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The best phone to ever suck


Nov 16, 2009 by fmyphone

Blackberrys truly live up to their nick name Crackberry, they’re like crack without the baking soda. If you use it long enough you'll be addicted. I think they’re more like cigarettes. You know how they say if you smoke 9 times you will be hooked, and by the time you cough up a lung you’re too addicted to quite? Well it’s pretty much like that. By the time your Blackberry starts “hour glassing” and deleting your call log and all of your freaking text messages, causing you to no longer have that hot chick you met in Vegas’s number, and when you walk all the way from Circus Circus to the Havana you have no way to tell her you’re in the lobby; you’ll be to hooked on all great things the Blackberry does well to get rid of it. Sorry, flash back. Now… where was I? Oh yes, Pros and Cons:

Up to10 email addresses (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc, get your emails the way you get a text message)
Enterprise Service (corporate email on your device)
2.0 mega pix camera and camcorder
Amazing Battery life for a PDA
3.5 head Phone Jack
External Memory Card (max 16 gig)
Downloadable apps
Cut and paste (on any text field)
Instant Messenger (yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, BBM)
Documents to go
Download email attachments (pic’s, xl, doc, pp)

Takes forever to power up
Web browser needs work (not fully HTML)
Not enough on board memory (96 Megs)
Apps don’t save to the extended memory card
Randomly deletes messages and call log due to low memory
Hour glasses due to low memory
Trackball gets stuck (secret to fixing that, put spit on your finger and wiggle the trackball nasty but it works)

solid performance, good phone


Sep 25, 2009 by knuckleballer34

I switched to a Blackberry 8330m with Sprint, after returning a Nextel 8350i due to poor coverage. I thought about the Tour, but the only extra it offers is global roaming, which I do not need.

1. Gets good reception
2. Battery life is better than other CDMA Blackberry's.
3. Stable and quick OS
4. Internet is quick, even on 2G. Email's are a breeze
5. All the business functions you need.
6. Does not have the option to force roam; but will auto-roam on a stronger network when reception is down to 0-1 bars instead of hanging on to a bad signal. "Smart" roaming.
7. Looks great in red

1. Keypad is mushy, and feels cheap compared to other Blackberry's.
2. Average call quality, can get a little choppy at times
3. Lack of preset themes and wallpapers. By default, the menu is cluttered with useless apps.

The Sprint version of the 8330 is a feature packed phone, and provides responsive, stable performance. It doesn't pack the flair or pizazz of the Tour, but it's a really solid phone. Other than the keypad feeling a bit soft, I can't find anything that really hinders this device. If your unsure about the Tour or don't need global roaming, this is a good alternative. It's slightly dated, but has all the same features as the newer Blackberry's.

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If it had fingers.. I would marry it!


Jul 14, 2009 by texting.addict

WOW! So I've had 7 phones (this being my 7th) went from a razr to a red flip lg to a green flip lg to a blue scoop to a palm centro to a kyocera rave (i used for 5 days) now to my very first bb! I LOVE THIS THING!
The good-
*Amazing service (I live where I get more service on a boat.. now I have amazing service everywhere!)
*Nice camera quality!
*Love all apps!
*Calender keeps me organized and helps me remember everything!
*Web is extremely fast!
*Keys don't stick!
*Great for texting!
*Love all of the themes I can download!
*Love the fonts! - Great variety!

The Bad -
*Video camera can only be used with memory card (not to big of a deal)
*Flash hurts my eyes sometimes
*Getting the battery out can be hard sometimes

The Bottom Line -
Awesome phone, would recommend to anyone. Easy to use. Didn't even have to use the manual. Everything is awesome about this phone. Like they say: Once you go blackberry, you'll never go back.

Phone's Great...Lack of Mac Support, Not so great.


May 20, 2008 by cwcanty

I've had this phone since May 7th, and I finally have had enough time with the phone to give a high quality, in depth review. I waited for this phone for close to 6 months, and it has certainly met just about all of my expectations and has been a very solid performer over the past 10 days.

I would highly recommend the phone, however, the lack of apple/mac support out of the box frustrates me greatly (cost this phone a 5). I also don't think verizon has online software updates that are Mac compatible. For a $400 phone, Blackberry and verizon should come together and create a system that works for Mac users.

Now onto the Pros and Cons...


