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A phone


Nov 24, 2009 by maybenot_007

After a year of using this phone, my LCD has gone blank. I had few issues with it, but I let it go at the end I was making my calls n txt. I wasn't expecting a lot, but voice messaging, different contact name appearing when I would get miscalls, not to mention, clarity of the calls. Now I really like it’s a small compact good battery phone, n I liked that so much that I was looking into replacing the LCD but it seems no one has this phone LCD part... :(

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Worst Phone Ever!


Sep 3, 2009 by shksprtx

PROS: Good sound quality, fairly intuitive menus, decent web browser

CONS: I purchased one of these about a year ago. I'm not rolling in money, so at the time the price seemed great. I found out shortly after I bought the phone that it would not receive text messages.

I would send texts, but not receive them. Keep in mind, I am now paying for unlimited texting that I cannot use.

I called Cricket CS a few times, and went into the store. They tried everything from resetting the phone to God knows what else. The only thing they would NOT do is let me swap it out.

A few days later, I found out that the Bluetooth, an ADVERTISED feature of the phone, does not work at all. I was advised by an employee at the local Cricket shack that, "Yeah, the Bluetooth on those doesn't really work."

Because Cricket refused to replace the phone (by the time we figured out that the phone was broken, I had put more than 30 minutes of talk time on it), and has no upgrade program to speak of, I have been stuck with this piece of junk.

If you or anyone you know is considering Cricket, do not purchase this phone. Mine might have been a lemon, but why take your chances?

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not bad for the price


Jul 10, 2009 by funash

got this phone like 2 months ago and have had no real problems. did freeze up A couple of times but that was because the text messages were full, deleted them and havent had the problem again. Paid 60.00 at cricket for this. What really impressed me was the fact like a dummy i had this phone in my pocket at the pool and was talking to my girl and was wadding in and forgot to take out the phone. Well, it got sorely soaked through and through. I thought it was ruined but i dried it out and it works perfectly. Either got lucky or it really is a good little phone for the price!
Pro: easy to use, battery decent, good ringer volume.
Con: speaker phone leaves something to be desired

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Do No Waste Your Time


Nov 5, 2008 by airedout

I bought this phone from metropcs for right around $100. The phone had no features at all, no camera, mp3 player, or data storage. Which i fully expected for how cheap it was. What I did not expect was the very poor quality of the construction of the phone. After having the phone for 3 days, I was under my buddies mustang fixing a few quick things, and when i stand up and grab my phone the screen is cracked and i could barley read anything on it. This phone has no screen on the outside, only on the inside. The slightest pressure on the outside of the phone in your pocket cracked my screen. Not the screen has completely gone out, so its time to get something new only 2 weeks later.

In short I was very disappointed with the phones build quality, and cheap construction.

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Nice phone good deal


Oct 17, 2008 by michael95472

Nice phone
paid $99 from Metro PCS.

This is a nice small phone. No camera, no MP3 player. I have had camera phones and phones with mp3 players on them, and this time around I wanted just a basic, low cost phone.

phone has strong signal. I live in an area where service with any company is bad. I get more bars on this phone than I did with my Samsung r410 that I paid twice as much for.

My only complaint is that with the white keypad it was hard to see the keypad letters because the keypad light is white too. This is not a problem now that I am used to the phone. I am also only an armature when it comes to texting.

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get something else


Sep 3, 2008 by remusrm

I have it and is ok but the ringer is low. The phone did freeze a few times and acts funny. Sometimes it does not connect. SMS does not work all the time, could be metropcs. I think gsm phone and service is better over all

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Terrible Phone!


Aug 24, 2008 by momcat62

I wouldn't suggest ANYONE buy this phone. We haven't had it 8 weeks and it freezes, (continuous vibration after a text is received), you barely hear anyone in it, and when it DOES ring, you can barely hear the few tones it has on it. OH, of course you can hear the Cricket CS tell you, "I'm sorry...you don't have insurance. You will have to purchase another phone." Just horrible. The phone was $49.00 in June. It is NOW $169.00 a a Cricket store! A complete ripoff! We cancelled AT&T for this. We did buy the Samsung Spex, which is MUCH better.

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NOT compatible with Pana KH-TX111


Jul 24, 2008 by kenolle

Its a phone but Im really not impressed. I bought it to use with my Panasonic BlueTooth compatible home phone, when you make the 1st call after linking it works fine then any subsequent calls w/o turning it off and back on either dont go thru or you get no receive audio. My RAZR works just fine with the 111 so if your wanting to do the same as I did stay away from this phone.

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7126? yes.


Mar 22, 2008 by Seaborn111

I sell these phones for cricket in tulsa, and i'm impressed. ninety bucks for new people, bluetooth with respectable range (earpiece only, duh) and battery life that is WILD.

also that whole "first AWS phone on the market in north america" thing.

very useable phone, good price, good size and build.

4.5 is a good rating, i'd say.

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