO, reception, build quality the list goes one. Everything that made the 8830 boring is addressed with the Curve; Camera, multimedia, MMS and so forth.

If you have used a BB before you know what I mean when I say the phone just works. The push email is unmatched; syncing is a breeze as is set up.

While I would love it if Verizon would enable GPS to be used for any kind of mapping software I must admit, the VX Navigator software does work very well. As does Google Maps with locator......no turn by turn directions with Google Maps but it can locate you within a few hundred feet and give you all sorts of information like directions and POI's in your area.

As I started out saying, I have owned them all; literally. I love phones and have a connection at Verizon that allows me to feed my addiction :). This phone is damn near perfect. Would I like the iPhone’s browsing experience?.....sure but with a non touch screen (like with the Curve)it is difficult. Opera Mini is ok for the device but not the same as the iPhone’s experience. At the end of the day I will trade the browsing on the iPhone for the physical keyboard of the Curve to. I must say though, the browsing on the Curve is VERY good and I use it a lot as well as email for business. With the Curve it doesn’t get much better!

Highly recommend this phone!

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May 12, 2008 by hemi_v8

Been with the 8330 for about 48 hours now.. No phone I have ever used comes as close to perfect as this..

The ease of texting, web browsing, listening to music is unreal..

Took me a little while to get used to it (this is my first blackberry) but after awhile I got fast..

The only problem so far is that I am not yet receiving emails from my personal account. I am though receiving emails from my work account.

Battery life = good..

I've had tons of phones.. and I was between this and the XV6900.. and the rep. at the store convinced me to go with the 8330.. and I'm glad they did..

any questions: email me

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Nothing's Closer to perfection as this phone.......


May 4, 2008 by bkw79

I've used the 8300 and 8310 Curve from AT&T, which were truly great phones, as well as the Iphone, Voyager, TOuch, Tilt, and several more, but this one is tops!

I've had this phone for Verizon, since the morning of May 2nd. This size is absolutely perfect. Not as tiny as the pearl, but it's slim and compact, not as bulky as the Blackberry 8800 series, or the Blackjack1 and 2, and or the Motorola Q series, and it still has the best qwerty keyboard out of all of them. Unlike the GSM version, this one has 3G, which has been great so far with tethering. I've tethered for a couple of days now, and it's lightening fast.

As a phone, reception has been amongst the best that I've ever used. Call quality and clarity had been wonderful, as is the earpiece, and speakerphone. The music player has good and loud volume for rintones, songs, and videos. It even organizes the music into album/artist.

Email set up was extremely easy, and easy to send and receive. Internet browsing has been great, nice and fast.

Overall, this phone does absolutely everything well. It syncs up nicely to backup/restore your info, sync with outlook, transfer files, play music and videos, and navigate with the smooth trackball, and just works extremely well as a phone. The 3G tethering has been great too. I see that it's gonna be hard, but I'm searching for something negative to say about this phone. This will be the first phone that I deemed worthy of a perfect 5 out 5.

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Great PDA


May 16, 2008 by kav2001c

I upgraded my Motorola Q to the 8330 on Bell mobility in the Toronto area network mainly.
Pros-All the functionality of the 8830 & the multimedia features of the 8130 in one nice package. Great size/shape, decent media features (camera, media player etc), GPS (free) & GPS NAV (costs $), the software is not as intuitive as Windows Mobile but is still very good overall.
Cons- Battery life is really short (needs constant charging) and volume is alot lower than my old Q (which causes issues when driving on highway). MSN costs $$$ (on Windows Mobile it is free).
Id reckon Im not a total Blackberry evangelist, but this is definately one of the better units I have owned.

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Awesome Device


May 14, 2008 by 60dollarcarcharger

I've had my Curve (vzw) for about a week now and I must say i'm incredibly impressed.

GREAT sound quality
Best speakerphone i've ever had
great keyboard feedback
Awesome email sync
Fast web browsing
Superb screen quality

Bluetooth can be shakey at times

Navigation takes a day or two to get used to
Battery Life
My Bluetooth Connection (with a speaker) gets interrupted any time i get an email or message

Overall i couldn't ask for a better phone

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Verizon BlackBerry 8330 (Curve)


May 3, 2008 by VZMoney

Just got mine VIA FedEx overnight shipping and can definitely say that I am satisfied. I mean, sure, it has been out through other carriers for a year but none of the other carriers' service can match VZW where I live.

I tried at&t's for a month. Loved the device, hated the service.


QWERTY keyboard
EVDO data
Verizon's network (Great RF)
Nice screen
Larger memory than the Pearl (8130)


Only one. It seems as though they didn't use the same trackball that was used in the GSM 8300s or the CDMA/GSM 8800s. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem as smooth.

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i LOVE this phone


Sep 17, 2008 by PhoneObsessed

I am a phone junkie, I really only use these phones for personal use but they need to have all the bells and whistles, in the off chance I ever get a corporate job, I was previously Palm obsessed, I didn't think I would ever like any other smart phone, I was a one manufacturer girl, UNTIL I got the blackberry.

My sister got it first and she loved it, but it is her first smart phone so I immediately thought that of course she is going to love her first one, she went from a simple v3 with nothing exciting to the Curve and she was using all the applications, everything, I was a little jealous.

At first I was extremely hesitant, I felt like I was cheating, and when I playing with the store model it just didn't feel right, but I took her advise and I ordered it and it was love at first touch! It was so much easier to use then I previously had imagined.

-Screen is beautiful
-Email Program is great
-Browser isn't bad, I downloaded Opera Mini thinking I would use that, but I definitely use the blackberry browser more.
-Camera is great I love the flash, it takes really good pics.
-I like the qwerty key pad. At first it was a little close together but I got used to it quickly
- I have Sprint and the Sprint TV is awesome
-The Sprint Navigation in itself is a awesome feature.

-I really don't have any.

I HIGHLY recommend this phone to everyone, I have become Blackberry Obsessed.

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