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Powerful & Classic


Aug 9, 2009 by mr_fosta

The 6301 is classy. I like the compactness of this bar style phone. It looks great and it works great. I get many compliments on the phone and how well it takes pictures.

My favorite features of the 6301 are the interactive screen with the customizable shortcut bar, and the ability to sync the phone with my MS Outlook. With the ability to sync with Outlook I have no need for a PDA. The phone will sync either by USB or blue-tooth (cool). The shortcut bar is great, because most of the phone's features that I use frequently can be added. Thus, there is no need to navigate through the menus. For the ones that I cannot put on there, I put those under the "Goto" list.

All in all, the 6301 is a great phone. It has excellent signal strength, great style and is very functional. It is the best mid-range cell phone that I have owned so far. The 6133 runs a close second. It just lacks a few features from this newer model. Nokia is my favorite cell phone manufacturer.

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Excellent Phone


Jul 6, 2008 by tacoma

Pros: .Wi-Fi connects very fast without using a T-Mobile router(Works great from my home wireless router with 2 computers running on it)Unlike the Samsung T409 it's replacing

.Excellent Sound Quality

.Nice 2.0 Mp Camera

.Light and Thin (can't tell it's in your pocket)

.Large color screen that can be seen in direct sunlight

.Excellent Reception over towers and wi-fi

.Very sturdy feel

.Nokia Quality throughout

Cons: Only gripe I have about the phone is the battery life,it's kinda short compared to most other Nokia phones I have owned,but it's still acceptable to me

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I love this phone.


Jun 25, 2008 by AndrewT

I won this phone the other day and I have to say that I LOVE this phone.

I used to carry the 5300 and loved it to.

First: It looks and feels very professional. The phone is very classy almost to the point of looking pretentious but my whole life is pretentious so I love it.

It has Nokia quality reception (best in the business), coupled with UMA for areas without great coverage. (I use this a lot, my house, in NW Ga, doesn't get but maybe 1 bar reception on a good day.)

The screen is very clear and very bright and the colors are outstanding.

It has a standard Nokia/T-Mobile interface, nothing special there.

The camera at 2.0 is very clear and produces clear images.

Comes with 1/2 gig card... I don't really see the point, what does 512mb even hold anyways?

The music player is a lot better than the clunky interface of the 5300 and reads more info from the MP3 tags so it's more manageble.

Audio quality is the best i've ever heard on it, that is after i turned voice clarity on, before it's so-so.

The new messaging interface and new t-zones interfaces are fantastic as well. Much more streamlined and make a lot more sense.

The battery life, however, sucks. Period. That may just be my phone, but it dies in a single day under light use.

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Best Nokia Phone that I have ever owned!


Aug 11, 2010 by HemiVic   updated May 3, 2013

I've owned three Nokia 6301 phones since 2008 and it is by far the best Nokia Phone that I have ever owned! I've always been partial to Candy Bar phones and never been a fan of any 4G Touch Screen Smart phone. I need a phone for the basics which are calling and texting! That's it! This phone has it all including an FM Radio and music player which really come in handy when working out at the gym! The phone is loud, very clear, takes great photos, and has good size keys when texting is required. This little phone can take a beating as I have dropped it several times and even stepped on it once when it fell off my belt clip! It still works fine! The life of the battery can be improved but other than that it's perfect! I recently purchased a Nokia 700! The smallest Smart Phone on the Market! After one week, I sold it and found a brand new Nokia 6301 from a third party seller! I simply could not get use to a touch screen phone! What most Nokia owners don't know is if there is a mini USB port on your phone, you can simply download Nokia Suite on your Home Computer and download the latest software for your Nokia phone. Even if your phone is discontinued and a few years old, you can still upgrade it with some new modern hardware. Why give up on a great phone that still works today! This is the best candy bar phone that Nokia has ever made and is still very up to date in the year 2013!

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Sweet Simplicity


Nov 5, 2009 by jreisner

This is one of the sweetest phones ever made. I watched and waited for over a year for the price to come down to a reasonable level and it was well worth the wait.

If you are looking for a simple, elegant, solid and durable candybar style phone, look no further.

Here are some of the reasons this phone is one of the most popular Nokias ever:

- Not too small, not too large, perfect thickness
- Substantial weight but not too heavy
- Body mostly of metal (brushed stainless steel)
- Beautiful bright display (so bright it is a very effective flashlight)
- Simple, intuitive menus (like all other Nokia Symbian 40 phones)
- Excellent call quality, very loud call and ringer volume
- Very loud and excellent quality speakerphone
- Better than average battery life (with bluetooth turned off)
- Strong vibration
- Quick and easy texting
- Good music player
- Good camera (though not as good as many other 2 MP camera phones)

Here are a few downsides to this phone, which do not hurt its popularity:

- Screen scratches easily (especially since the screen is raised slightly from the rest of the body)
- You have to remove the battery cover to access the MicroSD card (but thankfully you don't have to power off the phone)
- The phone does not vibrate while charging
- The camera is not not as good as other 2 MP camera phones
- You can't rotate pictures to use as wallpaper like other Nokias
-It is not the quickest of Nokias though not nearly the slowest

All told, this phone is a rare gem. There have been very few phones made like this one, and it is unlikely that there ever will be again. So - get it while you still can!

