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LG enV2 (VX-9100)


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there is olny 1 problem with this phone


Aug 24, 2009 by patlumbard0701

This phone is great but thing i hate about it is that i have had it for a month and the front keys just stoped working and its never been droped or anything but other than that this is a great phone

A sad disappointment


Aug 13, 2009 by pwny

I've been using wireless telephones for about 11 years now. I've had everything from Nokia to Samsung to Motorola to LG to Sanyo. This phone is by far the biggest disappointment yet.

I had purchased an LG Banter from Alltel shortly before Verizon took over in my area (Charlottesville, VA), and paid the full $300 for the phone. When Verizon took over, the Banter didn't work, so they sent me the EnV2, assuring me that it was comparable to my Banter. They couldn't have been more wrong.

The phone LOOKS pretty and clean.
The audio quality when playing mp3s is better than average.
Great battery life.

Text messaging interface needs improvement. Too many button presses required before getting to type the actual message.
Keyboard is too cramped and flat, with awkward positioning of space keys as well as backspace.
The durability and scratch-resistance leave a lot to be desired.
The flip is very stiff and can be difficult to open one-handed at times.
The finish leaves the phone feeling almost too smooth... rather slippery and difficult to hold onto, or to hold against the ear with your shoulder (like while you look for your bluetooth)

This is my second EnV2 since they replaced my Banter, and I'm thoroughly unsatisfied. I'll be getting upgraded to a Blackberry Curve in about a week, and I can't wait to get rid of this LG. If you need something that's just simply better than nothing, the EnV2 will be great for you. If you want a real phone that works, looks good, and doesn't make you want to drive over it with a Hummer, steer clear.

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Aug 8, 2009 by 88Camaroguy

This is the worst phone i have ever had, i have had 3 since november its now august =(

good full keyboard

Weak phone
small front screen
calls ppl in yer pocket

I dislike this phone very much i wont ever get another LG phone. I am going to Samsung. they are the best. I have had 2 of them one got washed in the clothes washer and the other was run over by a fork truck and both still worked.
I am going to get a new phone in the morning hopfully i will be getting the Samsung Omnia =)



Jul 26, 2009 by tinaf

i love the phone,but it breks to much. the fromnt sceen keys always break and and i cant use it. i always have to go ge a new one nd it gets annoying. my ok button on he from screen is the main think to break and then the number keys. but as eveyone says the battey does last for a long ammount of time.

A phone you want to like, but too many problems.


Jun 27, 2009 by MidnightRose

I have had this phone since last September. I loved this phone up until a couple weeks ago and the 'Send', 7, 8, and 9 buttons on the front panel just completely stopped working. Also Ive noticed in the last couple months that the phone will shut off by itself at random, and twice I've had to take out the battery for it to come back on, most of the time I have to hold down the 'End' button for longer than normal or press it several times for it to turn back on. But the random shutoff, up until now, hasn't been as much of an annoyance but it has gotten worse. No water damage, and I have never dropped it. I'm going to my Verizon store Monday to see what it wrong with it.

1. I LOVE the full QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are nicely sized and evenly spaced and yes I do text more than talk.
2. The camera to me takes very good-quality pictures. You have to keep in mind that it is a cell phone camera and therefore it will never be as good as a digital camera, but for a cell phone it does take good-quality pictures.
3. Very loud speaker. I have to keep the volume no higher than 'Medium' or else it will blast your ears. And the loudest setting on speakerphone and the whole room can hear the other end.
1. The buttons on the front panel not working. From what I've seen on the net I'm not the only one experiencing this.
2. The annoying random shutoff that seems to get worse over time.
3. The design of the front panel. I feel like it could have been designed better. The front screen only being half an inch tall while the overly HUGE number pad takes up 80% of the phone space?
Conclusion: I like this phone...I really do. Or rather, I want to like this phone. I'll try a replacement for it and see what happens.

It is ok


Jun 24, 2009 by emilywe232

I think that the phone is a good phone. But for people that aren't to careful with phones this is not a good pick for you. if u drop the phone like two times some of the keys don't work and then it is hard to use. but other then that it is a good phone and if u have tiny fingers or normal sized fingers the keyboard is perfect. The camera is annoying to tho because it has no flash!



Jun 20, 2009 by Textaholic09

Let me make this short and to the point. DO NOT get this phone. I went through 3 of them in a short amount of time until I was able to trade the enV2 model in for another phone. The first one I had would reboot everytime I'd try to access Mobile IM and the keys on the front stopped working row-by-row after 2 weeks. The second one would just freeze while trying to access Mobile IM and I'd have to remove the battery and reboot the phone myself, and once again, the keys stopped working row-by-row. The third one was a joke! They sent me a certified pre-owned and I took it back the next day because the bottom row of keys on the front of the phone was sunk in and they didn't work plus the Mobile IM also froze. If you're thinking about getting this phone, run in ANY other direction and don't look back! I gave it the one star because the battery life was pretty good, and that's really the only good thing it had going for it.

otherwise great but...


Jun 13, 2009 by amandab220

I bought this phone about a week after it came out. It is great and very easy to use for texting and dialing as the buttons are easy to press. It is surprisingly indestructible on the outside. Around Christmas, I was walking up my steep driveway (cobblestone and about 30 ft long 20-30% grade) and it fell out of my pocket at the top. It fell all the way down the driveway and got ran over by a car and there was only a small dent on the corner of the phone. However, the exterior buttons refused to work after that. But I have had many friends that said their env2's exterior buttons stopped working for no reason.

-very accident proof
-very nice buttons both exterior and interior
-nicely spaced buttons on the interior
-screens are bright and colorful
-feels solid
-nice display themes
-loud speakers

-glitch where buttons stop working
-a tad bit thick in my opinion
-exterior screen is too small
-it has randomly shut off many times

All in all, I think it is a great messaging phone for all ages, with only a few cons.

great phone


May 30, 2009 by jordancurtiss.

my favorite phone ever really really really really good



May 29, 2009 by Jackson10

I suppose this is a good phone if you want to stay with the style.

I had this phone for ONE day...ONE day and the front screen went blank...so i went to verizon and they gave me a replacement...the phone worked fine until...the buttons on the front stopped working,,,the OK button of course which made the whole front screen useless. So i called verizon and they shipped me a new one...NO CHARGE wasn't that nice of them. You'd think after spending two hundred some dollars on a phhone it would work...

To be fair...I did like some things about the phone...The battery life was really good I'd go three days before I'd even have to plug it in. The camera on the phone was really good, however i have a camera..who needs a great one on a cell phone.

If you want to look good talking on your cell phone...buy this phone...if you want to actually beable to talk on your cell phone...DONT buy this cell phone.

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