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The best Sprint phone ever!!


Mar 23, 2003 by Chris Hylton

This phone is truly amazing! In the Cleveland, Ohio region, this phone outperforms the signal quality of the Sanyo 4900. I have had my pone for one month and I have not dropped a single call as opposed to the A500 by Samsung which I always drop calls. The phone has many pros such as pop3 email access so you can download your email to your phone (not web-based) You can also used animated GIFs on the phone for screen savers due to the phones' JPEG accelerator. The phone has a alarm function that goes off when the phone is off. The phone has all of the features of the SCP-4900 except a smaller size and no dedicated speakerphone button and no call screening. The phone lights up every 30 seconds but you can turn that off, it can also be programmed to ring with a specific color or picture when a specific caller calls. The sound is excellent and the speakerphone is excellent. Callers can't really tell they are on speakerphone. It has a jukebox function that will play any MIDIs and will play then while you charge the phone. This phone is the best Sprint phone I have ever owned and I've had almost every phone sprint has offered since August 2001. The few bad things about this phone is that it is single band, but it doesn't affect me in Cleveland, OH. The phone has so many features and the Sprint manual sucks that I don't even know everything that the phone can do and that when you change your vision username, the phone doesn't update it to good. Besides that the vision works like a charm and pages load fast and it has the Openwave browser that to me is the best, the only browser better would be the Openwave browser on the LG-LX5350. Finally, I have yet to find a good case for this phone but I want a pouch because this phone is so nice, you do not want to cover it up!! The phone is $ 180, so it's a great price!!

Strong Feature Set
Many flashy features

Sprint manual
Single band (if you live in a smaller city?)

A little too complicated for the average consumer


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

This phone had the potential to be great. A design akin to the very successful sanyo 4900, one of the few black phones sprint sells (which is the reason I bought it), speakerphone, the ability to record your own ringers...but... The signal falls very short of the sanyo 4900, the menu is very over-complicated, the signal fades in and out on me in places my 4900 never failed, and the battery seems to eat itself alive. And then there is the biggest fault of all... The internet is horribly difficult to use, and most of the time the excessive load times make you want to pull your hair out while hitting the end button over and over again, just trying to get it off of that annoying screen. Many applications that normally work for most phones, such as the pcs vision news service, are totally wasted on this product. With my 4900, the service never missed a beat, downloading and listening to the news was easy, as well as downloading ringers... But with this phone, I havent been able to get one news message since the day I got it, and when I download ringers, the phones horrible screen design makes the web pages look and feel horrible. Constant errors, freezing up, losing calls... This is not how a phone should work. However, I will give it one bit of praise... The silent, outdoor, and normal phone modes button on the top left is pretty handy, as well as the keyguard lock. Thats really the only reason to have this phone... Its easy to turn it off if it shouldnt be on...



Nov 7, 2002 by bludrac

this phone is awsome! Good sound quality. flashy lights and everything. i just can't figure how to use the speaker phone.

Can't wait to toss this phone


Sep 7, 2005 by lauriekl

Bleh! I hate this phone. Yeah, the reception is pretty good, the screen sure is pretty, the ring tones are fun to customize, I figured out how to surf the web without too much trouble, and the phonebook is easy to customize. DOWNSIDES: The quality and loudness of the call sucks. I've had continual problems being able to hear the person I'm talking to -- you know, the primary activity you usually do with a cell phone? Increasing the call volume didn't help. Conversations are really hard to conduct due to the half-duplex nature of the phone (if you talk, you can't hear). The antennae and battery case cover fell off. The phonebook is a pain in the butt to navigate (press joystick right, type something to jump to that spot in the list, scroll down down down because you can only jump to the first letter in the entry -- oh, and you must type something to start or the list looks like it is empty). Using the extra features, like text messaging, call waiting, and speaker phone are all practically impossible and must require esp or something.
God I miss my old battlehorse Nokia.

Hitachi SH-p300/ The best phone I've ever HAD!!!


Feb 7, 2004 by Ronin

Now only if we can get flip phones to be as good as this one. This phone even has more download space. I have over 31 items downloaded on to this phone and this phone has yet to freeze up on me like my past cell phones. I have not even dropped a call.

Forget it


Dec 19, 2003 by scottegos2

Not only does the manual represent a nadir in the history of technical writing, but the features are laid out in an almost incomprehensible way. To access the speakerphone, for example, you have to be connected to a call. THEN you get an "option" popup, press that button, then press 3 to turn on the speaker. Got it? I didn't think so. By the way, the speakerphone isn't particularly loud, in any case.
Then, of course, it comes with no games and precious little else, so you can pay Sprint per kilobyte to download stuff. If you want to transfer or sync from your computer, plan on another $50-100. Bleah. AT&T, here I come.

Almost Perfect


May 3, 2003 by Tim Horton

Tim G. Horton
Plymouth MN (Twin Cities Area)

Sprint offered me $150 towards a new phone so it was hard to choose between this phone & the sanyo 4900 but guess who won, with it's sleek thin design, great features and light weight. The P300 won hands down. This phone is great for the personal user or business user.

One thing that really caught my eyes was the flashing colored caller id on the back of the phone.

Also the phone entries and details are great cause you are given the options of entering a web address,Blood type, and so much more.

The ringer is also very loud and clear and the vibrating motor is very strong.

The reception I have recieved is better then my old nokia 6185 which i replaced with this phone.

The speakerphone is very clear and of great sound quaility, people I talk to can even tell i am on a cell phone.

I do wish though that they would have offered more shortcut options for the cursor key (as was done with the samsung n400)

Sound & Call Quality are superb.
Top Notch Reception.
Great Set of Features

No Direct Speakerphone access key
User Manual



Nov 13, 2003 by bucky71

Everything positive said about his is true, so I won't bore you with it again. However, no one mentioned one the most significant features. This phone has a POP server that allows someone to check email quickly and easily. Awesome feature.

Great Phone


May 9, 2003 by Ryan Parrish

One of the best Sprint phones ever made. I have owned nine other Sprint phones and this one is number one. The amount of features that this phone comes with is incredible, the sound quality is equally impressive, and this is only Hitachi's first attempt at making a wireless phone. I cannot wait to see what Hitachi has in store for us in the future.

Not worth the wait!


Oct 15, 2002 by Mike Chambers

Waited forever for this phone to come out because it had the TFT LCD display like the A500 and it had speaker phone. But when I got it, I saw many things I didn't like. Mainly, the speaker phone was not a one-touch access. I had the Sanyo 4500 which had a button to press for instant speaker phone. But with the P300, you have to wait for the person to answer, then push through 2-3 menu options before you can turn on the speaker. Plus I did not like the joystick. Too small. I took it back and went with the A500. Much better!

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