One important note: If you are getting an unlocked version for AT&T, in order to get best reception buy the 6300b version which has 850 band (you can tell by looking under the battery at the model number printed there).

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A wonderful phone, if it could be used all day.


Jun 27, 2009 by Shorty Lickens

I only gave this phone a 2/5 because its a Nokia. I love the brand and tend to think they make the most practical phones but this one stinks simply because of the weak battery. I could not find a hi-capacity replacement either.

Excellent build quality all around. The stainless steel is a nice touch. Feels very sturdy and well-built. They include a nice little steel docking station with the phone, which is a great bonus and not even high end smartphones come with something like that.
Usual high quality Nokia interface, which I have slowly come to love over the past few years.
Very nice, large, high quality screen for such a small bar phone. You have to decide for yourself if thats worth giving up a large keypad. I didnt mind but I have small fingers.
Changing settings is easy. Setting up profiles is a snap All shortcuts can be fully customized.
The media player is good and you can set almost any format audio as a ringtone. Easily upgradeable with an SD card.
Cellular call quality was good. Wifi calls (UMA) sounded excellent. You can NOT use Wifi for any data, just voice calls. All data is handled on T-mobiles slow network. There is no 3G.

-- Wifi kills the battery in a very short time. -- Leaving Wifi turned off still results in a relatively short battery life. Even with casual usage it wont last a whole day.
Not using it at all (standby) is not much of an option, since this is supposed to be a high-end phone with web browsing and media playing. Why get something so nice if you cant use it?

What would have been a perfect phone from Nokia was ruined by the horrid battery life. I could not find any extended batteries. I didnt want to carry around a couple of spares in my pocket, and thats what you would need to do to use this phone all day long.

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Nokia 6301


Mar 31, 2009 by da310035

well what can i say about this great little phone.
i love it for its size has a very sturdy feel.
mp3 player is great.
camera is great for pictures not so crazy about the video.
tho i find it annoying that on the profiles menu it has an option for light effects... what light effects it has two little blue lights on the side but they don't turn on when the phone is ringing or any other notification only when you have a missed call or unread text which is nothing special..
well overall i love this phone for all the features it has..

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Nokia's Richly Packed 6301


Mar 13, 2009 by skanky13

Nokia has released another great phone. This 6301 has a beautiful screen. The colors have depth and clarity. You can also read the screen under direct sunlight.

The 6301 is very well made, you can feel the quality in the buttons, metal encasing, and weight. Nokia call quality.

I was impressed with pictures taken on the 2mp camera. They make nice 4x6s.The music player clarity is awesome-must use included adapter for your favorite headphones.

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high end


Aug 31, 2008 by phonybalony

Had this phone about 3 days - from T-Mobile. Bought for the awesomeness of the UMA enabled WiFi. Plus the screen- truly brilliant- even in sunlight. Reception is not as good as the old brick. One con is more about the provider- they seem to have disabled the voice command features even though its listed on the T-M web site. The overall phone is slick but its supposed to work as a modem according to Nokia's manual. But both T-M and Nokia tech support had no idea how to rig it for such . But one pro for the provider (although store employees have no idea about this feature) - you can access 5 email accounts and download the content as text messaging - no data charge! T-Mobile has about 3 killer apps like this that the others can't touch. The music player is pretty cool with great sound as is the radio- good reception. But the user manual is a joke really- it covers everything that is intuitive and discusses zero about how to actually use the phone. Like how do you upload music. Not even broached. And its not easy unless maybe you have a PC and get the PC Suite. I have a Mac. How dumb is that now that iPhone poses a threat to the #1 maker. One more T-M gripe - they branded one of the function buttons to their GRPS. Called T-Zones - it really ticks me off I can't use that button for something useful especially since I don't subscribe.
Screen - best I've seen
music player/radio- sweet.
camera - great free T_M app called 222 to post on web
UMA - I don't have Hot Spots yet- seems to work if a little flaky
sound quality- good pitch
phone book sync.
usb- mini v2
e-mail- client pushes mail
feature rich- calender, alarm, voice recorder etc. etc.
build quality- awesome- rivals iPhone or better
memory card- up to 2 gigs!
ringer volume- the highest can get you by- but low
battery- it sucks. But extra battery is cheap and car charger is always a good idea
speaker phone- this is truly a disappointment-low volume
tech support and manual- you better be a geek.

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nokia 6301 Great phone!


Aug 26, 2008 by Cuddles1950

I just had to add my "2 cents".....this is one of the best phones I've had. The sound quality is the best, great reception and does everything I want in a phone..Camera is great. I love the large screen and color is nice and vivid.

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