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BlackBerry Pearl 8110


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Blackberry Pearl 8110 Titanium - AT&T Wireless


May 10, 2009 by Burger Time

I purchased this handset last month as a second line and I must say, I really love this phone. It is my first Blackberry, and I am hooked.


-Screen is very nice, sharp, vibrant, colorful, amazing

-Lots of apps to choose from, lots of free apps out there, and themes to customize your phone, even ones resembling the iPhone, which is actually cool even though I am not an iphone person.

-Keypad is nice and large, and if you set it to Multitap, it is fairly easy to use it to type out emails and texts.

-Email is phenonimal, easy to set up and fast messages, etc.

-Reception is decent. EDGE data speeds are reasonable.

-It's a fun, attractive phone, easy to use, and it's only 99 bucks with a 2-yr agreement.


-Phone can be slow, especially if you have downloaded a lot of apps.

-Battery life is not good, you have to charge it once a day or more.

-Internet is slow at times, but this is 2G, not 3G, so get over it.

-I do drop calls occasionally with this phone, for some reason.

-When the battery does get low, the phone shuts off its RF so you can't make calls.

-Suretype Keypad not for everyone.

Overall, I give the phone a 4.5 out of 5 because it is an amazing device, but with its flaws of course.

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I never thought it could be that good!


Aug 14, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I've used many smartphones, but this beats them all. Why?

2mp camera and video.
Bar phone
Can handle sdhc cards.
Crystal clear calls
Real-time e-mails
Speedy internet (I'm doing this review from my phone as we speak)
Strong battery life.

The cons are too minute to even mention.

This is a phone I'd even recommend to my enemies! Go get yourself one!

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The best


Apr 27, 2008 by Gulo30

The best blackberry out there.

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Awesome BlackBerry!!


Aug 2, 2008 by msmith1991

i have had this phone for 2months now and its the best phone i have ever owned...
Call quality of the phone is great and it also has different settings for the sound during a call...
menu of the phone is simple and takes a lil learning curve but it can dubbed out with some cool themes!!
texting on the phone is so awesome once you get used to the suretype system.
its hard and frustrating at first but give it time and you will learn to love it.
i get comments on how fast i reply to messages cause i type so fast..
screen is big and bright!
the camera is great with a BRIGHT flash..
i get the dam thats bright affect!!
battery life is good....
and well thats about all..
i recommend this phone

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Gr8 phone


Apr 28, 2009 by robertebrush

The best!

Keyboard is small but manageable, great screen and battery life.

Nice speakerphone, which is important to me.

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My most favorite phone yet!


Apr 24, 2009 by ATnT Nokia

Wow, what a phone! I really like it a lot. This phone is loaded for a smaller blackberry.

the screen is vibrant, just vibrant! And the keypad is nice. Very sleek design.

The only con is the battery life, not great, but its ok.

The keypad takes getting used to. texting was slow at first, but I am getting better at it.

Overall, I highly recommend this phone with AT&T wireless service.

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Why Obama couldn't let go?!


Apr 23, 2009 by shank23

so back in the summer, I was getting a new phone and I came to phone scoop to see the reviews and I read about the blackberry.
When I first got it, i fell in love. It did EVERYTHING i wanted it to.
-play music as ringtone (even off mp3 songs)
-customize my own sound profile (for in meetings or class)
-it like me customize from wallpaper to themes
-calendar was sooo useful (i'm a little forgetful)

this phone is my love. I'm always looking into other phones, but I could never let go of my blackberry in the end.

When reading reviews they only had 1 con
-the keyboard was too small

but the keyboard worked nicely for me.

-if you let your msgs build up and don't keep filtered or at a reasonable storage, it will slow up when texting.

but PROS could go on forever.

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Great lil assitant


Jul 12, 2008 by blahman3724

I currently work for AT&T and was given the opportunity to test out this device
Blackberry never disappoints, it only keeps on getting better. Better in the sense that it does not revolutionize its products, but instead, tweaks it for your convenience

- Great battery life: its been a month, and my device's battery life lasts around 2 days with usage of texting, Bluetooths, and internet access
- Exterior memory card slot: not a big feature, but convenient, no more taking out the back for swapping cards, its exterior purposes allow you to swap and remove the card with ease
- Great Reception: even though it is edge, I still have not experienced any dropped calls
- Keypad: minor tweaks, the keypad is flatter and a little bit bigger keys, its a breeze to text
- Fast Email: emails are as fast as text messages, and no complains about that
- GPS: You will not be disappointed, great feature, free updates, and worth the service fee, you will use it for almost everything
- Internet access: Decent speeds for an edge phone, better than some 3G phones
- Speaker phone: loud and clear
_ Bluetooth connection: easy as 1,2,3

- as always you can only set 1 alarm at a time, not multiple
- camera quality can be improved, even though the SHINE does not have the best camera, its still better than the pearl
- ring tone volume can be louder, and vibration effect can be better

Even though there are MINOR setbacks, its hardly a reason not to buy this phone, with the addition of numerous 3rd party software out there, this phone will be very entertaining and useful. It is very user friendly and very convenient

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First Smartphone


May 6, 2008 by philva13

first off, i do enjoy many of the qualities of this phone, but those factors can be exhibited on any smart phone. Some of my issues might be carrier related but idk.

Firstly- If you are like me and aren't always able to baby your phone, this might not be for you. I may be a little rough on phones but this phone makes it look like I'm a murderer!! the plastic casing on it shows scratches horribly.
Secondly-Camera... if that's 2 mp, its the worse i've ever seen!! Not to mention it locks up frequently.
3rd- I have to do a hard reset at least once a week due to my e-mails not being pushed to my phone, or messages strangely dissapearing!!

My next phone will also be a smartphone, and right now i'm looking into the Moto Q. Have heard nothing but good things about it so if you're in the market as well, check that one out

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Cheap Construction and lousy warranty


Nov 1, 2008 by The Epicure

Features are great.
Keys are a bit small.
The "SureType" is not that sure. Very inconveniently, some of the paired keys (AS and ER in particular) pair very common letters. Why does "L" get its own key ... they should have made "A" have a key and then the next one would be "SD" and so on.

What it means is that when you type "ARE" you get "SEE" and vice-versa. So if you type "See you there!" you get "Are you there?"

Also, no support for Flash on the browser, making most sites unusable.

But the real problem is that this phone is of very lousy construction. I went through THREE phones within a week and finally got one that worked for the past 4 months and then suddenly gave me sporadic "SIM Errors." Talked to AT&T who "fixed" it by sending me a new SIM. D'oh ... it's not the SIM it's the phone!

The problem has gotten worse. First, when you press the trackball (similar to a mouse click) that stopped registering. I need to use the "Enter" key to enter, which is inconvenient and doesn't quite work on every application nor wesite.

But wait ... it gets worse! Now around once every half hour it acts up ... even when sitting on my desk ... and it's as if random keys get pressed. Unfortunately there was one 15 minute call to Australia which randomly happened (my fault I guess for having the Qantas number in my Outlook!). Took me 4 calls to Bangalore to get that credited.

Very flimsy piece of junk.

Also the fact there is no flip phone (until just now) is bad. Colleague of mine (we have about 100 of these in our company) went to a strip bar for a bachelor party, calling his wife beforehand telling her he was at a business meeting (kinda true). Had the phone in his pocket. Sure enough, randomly redialed the last number. She listened to every bit of 4 lap dances. He is still paying for it.

So if you buy this, make sure it comes with a full replacement warranty or otherwise walk away. And SET THE PHONE TO LOCK THE KEYBOARD.

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