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SAMSUNG N240 is Junk


Oct 13, 2002 by Chinee Fetchins

I went through 3 of these phones in 2 weeks through Sprint. They cannot hold a signal. I was searching for service next to a friend who had a 4 bar signal, also with Sprint. I could be sitting in my living room with 4 bars, make a call and lose service during the call. This happened on more than one occasion. If you want a phone with a pretty blue light, this is the phone for you. If you actually intend to make calls, keep shopping. I give this phone a 1 for its pretty light.

Very nice Phone


Aug 12, 2002 by Gil Sutherland

Very nice phone. Small, beautiful and compact with great reception.

Hit Or Miss


Dec 1, 2002 by Brian Berg

This is a great looking phone that for me at least, has been incredibly easy to sell while i have been working for sprint.... However, the reliability on this phone is questionable at best. Certain handsets work great, good signal, good battery life and almost never drop calls. On the other hand, some handsets are garbage. Never hold signal, turn on and off for no reason, drop calls with full bars. If you really like this phone and are determined to buy it, make sure you are prepared to return it several times untill you find a handset that works properly, and dont be afriad to take it back into a sprint store.

Underrated Phone....


Aug 22, 2002 by Houston PCS

This is one of the best phones on the market... light weight, solid construction, clear reception, and no overkill on needless bells and whistles. I upgraded to this phone after having the Motorola Timeport for a couple of years, and wow, what a difference. Great phone... I'd recommend it to anyone.

A Simply Terrible Phone :(


Feb 15, 2005 by mochipop

I bought this phone as a replacement for my stolen Samsung N400. I am a teenager without much money, so to save money I found the Samsung N240, which I got for $40. Now I regret ever buying this phone (even for such a cheap price), and recently spent $137 for a Samsung A620 camera phone instead.


+ Inexpensive (but not worth it)
+ Tiny & light
+ Sleek design & nice blue and silver color
+ Brilliant blue lighting
+ Nice ring tones
+ Optional blue flip cover included


- Barely any special features~ how boring!
- Terrible reception~ dropped too many calls
- Phone gets unbearably hot after 10 minutes of conversation.
- Lacks customization

Overall the Samsung N240 is a boring, unreliable phone that is not worth even the $40 that I bought it for. If you're looking for a cheap phone, I advise you to save up for a better one that is a little bit more expensive. If I had read everyon else's reviews before-hand, I would not have even considered the N240. I am looking forward to my A620! :D

Rugged Phone Will Take an amazing Beeting!


Dec 14, 2004 by sylec

I've owned this phone for the last two years and have been extremely dissatisfied with it's ability to keep calls. I purchased it because of it's looks and even got one for the little lady. After a while I disconnected the second phone and then decided to get a new contract with a different vendor (currently on sprint). Since I can't take the phone with me, I have tested it's ruggedness to see how long this phone could go on living with extreme abuse! For every call this phone dropped I would kick it across the room, gym, parking lot, or wherever I may have been. Basically, this phone has felt every textured surface known to man. Amazingly, after 2 years of service, I have grown quite fond of throwing and kicking this phone around. Great for stress! I've even adapted my speech to communicate with whomever is on the other side, the key is to speak in syllables, the redial option on the phone is a single key stroke that it simple to master. I now sound like Caine from the 1970's "Kung-Fu" TV series.

Wonderful phone!


Aug 29, 2004 by ag00fygal

This phone is wonderful. Only had one and it lasted 2 years. Love the compact size, no dropped calls. Signal was great. Love the blue screen and the fact that it is a brick phone, with optional cover for the number pad that you don't have to open to talk. Only reason I traded up was Sprint offered me a trade up, but I still have my N240 for back up and the way my new one is going, I am going right back to it!

Ouch...this one is worse...


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

I cant even give this phone a .5 for its convenience due to its excessive problems.

Problem 1: HORRIBLE signal capabilities, the phone just will not keep a call, and its a severe rarity to even get a maximum signal in the best areas with this.

Problem 2: The back display... That thing will go out very easily, then you are stuck with a blank blue screen, no text. Not very convenient, and its not likely it wont happen to you at some point in time.

Problem 3: The universal samsung charger... The charging pin can easily bend or break, especially with this phone, causing alot of problems, and since it isnt possible to get a desktop charger for this, your looking at buying a new car charger every month unless you bronze the thing *dont do that*.

Problem 4: Horrible battery life. Will not keep up with you. Use it for an hour *your lucky to be able to do that* and your phone is either dead, or nearly dead. I didnt pay for 2000 min to charge my phone after every hour and a half.

Problem 5: The bottom flips... I have seen so many customers try to pry that thing off to get the other flip off that they almost always tear up the port at the bottom. Thats not something you can fix, and usually your sent home with a "Thats not a warranty issue".

All in all, pass it up. The only worse phone out there is the LG 1010.

continuous dropped calls


Jul 6, 2003 by Rich Reyes

This phone is very nice looking with simple and easy to use features. The only problem which is starting to get very frustrating is the reception. We continously get call or signal faded in the middle of a call. It's just too bad that sprint does not offer a phone of this style and size. I know it's a little too late to recommend not getting this phone since it is no longer offered but I had to get my 2 cents in.

Great Phone!


Aug 1, 2002 by Brian Daly

The SPH N240 phone is great

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