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Love it..


Jun 23, 2010 by bronze101

Hey there,
I've had this solid little phone for around 3 months and I love it! Great value and love the bluetooth. Probably my biggest pro is being on net10. I'm saving around $50 a month and this is awesome.. Highly recommend this phone on net10- have a look at net10laughoff.com to see some reason why being on net10 is awesome...

Net10 Review


Aug 28, 2008 by mudslinger83

this has to be the best phone that net10 has put out, i have good reception everywhere i go have yet to drop a call(central north carolina area) great call and sound quality, the only 2 things i hate about net10(tracfone) is there web service sucks and they dont offer real music ringtones, but i can record my own songs and set them as my ringtones and they actually sound pretty good depending on the song, camera is good in good lighting but not so good if it is a lil dark and it doesnt have a flash so there ya go, battery life is exceptional i charged it almost 4 days ago and still has a full charge...it has nice style, sturdy flip, it dont feel like it will break to easily, bluetooth is very good, i paired it with a plantronics headset with ease no problems...and net10 came out with a very reasonable unlimited call and text plan so i know what ill be settin up soon, but this is a great phone and i highly recommend it


awesome battery life
sound quality
call quality
build quality


needs camera flash
speaker for ringer and speakerphone needs to
be on the outside of the phone

Battery Life  
Hardware Usability  
Hardware Quality  
Interface Speed  
Audio Volume  
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worst phone ever


Jun 1, 2013 by sugarplum3753

This phone is not good at all. The signal pick up on this phone is really bad you have to get right up under a tower for it to pick up any signal at all. Worst phone I have ever seen .

Great Phone For Its Purpose


Feb 8, 2012 by 8hane8tep

This phone isn't for those people who want to play games or watch media. If that's you, check out an iPhone. BUT, If you are in need of a solid phone for basic calls or text, I can't pick a better phone. I am in college now and I live off-campus, and this phone has been so reliable it's crazy. I have Net10 now and it is about 30 dollars for 300 minutes and 90 days, but it is very easy to add time if you were in an emergency, since many gas stations sell cards. The things about the phone that are not spectacular are the camera, and slightly low sound/vibrate. If you are a parent looking for a phone for your kid, this phone is very durable, and is totally generic in that many times I have played the games on it while waiting for an appointment. Battery life is really good if you don't use the phone often (charge every 5 days). But if using regularly, charge around every 2-3 days, or every night if you want:)

Bottom-line: If you want something flashy, this isn't the best choice. But if you want to save some money and still have a very good and reliable phone this is it.

Many times I could have upgraded to a blackberry or equivalent at no personal cost, and I just stayed with this. That is saying a lot!

Stylish and comfortable


Oct 24, 2010 by Hollendaise

So I'll be the first to admit that I chose the phone based mostly on it's good looks. The sleek, slightly wider, glossy black look with the rounded corners did it for me. I especially like the external screen - its very convenient not having to open the phone to see what time it is. Only then did I look to see if it had blue tooth, camera, and browser. Not even the talking, and audio aspect bothered me much as I'm a texter.
I love the screen. It's big and it's bright. Browsing and texting is a pleasure. And the same goes for the outlay of the buttons. They really work for me.
The blue tooth has never given me any troubles. Not loading to the phone, or from the phone.
The battery is not good. If I get two days solid on this phone I regard myself as being lucky.
The camera is a bit of a disappointment to me as well. It's very slow to get started, and the VGA resolution is not much to talk about.
But, it's still a damn fine looking phone.

Overall pretty good phone


Feb 25, 2010 by mnm

I have owned this LG 600g for a year now. It is pretty good. My only complaint is that it will mess up calls for me in the middle of calls. I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me. It can happen at any time, sometimes, or not at all. I think it is a defective part on the phone as two of my friends have the same exact phone and have the exact same problem. When it happens you have to hang up and call them back, sometimes it works, sometimes not. It feels like something goofy in the hinge part of the phone but what I don't know. Otherwise I like the phone and Net 10 is a great prepaid provider. I have service just about everywhere in the country I go.

I don't use the "web browser" too slow and don't wish to burn my minutes up on that when the computer at home is faster and free!

The camera is not great on quality, but if I wanted pro quality I would use a camera and not my phone!

Overall I like this phone and it does the basics that I need my cell phone to do, send and receive calls and text messages. The face does scratch kind of easy. The ringer volume could be louder but I would rather it be too quiet than too loud.

Just What I needed


Jan 22, 2010 by Patrickblane321

I picked this phone up at Target and it is awfully easy to use. It's got a sleek external screen, camera, bluetooth, and a very tactile keypad. Reception is great even though I use this phone with a prepaid, no contract plan called NET10 Unlimited. I never hear a scratchy voice and have never dropped a call. So far I am extremely happy with the overall performance and it lacks the complicated craziness that many phones have today. Very inexpensive given all the features it comes with. Great buy!

Thumbs Up!


Dec 8, 2009 by InfoJunkie

Maybe I have better luck than some others or live in a better area for the network, but I have had ZERO dropped calls.

The phone is loud, sending and receiving, and has intuitive controls. Battery life is extraordinary. I even like the "Tools" thing (like calculator and such).

Theoretical Web access, but I have yet to connect. Too slow even if I could. One can only use ringtones from their site. The Java games are not that exciting, but I am not a game player anyway.

Funky Audio


Nov 17, 2009 by jimnsc

Excellent construction quality but real bad transmit audio. My friends all comment on how "not like me" I sound on it. Anybody else with that problem on the 600 or did I just get a dud? If I sounded like myself this would have been a 5 star phone.

Dropped calls- not reliable


Oct 22, 2009 by kevinwt

Simply put:
The LG 600 is not a reliable phone.
I have had it for 8 months.
My wife has had the LG 600 for 8 months, as well. We're on Net10 service.
Both phones have the same problem-
When we answer a call, the call is immediately dropped. This is definitely a phone or network problem.... suspecting phone, based on other reviews. I have a ticket open with Net10. Hope they will identify the problem, soon!

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