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LG enV2 (VX-9100)


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worked great while front keys still worked!


Dec 12, 2011 by rainmanva2011

i recieved this phone in may, 2009. i used it for a few years before upgrading to smart phone. was a great phone until the front keys magically stopped working.

beautiful screen
nice big keyboard for texting
easy to navigate menu layout
nice LOUD ringer
mp3 player

front keys stopped working
phone would lock up from time to time

the front key issue really got me going, i had it replaced through insurance only to receive a replacement phone that did the exact same thing, as of yesterday.. 12/11/2011 i finally lost this POS phone in the woods. so needless to say i dont use it anymore.

would have been a GREAT phone if the front keys would have worked.

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worst phone ever


Sep 15, 2010 by steveniowa

in the past year i have had to get vzw to send me not 1 replacement but 7 with in one year. i have been with vzw from day one and this is by far the worst phone i have had from them.

the front key's would lock up and wasn't able to use them.
phone would shut off and back on. one time it did it 18 times in a row
and some of the inside keys you can be texting and all at once there would be like 20 "O"
the inside send and end key's was stuck down when i got the phone.
the end/pwr key would not work at all would have to remove the bat. to end a call and it would start up on it's own when the bat was place back on.
i love the size and the full key bored for texting
camera did good but pore in the low light
small front screen but it was ok
good reception and voice quality

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good phone for a bit


Aug 23, 2010 by ffaith

The first time I got this phone I loved it! It is super easy to use and figure out and the keyboard is nice. The only thing I didn't like is the front key pad stopped working after maybe 5 months. So I am on my second lg env2, and this one also has button problems. I am going to switch phones soon, but will not by the same phone. This phone is great for teenagers and people who text a lot.:)

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Env 2


Jun 23, 2010 by alilyha

I loved this phone in the beginning. But it wasn't sturdy enough for the activities that i do.
I do rodeos and i go hunting, and this phone was that sturdy. My whole front screen doesn't work, and my phone when you open it is cracked on the thing you open it with. I have had it for 2 years and it has been a WONDERFUL phone.

Biggish keys
Texting pad
I just liked this phone overall.

Breaks kind of easily
Screen in front is to small


This phone has been through a lot.
It almost got stepped on by my horse.
I love it and i wish they still sold it. So now i want to get the env 3 or the env touch.
Hope you all that do have this phone like it and that it doesn't break like minee. :)

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May 9, 2010 by RachAel_TBB

so this phone was pretty fantastic when i first got it. it's got a great texting keyboard, it's pretty small, and it's got a relatively nice camera. but then about a month later, my OK button stops working. alright, whatever, no big. but then it starts shutting off every once in a while. now, about two months in, it shuts off every three and a half seconds(every time i shut it, and in the middle of texts and phone calls) and none of the buttons on the front work at all. i'm extremely disappointed.

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I don't like it.


Jan 29, 2010 by alyssacheyenne

Ive had this phone for about three months. I had one before but like always, The front buttons broke. I would NOT recommend this phone.
Pros: Good battery
Inside buttons work great
i like the colors.

Cons: Front buttons break easy
Front screen soo small!
No picture editing or flash
not a lot of memory AT ALL
Annoys you when done charging "CHARGING COMPLETE" "CHARGING COMPLETE" Over and over again
Kinda slow
messes up a lot
sometimes doesn't save pictures
bad sound.
scratches EASY!

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Oct 16, 2009 by dvalele

First i got this phone about 5 months ago and it BROKE. it started turning off randomly and during the worst time like in the middle of a call or while typing a message. One of my friends is on her 5th Env2!!!! ok SO i take it to the store and they send me a new one. now, THE INSIDE SCREEN DOESNT WORK!!!! i had it for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!!!!! what am i going to do on the front part of the screen. Now i cant even save my pictures to the memory card. I'm going to bring it in and get ANOTHER new one today. hopefully this one will work. i cant wait until they stop making the Env2 so when mine breaks they have no choice but to give me the new Env3
The upside to this phone is that its small and easy to text. IF I COULD TEXT ON THE KEYBOARD MADE FOR TEXTING ON

