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Motorola battery


Jun 17, 2010 by twal8

it is a good basic phone, cheep at $10 on sale at target. but, and here is the but, it's battery is terrible. I can almost watch it discharge. I charged it for the 5 hours like they say, then left it on. first 8 hours lost one third. two bars left. second 8 hours 1/3 more gone. 1 battery bar left. next morning dead. one of the phone geeks at work suggested charging and removing battery to make it recognize itself. sorry no luck either. so I bought a new battery on amazon. got it yesterday. charged it overnight. left it on and went to work. repeat above every 8 hours lost a battery bar. 10days of battery life? how about a little under 24 hours. like I said good phone, for basic calling, but both batteries are bad??? no recommended. hopefully some review here will give me a better phone to choose from tracfone.

W376g instructions


Mar 7, 2010 by iq145

The only complaint i have about this phone is the User's Manual. It is very very incomplete. They're assuming you'll enjoy figuring out how to operate the phone on your own because so many cellphones are uniform, but what if it's your first phone? And what about unique applications and features? There's no info on deleting texts or photos. Whether we may send photos from PC to the phone. Any info about the phone's built in games. Whether we may send texts to one's email address. If there's a grace period to hold your account (and not delete it) if you have a pay-as-you-go account and you don't top up in time. If we may check our voicemails via a landline. Memory storage size. If it's possible to accidentally "overcharge" the battery when the adaptor is plugged in for too long. Also, there's incorrect info given for use charges. It tells you that you'll be charged 1 minute to send or receive MultiMedia texts, but you're actually charged 2.5

Very Nice Phone


Sep 24, 2008 by The Turk

* First off, let me just say that I got this Phone about four weeks ago when Family Dollars Stores had it on sale for $30! For $50 (normal price) this phone is very good, but for $30 this phone is great!

* I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, so this phone is running off the AT&T network. To bad it doesnt run off Verizon, because Verizon is King here - AT&T is Queen - Sprint is the Jack - and T-Mobile is a Joke-er. (lol)(Just a little joke). Would of gave it 5 stars if it ran off the Verizon network.

* Pros:

* Good Reception (at least in my area)
* Double Minutes for Life
* A VGA Camera (pretty decent)
* Downloadable Ringtones and Pictures
* Able to Send and Receive Pictures
* No More Tracfone Logo on Screen
* Keypad is good for Texting
* 3 Outside Display Icons
* FM Radio (need headset)
* Good Battery Life
* Sound Quality
* Picture ID
* Bluetooth

* Cons:

* Ringtones could be Better
* No Outside Display Window
* Date or Minutes/DueDate on Screen
* 3.5 hours to Fully Charge Battery
* Poor Instruction Book
* Uses to Many Minutes to Download Ringtones
* Takes to Long to Turn On

* All in all a pretty good phone for a Tracfone. The Pros outweigh the Cons, and for only $30 that I paid for it I really cant complain.

* The Turk gives it a: Thumbs Up!

Okay phone, but...


Jun 7, 2009 by bookworm656

I was excited when I got the W376g (with Tracfone service) last Christmas, but I quickly found out that it wasn't everything I thought it would be. The thing that annoyed me most was the "Bluetooth." Tracfone advertises the W376g as their first phone with Bluetooth, and I got it because I wanted a phone with a camera and Bluetooth. However, what Tracfone doesn't say is that the Bluetooth only works with headsets. It does NOT work for file transfers, which is what I hoped to use it for.

**Good reception in central OK
**Double minutes
**Okay camera (w/ fun shutter sounds)
**Okay battery life
**Has tetris, sudoku, and soccer games

**No file transfer Bluetooth
**VERY slow, especially with anything involving text messaging. There's a 3-second delay between pushing the button for a new text message and the message composition window opening. Especially with predictive text off, there's considerable lag time between pressing buttons and characters appearing onscreen. There are also long lag times for opening, reading, and deleting received messages.
**No external screen, and external icons can be hard to see
**If you want to know what the date is, you have to go through several menus to get to the calendar. (My old phone had an external screen that displayed the time, and switched to the date when the side button was pressed.)
**Screen can be a bit hard to see
**Browser button is in a place that makes it easy to press accidentally, and it deducts .5 minutes before allowing you to quit
**If you want to use the browser to download ringtones, it's extremely slow
**Doesn't vibrate very strongly: sometimes I miss calls because I couldn't feel the phone vibrating
**Terrible instruction manual
**Ringtones aren't the greatest
**Phone has a USB port but won't connect to computer

Basically, if you want a phone that's really good for text messaging or anything else other than phone calls (and Tetris), look elsewhere.

Super little phone


Sep 24, 2008 by jim5k

Being a TracFone customer, I'm not used to many frills, but the w376g is a real treat. Basically, it's the w370 with a camera, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

Camera: I never thought I wanted a camera until I got it. It's only 0.3 mpix, but that's fine for a phone. It even has an easy-to-use digital zoom and a few basic special effects. I've read you can't download pictures via Bluetooth or USB, but I have no problem sending them to my email address.

FM Radio: Works well enough (with a wired headphone), and even displays station information.

Bluetooth: I don't intend to use it, but I've read the only thing you can use it for is a wireless headset (which sounds pretty good to me).

