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Nice phone


Aug 10, 2012 by loco503

Had this phone for a day and returned

bright screen

Too small
signal very bad with Movistar SLV the phone would loose the signal all the time I had the W100a next to it also with Movistar SLV and this phone would have the antenna full.
I got small fingers and I felt the key pad too small.
the memory card it cant be a micro sd card

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Excellent phone for teenagers!


Dec 29, 2009 by totally_waldo

This is a really awesome phone for teenagers! It's very small and trendy - people are always telling what a cool phone I have and that they've never seen one like it.
Like I said, it's VERY small, so while it's wonderful for teenage girls and young teenage or preteen boys, I don't suggest it for anyone who has large hands. It took me a while to get used to having such a small keypad, but once I got the hang of it I really liked it. The flip is not really a problem, and it is possible to open it with one hand.

Nice camera
Very attractive
Good volume during calls
Good for texting
Good ringtone volume
Rubberized finish peels off

Not such good volume with speakerphone, but not horrible either
Can play video but can't record

Don't worry too much about breaking the flip. I broke mine after only three months of buying it, but it's because my younger friend was bending it all the way backwards. (So don't do that!) I got a new flip from Sony Ericsson, who has excellent customer service, and haven't had a problem with it in the last six months.
Although the phone may feel like it's cheaply made, it's not. It's just small and thin. I'm significantly klutzier than most of my friends - i.e., I drop my phone a lot. It hasn't been a problem. If you're the kind who *constantly* drops their phone and accidentally kicks it and has a long record of breaking phones. . . this one probably isn't for you. It's sturdy, but not rock-sturdy.

I highly recommend this phone! It is far from an entry-level phone.

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Sexy, chic, and stylish


Sep 15, 2008 by snakeminidez

The longer I have this phone, the more I just drool over it:

The Good:
Unique design
Attractive color and form (if in black & orange)
Walkman capabilities
Buttons vibrate at touch
External music controls
Sufficient camera
Usual creative and vibrant Sony Ericsson themes and animated backgrounds
Mp3 player sounds phenomenal (earphones)
Can auto lock when closed
Has a neat little key-lock switch
Very thin and small
Nice sized buttons (not including navigation)
Plays videos
Music/ringtone creator, very cool app.

The Bad:
The thin little flap that has the mp3 controls on it is such a pain, and it gets in the way A LOT
Of course it only uses those Sony brand memory card, so you can expect to spend more money
The battery cover is hard to get off, and it's where the memory card goes, sorta of inconvenient
Can play videos, but doesn't have a video recorder, that's kinda stupid
Would be awesome if it had that "shake" function that a lot of Sony Ericsson are coming out with now

Killer phone, especially for young people (like myself), very unique and stylish looking. And I disagree with it's label as an entry level phone, it just too nice to be one. The flap may take some getting use to, but it's not a big enough problem that it takes away from the positives of the phone.

One last thing, someone above or below me wrote that you can't see missed calls, or texts... well you can. With the flip closed, wait like a minute after the screen goes black, and then press the volume button, and it will display the time and missed calls, message, etc.

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Sony Ericsson W350a: Awesome battery!


Aug 28, 2014 by YoshiMoto

This is a good phone. It looks like an MP3 player, but once you flip it open you find out it's a phone. It even has a dedicated Walkman button. The screen size is good for its time, and the interface is good also. It has a 1 megapixel camera, which is also good for its time. However, taking full advantage of the camera is very spacious and almost requires you to use a memory stick. It can play Snake EX2 (but the graphics are glitchy) and will handle hundreds of MIDI ringtones (I currently have 171). Memory size is probably 20MB.

Expandable memory
Decent sized screen
Ambient light sensor (for automatic screen brightness)
Music player lock switch to prevent from "butt music"
FM radio (handsfree works as the antenna)

No camcorder
Awkward button layout (Back and Clear replace Call and End) and sometimes I press "call" on other phones to go back
Battery cover comes off when dropped, and so does the battery
Volume rocker is on the right side
Flip breaks easily (mine has a small crack in the left side)
Uses proprietary memory expansion (M2 stick)

The phone is great for what it is. It's definitely not the best phone out there, but it works great for what I am going through right now. Battery life is great. It's been 6 hours since the last charge and the battery still shows full (I mainly text and check my facebook). The speaker is not the best but it works very well.