--Ear piece volume has been pretty solid and I feel like callers on the other end can hear me clearly

--Speaker phone is great, a big improvement over my previous BB's (8830, 8703e)

--Ringer volume is stronger compared to 8830, and the vibrate has been much improved from the 8830.

--Reception has been fantastic!!

--The BB OS is a little updated, and runs smoothly on the curve

--Phone has a nice amount of on board memory. Should be good for downloading all of the 3rd party apps that are available (I use facebook, google maps, and opera mini 4.1)

--Keyboard has worked out pretty well so far, and the keys are spaced nicely, making it easy to type texts and emails.

--Camera/video is great! Takes great pictures, but you do need a memory card to do video recording. Its also pretty cool that you can stream video's from youtube.


--NO Freakin Mac support right outta the box, a big slap in the grill from both verizon and RIM. RIM needs to create a fully functioning desktop manager that is compatible with all new devices. Pocketmac is okay, but could use some improvements.

--Battery life has been okay, but not the best, could definitely be improved.

--Trackball is not as nice, when compared to my 8830. The curve seems to stick occasionally.

--BB web browser stinks, make sure you download opera mini 4.1

Verizon 8330


Jun 22, 2008 by jamphil0395

I've had my BB for about a month now, coming from a Moto Q9M, and I must say this is definately a big step up for me in the PDA/Smart phone catagory. In short, I should have had a BB long ago... why I tried all the rest and paid a lot of money to do so, I still don't know why??! Slow in the head I guess? But, for others thinking about getting one...... Just Do It!

It will make your life so much easier. The setting up the e-mail, calender, etc. is easy and only takes 8-10 minutes. It also Sync well with the corporate e-mails clients as well.

So, if your just sitting here and thinking about getting one, now is the time to get one.

PROS: Excellent call quality, signal strength by far the best I've seen in a PDA/smart phone, surfing the web is easy with the included browser or a third party app., text messaging is really quick after a few days of learning the qwerty board. Pictures are pretty good with the camera. Shoots good video also. Bluetooth is very good and easy to set up, (MOTO H700 and MOTO 685). And finally on light to moderate use (i.e. texts, e-mails, web surfing, calls, pictures, videos, music for the gym) the battery lasts for about 2.5-3 days between charging. Now on a heavy day of usage I'd say about 65-70% of the battery is used. As for the stand by time this is a really good thing, for me i was able to get almost 8 days out of mine, which included a few calls here and there, some txts and emails.

Now for the CONS.

Disabled GPS (VZW did it again.) 8(

Flash memory is under the battery... not good for those of us who keep extra music around for the long delays at the airport.

WiFi is disabled also. A few of the other models of the curve have WiFi capabilities not VZW 8330.

And lastly it's not MAC friendly, yet?!

All in all I really like this device. It has room for improvements, but if your a college student or professional there are plenty of apps out there you can use for your BB, from playing to professional, you'll be pleased you got a BB.



Jul 3, 2009 by remi

Ever since I got this phone, I've loved it to bits. After a few years of using it, my mother got herself her own Blackberry. It's BlackBerry Curve 8900. Looks the same, does the same things like the 8330 but way nicer looking, has got more stuff then mine and just very cool.

The PROS of my 8330 to a 8900:
~My internet it more closer looking.
~My internet doesn't have that cursor option set FOREVER.
~My 8330 can have themes unlike the forever theme of the 8900. (Kind of a boring theme, too)

The CONS of my 8330 to a 8900:
~The trackball is really smooth.
~Keys are easier to press. No worry slip. Bigger.
~Very thin.
~Has a fullscreen clock display.
~Probably lighter.
~If you like zoom out screen that display full web on internet, sure, it's better then 8330.

Normal PROS for my 8330:
~I like my colour maroon.
~LOVE the themes for this phone.
~Cute and small.
~Tougher then it looks.
~Internet is fast.
~I hardly go on my BlackBerry so the battery life is good and recharging goes fast.
~Lots of customs stuff you can do to suit your needs.
~Has MANY pre ringtones and alerts.

Normal CONS for my 8330:
~MSN sometimes glitched and doesn't send through mine or the other chatter's messages sometimes. (rarely. usually happens if recently recharged I'm guessing.)
~Hate how there's no MediaCard included. I bet most phones are like that though.
~Trackball sometimes get stuck or lags. (rare)
~GPS (for me at least) is REALLY slow.
~This is just a personal thing for me. I don't like backlight auto turn off. I like phones where the backlight stays on for as long as you want.
~Takes a while to load anything with over 1000 images. (personal again. tip: just press stop after it says 'loading images.' saves you time.)