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Great Phone


Sep 16, 2009 by SkipTheStorm

-Good music player
-Great for texting
-Decent battery

-Poor vibrate
-Bad speaker phone

I upgraded to this phone from a razor, BIG difference. The env2 is a great texting phone, and I loved the fact that I could play my music on it. I can't complain about the front screen, yea, its small, but it still allows you to do what you need to do like quickly respond to a text and answer calls. I never much used the front, I'm a huge texter (average about 2000 a month) and got it for the keyboard, everything else was a bonus. The battery, as long as I wasn't using the music player, lasted about 2-3 days, depending on how heavy my texting was. With heavy texting I was charging it daily. I can't say much for the call clarity and all that, as I don't talk long on my phone. When I was forced into long conversations I could talk for at least 2 hrs before I would be forced to charge it.
The vibrate is poor. I would never feel it in my pocket. I could hear it if it were sitting on the desk next to me, but I would never feel it in my pocket.
This phone is durable. The entire time I owned it I worked at a fast food place, and I lost track of the times I'd dropped it open on the floor. It would work great, just picked it up and wiped it off. After the first drop I thought it was toast, but after the 4th one it kept going.
My env2 lasted about 13 months. I had to get a new phone when the OK button on the front stopped working. I've talked to another girl with the same phone and hers does that on occasion. I would say this is something to watch for, also some of the buttons on my keyboard wouldn't work right near the end, again something I'd say you'd want to watch for, as a texting phone that doesn't work right is rather useless and frustrating.

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love this phone and so does my friend and grandma


Sep 7, 2009 by narn3049

My grandma is a heavy texter, and she used to own Lg chocolate vx8500 in Cherry. She used it a lot, I had one, but I was not really "turned on" by the chocolate. I might get the chocolate 3 when I get the chance.

She just got a free upgrade and went for the chance. She is a faster texter on this phone and likes it better already then the chocolate, and this time she got the 8MB memory card so she can store more of her texts, My friends and girlfriend have this phone, my friend seth has black, he just got it from a family member that wanted a new phone and got the enV touch, I had the voyager, but due to the touchscreen breaking it was rendered unusable. The voyager is essentially the same phone but just with a touchscreen. 2.0 camera is a zip and 1 hour video is also a cool thing to have.

P.S right now I have the Motorola v276, so if anyone has any ideas for a new phone I should get just tell me on here.

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Exceptional phone.


Sep 2, 2009 by beyondmydestiny

So, I've had this phone for 4 months now, after switching from Sprint, I loved Sprint, but I recently got into a relationship, where my partner was a VZW user, so I thought it would be cheaper just to switch, and VZW has the best coverage here(followed by Sprint).

I've had 3 EnV2's now. I've had to use the warranty replacement twice.. The first phone, the entire internal screen short circuited for no reason.. the second one, it had an internal antenna problem and would lose service all the time(not a VZW coverage problem) but this one works fine.

Although this one has its problems, its nothing to go to verizon and complain about.. Like, it occasionally will freeze and i'll have to take the battery out, no biggie, or occasionally it'll restart itself for no reason.. but other then that its been working fine.

Size - Its not to big, I personally like the size of it, yeah sure it leaves a small buldge in your pocket, but its not as bulky as the original.

Keyboard - Great for texting! I text constantly, I send close to 15,000 a month. So this phone is great for texting.

Camera - Amazing camera, I take pictures more with it, then i do my actual camera.

Battery Life - I use my phone constantly(usually texting), but I still use it to talk, or surf the web, but the battery still lasts 2 days.

Outside keys - Large, I can easily press those with no problems.

Freezing - It does freeze, maybe its just this one?

Space keys are in a weird place on the keyboard, but you quickly get used to that.

Neither pro or con:
Outter display: Yes, its small, but its not too small, I use mine all the time, even if its just to answer a text, sometimes its just easier to use the outside. But i will admit that it is limiting.. oh well.

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