Battery Life: I read complaints about poor battery life, but mine seems OK. I had it on standby for over 4 days before it dropped a bar on the meter, so I expect to get near the stated 10-day spec. But then a 20-minute call (on speaker) dropped the meter another bar, so I don't think I'll get the advertised 6 hours of talk time. But overall, it's adequate.

Browser button: Horrible. It's in a place where it's too easily pressed, and you're charged 0.5 minutes before you can cancel. Plus I didn't see much use for it. But then, I was a little afraid to explore the features because TracFone makes the pricing so complicated - 1 or 30-day subscription for news and weather, and dollar to unit conversion charts for downloads. No thanks. If I want the news, I'll use the radio.

Otherwise, everything else is great - excellent reception (in North NJ), great sound (even on speaker), nice look and feel, and no external antenna (which I hate). And the double-minutes-for-life is worth the price of the phone. It's a super little phone.

Finally, a comment about TracFone: I think they're the best of the prepaid plans. Easy to understand, cheap costs (for basic use), good coverage while traveling cross-country, and customer service has been outstanding. Even transferring my number and minutes was a breeze.

Excellent voice quality


Aug 23, 2009 by Mosaic55

I've had this phone for just over a year now. It's one of the best phones I've ever used for voice quality and ability to pull in a signal. Unfortunately, some of it's extra features are a bit of a let down.


Excellent reception, typical motorola 5 star signal strength, never drops a call.

Voice quality is great, very clear and natural sounding.

Loud, easy to hear. This applies to the ringtones, speaker phone and earpiece.

Has blue tooth headset support. I don't use it much, so can't say much about it

Supports MMS so you can send your own wallpaper and midi ringtones to the phone.

Radio with RDS, seems to work, I rarely use it.

Cons -

Camera. Ugh, I know enough not to expect much from 640 x 480, but this is really useless. Terribly blocky pixelated images.

Browser. Very slow and frustrating. Add in Tracfone's pricing for web access and you may as well just forget about web access on this phone.

Keypad. Flat and stiff. Gets the job done, nothing more.

Screen. Maybe this should not really be a con, after all, the screen is bright and clear, but it's time for higher res screens, even in budget phones.

Battery Life, barely 4 days with very lite usage and good signal strength..

Appearance. Nice clean razr-ish appearance, but silver painted plastic isn't fooling anyone into thinking it's metal. At least it's isn't as embarrassing as some past tracfones to carry around.

Bottom line. If you want superb call quality get this phone. If you want games and web and music and dancing bears look elsewhere.

Good phone to start


Jul 12, 2009 by fudgieee

I have owned many phones in the past from Tracfone and this was their very first model when it comes to bluetooth which is needed for my Kenwood car stereo. It was a great phone but it has some limitations like all phones do.


Okay selections on ringtones

External indicator to let you know if you have a voice mail or missed call

One touch speaker phone button during a call


Having to reboot your phone from time to time just to get Bluetooth to connect(perhaps it is an older version)

Buttons are awkward and small that many times hitting the wrong numbers

Short battery life

Too much detail on contacts

Web access stinks

Unable to transfer files thru bluetooth. You're stuck on what you have.

You couldn't set screen saver any longer than 60 sec.

Selection of games stinks and you can't download new games

motorola W376g


Jun 19, 2009 by bananna

I got this phone because I was looking for something inexpensive, easy to use, and not on a contract. Apparently, this is the first Tracfone with Bluetooth. However, after i received this phone, I discovered that the Bluetooth would not pair with the device I bought to go with it. Soon after, I began having problems with the phone's battery life. Without previous warning, the battery icon would go all the way to red and the phone would power down. I called the company and they told me to wait a little while before asking them to fix it. The glitches gradually faded and now the battery is fine, although the Bluetooth has been given up as a lost cause.
This is a good phone for a kid, because it is quite durable and inexpensive to replace. I would not use this as a business phone. After owning this phone, I would not recommend it to friends.

Great prepaid phone


Jun 18, 2012 by Magnagarde

I haven't actually used this phone for about a year, but it was an excellent phone while I had it. Perfect reception. Tracfone is just excellent when it comes to coverage. No problems there. Call quality was crystal clear, all of the time. I can't remember a single time where a call was dropped. SMS was very slow, but still did just fine. Camera wasn't good, but it was responsive-ish, and fulfilled the purpose of "take picture, send to friend." Had the basics, calculator, calendar, did fine.

Also has access to Tracfone's ringtone and wallpaper store, which was surprisingly well stocked. Customization was not a problem. Games were kinda lame but that wasn't an issue for me.

Very importantly, this phone came with double minutes for life, doubling the usefulness of this device. Seriously cool bonus.

This phone is nice, and I had it for a very long time, but I don't think it has aged very well especially considering all of the other prepaid phones on the market today. I would definitely be happy using it today, though.

Very Impressed


Oct 14, 2010 by StarLight65

This is a great Motorola flip phone. Have had it for quite some time now and have yet to come across any problems at all. It has great features and is easy to use (especially easy to text). The Tracfone service gives me wonderful coverage as well which makes it perfect for when I travel. My kids love the Tracfone phones as well - it really offers something for the whole family!

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