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Motorola Renegade V950


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Best cell phone I've ever had or know of!


Nov 3, 2008 by PlatMan

This phone has just about everything a phone could ever have ..... all the bells and whistles are there.

The two very best things about it is the solid Mil Spec built quality and all the kewl features / displays it has. Of course it gets excellent reception and fantastic sound quality.

The ONLY bad thing that I can say about this phone is not really the phone itself, but rather the standard battery that comes with it. Got to be the shortest lasting battery for a normal days usage that I ever encountered. I do give this phone a 5 star rating though because you can purchase the extended battery and extended battery door through Sprint.com and this battery has excellent charge holding capabilities = to or more than other extended batteries do. It's a must to have the extended battery if you use the phone allot each day. So, I give it 5 stars with the extended battery.

To sum it all up, I left AT&T Apple iPhone and VZW's Motorola Adventure V750 to get the Sprint Motorola Renegade V950 ..... The Moto Renegade and Sprint combined makes for a fantastic combination of equipment and service ... great phone with fantastic coverage!

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Oct 6, 2008 by kimluke3078

I bought this phone about a month ago and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!.
I have had no problems with it excellent service with the DC and voice calls.
Internet and email service is awesome.

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Amazing Phone


Sep 30, 2008 by gatorgirl

I too am a Sprint Employee and was amazed when I saw this phone. We can't keep it in stock at our store. It is in high demand.

The phone is built like a work horse and has many many amazing features to it. The rubber feel on the phone is fantastic and feels great in your hands.

I can't complain about the battery yet because I just got it but I am probably going to invest in the extended battery just incase.

The screen both inside and outside is very bright and extremely large. My memory card from my blackberry curve transfered over all my pictures thank god!

The menu is very user friendly.

The direct connect is a breeze on the phone and goes right through with no problems or hesitation.

This phone is just above and beyond amazing. I highly recommend this phone to everyone that wants a durable, user friendly phone that has great reception, call clarity, great speed on the internet--talk about fast WOW!!, and fast direct connect. Email me at gatorgrl313@yahoo.com with any questions you may have on this phone or any other phone that Sprint/Nextel has.

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Good Overall


Sep 19, 2008 by WhatsMyName

Okay so I work at Sprint/Nextel and have had every phone from treo-blackbery curve- ic 902- now finally this phone.

I opened the box and was very pleased to see the phone looked like a razr (even though i hated the razr) I was sleek and stylish and overall it was rugged.

Pros: camera- Very nice camera for i also work at a warehouse and for those funny accidents.

Reception- Gets much better coverage then ic902. bout the same as a treo or curve.

DC- My girlfriend has the I880 and i talk to her alot using the Dc and its just as fast with no delay between the two phones.

Screen- Very nice large display inside in and out.(even though mine has a glitch where is blanks out)

Web- Is fast for used to Pda's this web works pretty well.

DC speaker- is pretty loud i can usually hear my g/f over the fork trucks in the warehouse.

Rugged- Has Very nice rubber outer shell and it can take a beating doesn't scratch very easily.

keypad- Is very nice good quality rubber but you can tell the different keys apart. LED lights for the numbers.

Alarm- Only rings one time which is bad for me because i rely on that very much.

Ringer- Is pretty soft for what a Nextel want to be phone

Battery- SUCCCKKSS!! only got 3 hours on a full charge but i text like crazy. I purchased the extended battery and cover for it and it is well worth it the ext bat cover is all rubber and very nice (better then orig)

Camera button- There is no camera button on the side of the phone making it impossible to take pics while the phone is closed ( a feature i use )

Overall this is a great phone and i am very happy with it. the only thing that they could have really improved in is making it not a Motorola (i hate them) But i have to say they really impressed me with this one!!!

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V9m to V950


Oct 29, 2008 by drake

This is a heck of a phone here ladies and gentlemen. This is the first direct connect phone I've had since March 06 and I'm impressed. I've had a few quirks but other than that it's been a great phone.

Military Spec
Camera zoom is better than any other I've seen
Bright Flash, very bright
LOUD music is crystal clear too
Direct Connect or not your choice
Able to go through call log without opening
Application manager

Different way of going through contacts
Battery life
no use of camera when closed

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Powerful and Intuitive


Oct 27, 2008 by Emmanuel D

I've only had this phone for a few days now and must say that this is the best phone I've ever owned since Sanyo's MM-9000 back in 2005.

It has an array of features, must notably; stereo bluetooth connectivity, a military spec. shell, and a 1.5 inch external display which shows the phones status without even opening the phone.

Other features include Nextel's Direct Connect which allows you to use the phone like a walkie-talkie, a media player with external controls, a dedicated e-mail client and a 2 mega-pixel camera with 4X optical zoom with flash.

On the flip-side, it doesn't come with a data cable and the phone's processor is a bit on the slow side. Given the price of the phone, I think Motorola could have done a better job in that department, but overall an excellent phone with a decent feature set.

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"Quick n Sweet" Moto-950


Sep 15, 2008 by fergs1son

I have this phone by accident. I was having trouble with my ic-902 (which I love). I had taken it in severel times to be fixed. After the 4th time the manager brought the v-950 out and said that we are not even selling this yet, just recieving stock. They were able to transfer all 275 contacts in no time at all. The DC works great and the coverage is just as good. I absolutly love that it connects to my e-mail and gets to my music so fast. I am very impressed so far. The only complaint I have is the battery life is very short. Maybe some more rugged colors would be cool. Overall, this phone is money well spent - oops, I did not pay for it. I got it because they could not fix my 8 month old IC-902. I love this phone

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Sep 9, 2008 by benmalinois


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Nice phone


Sep 7, 2008 by pawlovesprintel

I must say this phone is a very sleek. The service is great, the internet connection is great and so is the speed of the walkie talkie. Sprint Nextel is truly the king of walkie talkie service. No other company is a match for them. The only thing i must say the battery dies out very quickly. I am soon to purchase an extended battery and i suggest for future users for this phone.

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A RAZR For Nextel Users...Finally!


Sep 2, 2008 by midnight407

I've only had the phone for about six hours but I can tell you that it is definitely a keeper. I had friends get the LX400 (he loved it, says the battery life sucks) and the Z400 (he hated it, returned it and went back to iDEN) and with mixed emotions about qChat, I was nervous. Motorola is the way to go when it comes to PTT, whether it be iDEN or qChat. Very hard to tell a difference from my old iDEN phones, the screen is very bright, people are very impressed with the size/weight, etc. Love that it gets my e-mail, has a 2MP camera with flash, comes with a 256MB MicroSD card and get this folks....FINALLY A NEXTEL THAT RINGS AND VIBRATES! I know, it's a Sprint phone with Nextel Direct Connect service, but let's be honest, non-Nextellers know this phone as the Nextel RAZR. It feels very sturdy and has a good tactile feel to the keyboard. The GUI is very similar to the ic902 from what I'm told. It's very customizable. The only downside that I've found so far was that the store I bought it at told me they couldn't transfer my contacts because the phone was so new that it wasn't in their system. I simply went home, uploaded a CSV with my contacts to Sprint.com and then sync'ed it to my phone. In about 30 mins I was up and running! Sorry for such an unorganized review, it's my first!

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