This is the end of my review.

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Washed TWICE and still working...


Sep 11, 2009 by mikemund

Bought this as a refurb Go Phone for my daughter.

1. As noted in the title of this review, this phone has been washed twice and is still working.

2. The quad-band roaming. My daughter has asthma and needs to get hold of us if she's having problems.

3. From the pictures she's taken with it, the camera must be pretty good, at least for a cell phone camera.

4. Decent display

5. My daughter likes the MP3 player.

1. TINY keyboard, which also is not like any of the other brand phones we have (Nokia, Moto, Samsung) If you have big hands or fingers, this phone is probably not for you.

2. The size actually works against it, in that it's easy to misplace. It's likely also part of the reason the phone's been washed twice. Hard to detect in a pocket when doing the laundry.

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Issues with battery life


Jun 16, 2009 by srhoades1

I have had this phone for 3 months now. At first I didn't care for it so I waited awhile before reviewing it and the verdict is ..... It hasn't gotten any better.

The specs say that the battery should last 12.5 days in standby. That is not at all my experience. I would say that I get about 3 days out of a charge with only talking for about 20 minutes a day with bluetooth turned off.

The speaker phone is horrible, I cant figure out how when you play music it sounds great but when using the phone in speaker phone mode you can barely hear the person on the other end.

Nice camera

Too small
Speaker Phone
No memory to hold music without add on purchase
Battery life is not as advertised

I would not recommend this phone.

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Very disappointed !


Sep 10, 2008 by kdoss

Good camera.
Nice size screen and very clear.
Decent MP3 player.

Very small keypad.
Uses proprietary memory card (M2) which cost lots more than SD one.

Most important.
VERY cheaply made !

- The battery cover is as flimsy as it gets. It felt like it was going to snap in half trying to take it off.

- The flip cover is just as bad. Thin cheap plastic.

This is only for people who have tiny hands and are extra careful with their phones.

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oh yeaaaaaaah!


Aug 21, 2008 by gothic_lette

this is a pretty good phone. the quality is good.

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Little Phone does not mean good phone...


Jan 26, 2009 by eccentrica

Good sound, too techy for me...too much AT&T stuff on menu-more reasons to spend money...keypad is WAY TOO SMALL!!!!! i was always hittin a wrong button...not my cup of tea...I just wanted somethin' simple...this phone is not it...I activated it & then instantly called 611 to exchange it...thought it would rock when I rolled but it was just a tiny pain in my neck!

Decent Sound

Not user friendly
too many "OOPS" button pushing
Keypad stinks-too small & flat-
too much in general...

I guess I'm more of a Plain Jane...maybe I'm technologically declined...for those of you who like tiny things to tinker with...this phone may be for you.

Word to ya mutha...

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Neat with some Issues !


Sep 9, 2008 by eaglebqh

Neat little phone with the size being it's main advantage - you can literally have it in the front pocket of your Dockers and not know it's there.

. Battery life - seems to last forever
. Reception has been excellant
. My first SE so it's taken some getting used to but I'm getting there
. Build quality seems and feels really good
. Finish is "rubberized"
. Screen clarity is really good
. Keypad is small but very workable
. Walkman stuff is just OK

. Volume - earpiece volume is fine, but speakerphone volume is worthless. External volume on MP3's and FM radio is barely OK when set to loudest.
. The Flip apparently adds some "wow" from a design standpoint but it's a complete pain-in-the-*** when it comes to answering a call one-handed.
. With the Flip closed the screen stays on Walkman stuff, showing nothing regarding missed calls, etc. You have to open the flip to check that.
. Then - after s very short period of time the screen blacks out.

Other than that my biggest issues are the differences on the keypad functionality between Nokia and SE. I've had the phone a week and I'll bet I've hit the "back" button a hundred times when I've been trying tp place a call.

I really like certain aspects of the phone - trying to decide if I can live with the rest

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