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Excellent, Simple Phone


Jan 13, 2006 by bing722

This was my first phone with Verizon Wireless, and I had it for 2 years. It served me well during that time with no major problems.

- This phone gets a very good signal. Not the best, but very acceptable. Very few dropped calls in 2 years.
- Tri-mode!
- LOUD speakerphone!
- LOUD ringtones/earpiece volume
- Very strong vibrate
- Very nice menu layout
- Comes with 2 games (granted, they aren't spectacular, but better than nothing)
- Good battery life

- From normal wear, the numbers rub off of the buttons
- Monochrome screen (if that matters to you)
- Poor selection of ringtones

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My phone rocks


Jun 3, 2003 by Robert Cook

Well, I'm currently working as a cellular service technician, and I found that this phone is the best.

When I first got this phone, I wasn't at all sure that it would be right for me. Seeing phones all day long however, I looked for one that I had never seen come to my counter. This is the only phone that can still carry that title, five months after our stores started to sell them. The overall volume of the phone (ringer, ear piece, headset jack, and speaker phone feature) is tremendious. If you want to raise your call volume, make a call, and push over to the right to raise the ear piece volume. the memory features of the phone (voice dialing, the ability to pull numbers into your text messages, the phone book size itself) is tremendous. I find that a lot of older couples getting a cell phone for the first time start with this phone.
Another feature I am quite pleased with is my battery life. I can get close to four hours of talk time, or a complete standby time of around 5 days without charging. Right now, I average six days, with three hours of talk, and about 200 text messages (the text feature is so easy with this phone).
I haven't found any drawbacks yet, which is the only reason that it got a 4.5 om the scale. (think about it... if nothing has gone wrong this far, when will it, and will it be able to be fixed at all?)
All and all this phone is suprisingly a great investment, especially for high school grads that are just going to need a phone for college, or for starting prfessionals who are on the go.

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great middle-end phone


Feb 10, 2003 by Ant fabunan

Good phone that LG has put out...fairly inexpensive...right now I think it's $69.99 on the Verizon Wireless Website.

Pros....Inexpensive, great reception, stupid-simple to use and to learn to use, speakerphone quality is plenty loud...much louder than any Audiovox phone, polyphonic ringtones, GPS, and good battery life.

Cons....If this were a flip phone it would be a 5. Other than that, no other real cons shoot out at me.

It's about the same size as the Motorola v120 and about the same weight. You can also change the border around the screen different colors.

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LG VX2000


May 25, 2003 by Heather Aldrich

If you're looking for a loud phone, the lowest setting on this phone is still very loud. The amount of ring tones where enough for me, the speaker phone is nice, and becoming a rare commodity in some of the newer phones. The lock button and the button to switch to vibrate or silence is only one button and very easy to use. In general I've found the LG phones to be pretty user friendly. The phone has voice activation as well which is surprisingly accurate. I've had the phone for only a few months now, but I think I've tried almost everything the phone has to offer, which is surprising more than many of the phones out there now. The largest cons I found with it are: It doesn't have the new camera feature, it's not a flip phone if that's what you're looking for, the GPS is basically useless, and it's not in color. For the price though, it's a nice reasonably light and small, smooth, very attractive phone that (most importantly) has more features available than most phones. I originally wanted a flip phone but many of them have quite a few less features than this phone.

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VX 2000


Feb 25, 2003 by Jamie F.

Great phone!

However, the ring tones are bad and there is no polyphonic ringtones either.

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Don't Waste Your Money


Dec 21, 2004 by flightdog

I've had this phone for about 18 months and I cannot read the keys any longer. The letters are wearing off. I am also having problems getting it to connect within areas with excellent cell coverage.

You cannot download new ring tones and the ones that come with the phone are pathetic.

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Lg 2000


Sep 14, 2004 by SublimeChica

This phone is not a terribly bad phone but it is not the most cool phone. It is pretty ugly and the ring tones SUCK! It would be a lot better if it was a flip phone. It is a very loud phone but it just isn't very stylish. If you are a person that doesn't mind having a phone that isn't stylish and needs loud ringers then this phone is for you. I also always got very good reception with this phone.

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May 29, 2004 by monoxyde

My previous phones have been Nokia and Motorola. These phones may not have all the bells and whistles in the world, but they definately get the job done well.

LG on the other hand, its very sluggish. My phone locks up occasionally, and I get very bad signal. I live in a relatively big city, there are plenty of digital towers around. When I had my Motorola, I always had digital signal. With LG, I pick up the crappy analog.

I really hate this phone. The battery life is horrible. If I fully charge my battery at night, then I will have a dead battery by the next night, and I don't do that much talking!

All in all, I'd recommend you NOT get this phone, it'll be the worst decision you ever made.

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Good standard phone


Aug 15, 2003 by John Smith

This is a great "standard" cell phone without too many frills. I wanted a simply phone that would simply work. No games, I only need 1 ringer, etc. This one has too many features for me, but the ring tones really suck. I'm not talking about not having enough goofy ones, there's simply none that are simple enough to tolerate.

Other than that, I get great reception, great call quality, and the Verizon service in the Bay Area seems to be the best provider. When on road trips, I end up being the only one with service. It's really easy to navigate the menus with everything you need just a button or two away. The big time and date display are just what you want when you first look at the phone.

As far as cell phones go, this is a 4.5 to 5 for quality, but it is a cell phone, so it inheirantly sucks, so that's where the 'ding' comes from. I don't think I can ever give a 5 - 5 being the quality of a corded home phone.

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LG VX2000: Outstanding


Jul 12, 2003 by ryan m

I just wanted to say a few words about this excellent phone I recently purchased. WHile yes, the vx2000 isn't brand new and doesn't feature a color screen, if you're looking for simplicity without acrificing all the "necessary" functions, I would definitely recommend taking a look at this one before shelling out the cash for the more expensive models, which, as I learned do not have all of the features this model has. In particular, I needed a speakerphone and I have to say that this one works very well.
The ringers, while some are kind of generic, are definite loud enough as is the speaker during conversation.
The menu isn't bad, but it does take some time to familiarize yourself with it if you are accustomed to a Nokia for example. Everything on this phone does what it should do and does it well. For 29.99, I certainly can't complain about that. If this phone had downloadable ringtones, I'd give it a 5. I can live with the tones they gave me, however so it easily gets the 4.5. Try it out, I think you'll likely find that it has everything you probably need as well.

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