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The worst phone ever made...seriously.


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

This phone...made my job a living hell. I worked as a csr for sprint, and of all of the phones that came back to our store with a problem... I can promise you this one was there 70% of the time, every day. These phones have a horrible design, MAJOR defects, and poor signal quality... In detail...

Problem 1: Ever had your phone go out of service? Well, if it happens even just once on this phone...you wont get service back...ever. No, Im not kidding. There were three different chip sets released for this phone that were color coded to represent which were the updated ones... Out of all three chipsets...the problem was never fixed. What this meant was your phone would never work, and since you get the same phone as a replacement, it would never work either.

Problem 2: The display. This thing was made out of the same plastic used for paperthin cups. You drop this thing once, even on the carpet, and its going to mess itself up. The display wont come back, so it means replacement, and since the problem was never properly addressed, you would never get a truly good phone.

Problem 3: Signal. Your better off using two empty soup cans and a string to talk with someone than this phone, simple as that.

Problem 4: Battery life. Horrible, horrible, horrible. If you have a phone with a battery that dies before a toy cars battery would die, you have a bad phone. Easy enough, right?

Problem 5: Yes, there is more. Its size. Its too small, even for a flip. Its easy to drop, the buttons are too hard to press, and overall the functionality is horrible.

Never get this phone....do yourself a favor... Unless you like to return things every other week, you will be glad you didnt get it.

Upgrade from the TP-1100


Jul 21, 2002 by Rollo Nguyen

As the title mentioned, this is the sup-ed up version of the TP-1100. Pros to this phone compared to my previous phone, the Kyocera 2250 was longer battery life, signal strength, and the ergonomics (A LOT SMALLER) One of the features I'm not too fond of was that the keypad didn't allow me to go directly to my phonebook without actually manually going into the phone on the phone itself. I thought that was a pain to actually have to speed dial program certain numbers to my phone book. If you happen to use this phone with a headset, your microphone is definitely amplified and you can adjust your voice down to medium low to be heard at a nice tone.

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I actually like mine...


Dec 27, 2004 by jay5r

Maybe I'm just lucky - but I've had this phone for 2 years and haven't had any problems with it other than when it got wet (my fault) - even then I was lucky since the problems went away after a week or so.

Yeah, it doesn't have many features and the user interface could be a bit better, but it's small and light which is what I love about it.

Not good enough for a paperweight


Aug 2, 2004 by pure_pimpin_101

To tell you the truth, i loved this phone when i got it but less than 2 months and the phone sstarted dropping calls, and wouldn't recieve calls and i had to replace it. Not to mention i had to extend my contract with sprint because of the phoneswap. Overall this phone sux BAD!@!!@!!!!@@!!!@@!!@ i wouldn't take this phone if it was a xmas gift from my grandmother!!!

This is the worst phone!


Oct 15, 2003 by Cristy Splinis

I sold this phone last year before I found out all the problems with it. By last Christmas, we refused to sell it to anyone, even if they wanted it!. I'd say that at least 90% of the ones that went out came back, & by that point, the customer was so irritated he/she didn't want to even think about owning a phone at all. The buttons would quit working, or (and this happened the most) the phone would go out of service and POOF! no more phone. Also, the reception and battery life were always complained about. I wouldn't sell this phone to my worst enemy.

No Great Shakes


Aug 25, 2002 by MANIAC

As is with most of the 3G voice products that have sprung up recently this handset shows low/no receiver sensitivity and consistently searches for signal where other handsets appear to have no problem. If you are looking at this phone as a possible purchase I might ask you to ask the sales rep to fire one up... look at the signal strength on it then look at any one of the Sanyos... NIGHT & DAY. Battery life on this phone, as is with most LG products, is dubious at best... I am not referring to out of the box performance talktime/standby but instead the longevity of this phones battery is poor. We sell this handset only when we can not talk sense into the customer with Sanyo products or Samsung phones "pre-A460". Yes the phone is small, light, and wearable... but it is still LG.



Oct 9, 2002 by Krystal Smalls

I sold this phone at a major retailer and it was terrible. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days from the time of purchase, this phone would start searching for service. Every single one we sold came back. One even came back two hours after we sold it. In my 2 years of wireless experience, I have found that LG generally makes good products. But I would never buy this particular phone.

good god what trash


Jul 23, 2003 by galen pierce

this is by far one of the worst phones i have ever had the opprotunity to sell. I don't who designed it and who built it, but they definitley crashed and burned. And i give a point 5 rating on the ability to power on.

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