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Great phone with a few quirks


May 4, 2006 by sether

The N400 was my first mobile phone. I bought it with Sprint 3 years ago and it's still in perfect working condition even though it's been thoroughly dropped and abused.

I'll start off with the cons. The main reason I upgraded to a newer phone from the N400 was the ability to use SMS messaging without having to pay for Sprint PCS Vision. It sucks to have to go on the mobile web just to view a received text message. I was not too satisfied with the occasional dropped call either, but it's nothing too serious. It's also kind of weird to have to buy an external camera to take pictures. There's a few minor quirks in the phone software, but nothing worth mentioning.

Pros: I like the single LCD design. The phone is sturdy. I'm also sad to give up the slim design for a newer, fatter phone that is more difficult to fit in my pocket.

Overall, this phone is awesome for placing phone calls and using basic Sprint PCS Vision services.

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A well rounded phone.


Oct 6, 2005 by Static Image

this is probably the most entertaining phone I've owned.
Though it didn't last long, thanks to my friend tinkering with it causing a software homicide, I enjoyed it every second I used it.

I, personally, love the flip design this and the n-200 have. It offers great viewing area of the screen and is very functoinal.

The speakerphone rocked like no other has been able to.

Durable feel.

Nice menu layout.

Shockingly good reception.

Ultra reliable.


Battery life.

The software, evidently, was shotty.

Though I loved it, the toggle switch wore out quickly.

but really, this isn't a bad phone, whatsoever. I wanted another, but Sprint refused to give me another. I reccomend it.

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Samsung N400


Sep 16, 2003 by Mike Holliday

When functioning this is a great phone, it just has proven, in the 6 months that I have had it, that it is not the phone that the 3500 was. It has required 11 trips to Sprint to have it reprogrammed 5 times for a software glitch. The Phone locks up 2 or 3 times per day and the battery must be removed to reattached to resume service. And it will not surf the web. On my last visit of Sept. 10th, I was told that the phone was no longer programmable and would have to be replaced. I do not blame Sprint for this issue. Samsung had a problem and should treat all of the owners with this problem very nicely. Sprint wanted to replace it with another N400, which I refused. I was then offered an LG phone or a downgrade to a Samsung 460A. I am waiting for the new replacement for the N400 to come out which I believe is the Samsung N290.

Hopefully it will be as dependable as my 3500 was.

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Great phone with excellent features


Aug 3, 2003 by Aaron Stoddard

I bought the N400 about 2 months ago, and have nothing but good things to say about it. The battery life is surprisingly good for having a color backlit display, and it has a very cool, sleek look to it. I also purchased the camera attachment, and for a small camera with no flash, it can take some very good pictures after getting used to. The only complaint that I have about this phone is that the literature included with it tells you nothing of how to operate it, or take advantage of the numerous features. But after fiddling around and spending some time "playing" with it, it will impress you and those around you. All in all, I would recommend this phone to anyone in the market for a new cell. For the price, it is DEFINATELY worth it.

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Jul 2, 2003 by brandon folkes

im 14 i just got this phone like a week ago and if your a teenager, this is the phone to get. its the best phone for your money i got it for $149.99 and it is a simply awesome phone. i dont know what anybody else says about how the screen isnt bright enough...ADJUST THE SCREEN CONTRAST!!! the ringtones sound great. The only reason i didn't give it a 5 is because the wireless web is sometimes unreliable. The voice command, ringers, THE BEST COLOR SCREEN IVE SEEN, clear as a whistle speakerphone, outstanding sprint service, ABOVE average battery life, crystal clear sounds, and its a real nice phone to show off to your friends. my older brother has the sanyo 4900 and after seeing my n400, he wants to exchange it for the one I have. this is simply the phone to get.

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Sep 27, 2002 by Brian Cavallo

If you have a Vision phone (including the N400) and want to increase your battery life go into settings, location and set it to OFF. This will drastically increase your battery life.

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Sep 8, 2002 by josh manville

I'm new to Sprint, very new. In fact I signed up with sprint on the 4th, the day the N400 came out. I love it, i have been with AT$T (no mistake) for 6 years and have always been happy with their service, but the phones have been sooo boring. the 400 is like a breath of fresh air, the menu is clean and fast, easy to navigate, the call quality is good, the speaker phone is great, though half duplex. i can have it sitting on my dashboard while running on the freeway and still carry a conversation. the screen is great for my purpose..after all its a cell phone, not a tv. keypad is super bright blue..comes in handy if you cant find your keys in the dark :-) and the joystick is MUCH better than arrow keys. its light, and thin..there is no standard holster, everything has a swivel which makes it a bit bulky, but i can live with that for now. i cant compare the reception to anything but AT$T but in my area i still haven't had a single dropped call on over 400 minutes of use in 4 days. i agree with the previous review i does feel like it is going to break, but hey, thats what i bought the extended service plan for.

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I love this phone


Sep 6, 2002 by mj nelson

I have had several Nokia phones, a samsung 3500, two 8500s, and a Sanyo 4900. I love this Samsung N400.

I did not want to spend the extra $100 dollars for the A500, and I wanted the speaker phone that comes with the N400.

On the up side:

Great size, very slender, and slick design.
Flip phone protects the keys from dialing mistakes.
Excellent sound quality.
Great speaker phone sound quality (doesn't sound like speaker).
Keys light up in cool blue for night dialing.
Good (not great) color screen.
Simple and clean menus.
Great look and solid feel.

On the down side:

Flip piece feels like it could break.
Signal strength not quite as good as other phones.
Color screen hard to read in direct sunlight.

All in all a very cool phone that I really like. It has a lot going for it on the up side. I would recommend it with only the few reservations on the down side.

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Sep 28, 2003 by Norrel122

I have been an unhappy owner of this phone for a little over 8 months. I had to return the phone the first month I got it because every time I'd flip the lid shot, my phone would power off. Apart from that, when browsing through the menu, the phone would automatically take me back to the main screen. This is really a pain in the, you know what, when trying to find a # in your phone book. The phone also freezes up at times when I try to make a call out. When this happens the power off button would not work. I'd have to manually remove the battery from the back of the phone to power it off. Anyway, I got the phone replaced because the guy at the service store said that the one I had was no good. In return I got the same phone but this time it had a J-Lo finish. I examined the phone and it's huge battery back case. I didn't complain because this phone did not shot off when I flipped it shot. It still did freeze up on me at times when I made outbound calls. Sadly I found this out a few months later. Right now I'm saving up to purchase another Samsung phone. I want to get one with a built in camera. Hopefully it won't be a headache like the N400.

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First flip color phone


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

This phone suck took forever to start. This should have been the phone in a horror movie that battery always died when you need it, no reception when you need it, person on the other end can't hear you scram

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