Can't think of any more CONS. Otherwise, the best Blackberry I got yet!

Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330


Jun 10, 2008 by marcsensei

Coming from the Razr2 V9m this is a step up. I have been using the 8330 for about 3 weeks.

Nice colorful screen and good size
Access to Internet is quick and easy
Excellent reception and signal - no dropped calls yet
Crisp clear calls
Good 2MP camera for a phone
8gb microsd card for music, video, pics, etc
Excellent full duplex speaker phone
Strong vibrate

Battery life is poor - need to recharge after normal use every 2 days.

Amazing Reception in Rural Areas - Lovin' it


May 30, 2008 by lkc28902

8330 Curve on Verizon. 3-days.

Had a Razor for 2+ years. Reception was lousy in our rural area.. very sketchy, even in my home office.

Ordered a new Env2... and was disappointed to find that reception was even worse... I coudn't get a signal at home and there was no way to synchronize my contacts and calendar as I did with the razor.

Friend talked to me about the Blackberry... I keep asking myself .. self... "why didn't you do this years ago?"

Pros: Two bars in the same places that razor got one bar and Env2 got none. Very easy to use, easy to pair up with the bluetooth in my Prius. Easily setup multiple email accounts. Surfing the web on the go is awesome. Goes into hibernate when you slip it into the holster. Great voice recognition (and I have a geek accent with a southern draaaawlllll). Decent camera for a pda/phone.... flash is helpful. Comes with cables and software.. yeah!

Cons: Haven't found a short cut key to turn on "vibrate". Holster that came with it does not have a belt loop or belt clip - come on! I had to go buy a $19 belt clip. Have to remove battery to get to MicroSD card.... but how often does one actually remove the card?



Jun 30, 2008 by ITSJENI29

This phone is amazing! I have had almost every Verizon phone to date including the Treo and Moto Q (didn't like either)! I was kind of afraid of BB since I had heard they were complicated! Well I finally gave into my fears about 3 weeks ago and purchased the Curve! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Now I know why people say once you own a BB you can never own anything else!
Perfect Reception (and I live in a bad area right on the lake)
Awesome Picture Quality-WITH FLASH
Good Speaker phone
Nice Screen-Big and Clear
Awesome keypad
Love the roller ball
Everything is 110% customizable (is that a word? Haha)
Battery life is good
Email setup was easier then I thought it would be
I really don't have any!

I use my phone for more personal use then business! But it has everything I could ever want. Every other phone I had there were always a few things I would change about it! Not this one! THE CURVE IS WICKED AMAZING!!!

Verizon Curve is the Greatest


May 7, 2008 by nerlichman

Much nicer than the 8703e in that the keys are much more responsive, but I believe they are spaced out in the same manner. Also, there is a world of difference between the 8830 keyboard and the Curve.

Seems the same across the different phone I’ve had.

The curve has the same menu and interface as the 8330, but the rendering of the pictures and streaming of the videos and mp3 is much faster on the Curve. You will experience a noticeable difference.

I have also noticed that youtube is able to stream via the Curve’s browser.

Internet Browser
There is a mouse type pointed which you can navigate via the trackball, when you navigate over a link the pointer changes to a hand. Pretty cool change, makes surfing sites a bit simpler. Of course the Verizon Curve has the 3G chip so its blows the other carriers away with the data throughput.

Camera and MMS
I absolutely love the camera and the video functionality. The camera takes surprisingly good pictures and sends a nice bright flash when appropriate. There is an automatic flash setting, a crop setting, email, etc. MMS does not work to send video.

The Bad and the Ugly
The bad and the ugly are as follows: Of course Verizon disabled the GPS again. This is such a horrible decision on their part. The other carriers have no issue allowing any third party application to access the GPS functionality of the phone. However, with Verizon they force you to utilize VZ Navigator at a cost of $10.00 per month.


I wholeheartedly recommend this phone. I fell in love with it last year when it came out for AT&T. Now that its on the superior Verizon network. Go out and get it at the store, order May 9, 2008, or use the method above. At this point I would just go to the store. By the way, the Curve vibrates much stronger than any other model.

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